WTW8040DW Review

It’s a household chore that we all have to do, so choosing the right washing machine is an investment worth making. A reliable model can make doing laundry a lot less of a tiring task, save money and slice the effort in half, ensuring your clothes are kept fresh, clean, and looking good as new. 

Whether you want to swap out your current washing machine for an upgraded model, or you’ve heard about Lowe’s high-quality appliances and want to learn more, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at this Whirpool Top Load Washer from Lowe’s, and helping you to decide whether it’s deserving of a spot in your kitchen. 

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WTW8040DW 5.3 cu.ft HE Top Load Washer Overview

A Lowe's exclusive, this top load washer is the ideal way to keep your clothes looking newer and feeling fresher for longer. It offers a more thorough clean and better care than standard washers thanks to the whirlpool feature, while its intuitive touch controls allow for quick and easy functioning. 

From heavy-duty loads to lightweight washes, this durable, top load washing machine utilizes Adaptive Wash technology with an Active Bloom™ washing action that is able to sense and adapt to the needs of each load. If that wasn’t impressive enough, it even features a Lowe's exclusive Clean Boost option which helps fight stains with a more rigorous washing action when you need it.

Main Features

Intuitive Touch Controls with Memory

Washing truly is made easy with this Lowe’s Washer! Offering all of the easy usability you would expect to get from a premium brand, this advanced washer features integrated Intuitive Touch Controls with Memory that will help you to customize each wash.

The simple “what” and “how” controls will ensure that you can create customized care for each load by adjusting cycle water levels, wash actions, and temperature. Besides making this washer a breeze to control, this feature also contains built-in memorization, so it will even be able to remember the settings that you use for various washes and adjust itself accordingly. How’’s that for convenient?

Adaptive Wash Technology with Active Bloom™ Wash Action

Delivering an intuitive washing experience, this washer also boasts an Adaptive Wash technology with Active Bloom™ wash action. Upon use, this standout feature will instantly get to work by thoroughly saturating clothes with a combination of both water and detergent by using quick and thorough washing actions. 

This will help your clothes to wash against one another more gently to ensure that there’s no damage to the fabric, all the while lifting away dirt and debris. Plus, this feature is also able to ‘sense’ each load type and then adapt itself by adjusting water levels and wash actions, to ensure fresh, squeaky clean clothes each time. 

A Low-Profile Impeller

If you have delicate clothes that you’d like to keep intact (all the while ensuring a deep clean) this Lowe’s washer has been carefully built to cater to this issue. Many standard washers utilize a high-profile impeller, which isn’t gentle and gives the clothing little room to move. After regular use, the fabric can begin to unravel or become damaged.

To counteract this common complaint, this top load washer harnesses the power of a low-profile impeller which helps give clothes a thorough yet gentle clean. Its innovative design will give your clothing more room to move, so they clean against one another without causing damage.

The seamless surface of the low-profile impeller also helps drive clothes from the outer rim of the washer to the center, which allows for a deeper and more effective clean.

ColorLast™ Option

Another standout feature of this washer, the ColorLast™ option will ensure that your most colorful garments will stay vibrant and bright for longer. Not only will this washing option give your most colorful clothing the care they need, but it also uses an innovative combination of thorough yet gentle wash actions and cooler temperatures which will stop your clothing from fading for longer, all the while helping to stop any color transfer. 

Precision Dispense

When you mix certain detergents and additives together (such as fabric softener and bleach) they can all too often get mixed up with the water before they even come into contact with your clothes. This prevents your clothing from getting thoroughly saturated in the cleaning detergent, which means that your clothing won’t get washed properly. So, to ensure that all of your clothing gets thoroughly washed, and not just parts of it, the Precision Dispense feature will provide optimal cleaning to each load by innovatively releasing detergent at the right time during each wash cycle. The result? A thorough clean that will leave your clothes feeling fresh, time, and time again. 

‘Estimated Time Remaining’ LED Display Screen

Thanks to the easy to read LED Display Screen, you’ll always be able to know how much longer is left of each washing cycle. As part of the washer’s digital console, it illuminates your selected cycles, options, and available choices and will let you know when you can remove items from the washer. This is a very useful function and means that you won’t have to guess as to when the cycle is finished. It also allows you to plan your day better, with many customers stating that this feature allows them to put a cycle on, run some errands and make it back in time to take the clothing out and dry them. 

Smooth Wave Stainless Steel Wash Basket

How often have you removed washed clothing from a washer basket, only to discover snags and frays in the fabric? We know how frustrating that feeling is, and so does Lowe’s. To prevent this from happening, this top load washers contain their very own Smooth Wave stainless steel wash basket, which will gently hold your clothes and protect the fabrics from damage. The design of the basket also encourages the clothing to merge towards the center, which is where the most effective washing takes place.

Quiet Wash Ultra Noise Reduction System

If you have a baby or simply prefer the quiet, you’ll love this whirlpool top load washer! The Quiet Wash Ultra Noise Reduction System will ensure that all operational sounds are contained inside the washer. This is all thanks to sound-absorbing material built around the washer, as well as a compact motor around the wash drum. You’ll be able to install this washer practically anywhere and you won’t be able to hear it!

Quick Wash Cycle

Besides offering a variety of different wash cycles (including white, programmable, and soak cycles to name a few) this whirlpool washer features Lowe’s patented Quick Wash cycle that can wash small loads in as little as 28 minutes! It does this by using increased spin speeds that will remove more water than usual, meaning that clothes can spend less time in the dryer. So, if you happen to have an emergency or oversleep your alarm, this washer will ensure that you can get to where you need to go, in the clothing that you love. 


  • Manufacturer Color/finish - White
  • Tub Material - Stainless steel
  • Product Capacity - 5.3 cu ft
  • Item Weight - 135 lbs
  • Width - 27.5 inches
  • Depth - 28 inches
  • Height - 42.25 inches
  • Height with lid open - 57 inches
  • Power Cord Included - Yes
  • Dispensers - Detergent, bleach, fabric, and softener
  • Volts - 120V
  • Maximum spin speed (rpm) - 850


  • It’s manufactured by Lowe’s, which are well known for creating high-quality home appliances, as well as offering excellent customer service
  • It has a ‘soft close lid’ which won’t make a loud noise when you close it
  • It features 26 different wash cycles
  • It has a large capacity of 5.3 cu ft which will be able to house big loads of clothing with ease
  • For busy mornings, this washer features a 28-minute quick wash cycle that will remove more water from the clothes so that they take less time to dry
  • Features a Smooth Wave stainless steel wash basket that will prevent any fraying or snagging of fabric, all the while guiding the clothing towards the center of the basket for a deeper and more effective clean


  • It’s expensive
  • The white color will not be to everyone’s taste

Final Thoughts:

So, there you have it! We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this review. Whether you’re shortlisting washers or you want to upgrade your existing one for this Lowe’s Whirpool Top Load Washer, there’s no denying its premium edge when compared to competing models.

It’s convenient, built to last, and comes with plenty of different intuitive features. Plus, thanks to the 26 wash cycles and integrated display screen, every household member will be able to select their preferred wash.

We also think that the sound-absorbing design sets it apart from the rest, and ensures that, no matter where it’s installed within your home, you won’t be able to hear it while it’s in use! Our opinion? It is an investment, but it’s an investment worth making.