Whirlpool WRX988SIBM Refrigerator Reviews

The 36'' french door refrigerator by Whirlpool comes with a filtered water and ice dispenser, accufresh dual cooling system that keeps fruits and vegetables fresher and cuts down on freezer burn, and 1 extra refrigerator drawer with 1 freezer drawer. This is a solid refrigerator with lots of features and most would recommend their refrigerator. Though rare, the most common complaint is freezer malfunctions.

Refrigerator Score

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.6/10

Price Value: 9.2/10

Features: 9.3/10

Temperature Control: 9.2/10

Energy Efficiency: 9.5/10

Whirlpool WRX988SIBM Refrigerator Customer Reviews

Lots of space

My fiancé and I just moved into our first home after living in an apartment and this is the first refrigerator we have bought. I love how much space I have I meal prep for the whole week and there is enough room for 10 meal prepping containers plus my weeks groceries. I love having the freezer with the two level drawers. I also drink lots of water and the water out of the door is always cold. We have had this for about a month now and I don't hear any noise it's not loud. Over all I love it! It also looks great in my kitchen! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Very spacious! LOVE this fridge!

We had a side by side for the past 12 years. I have pretty much hated the side by side from day one! I could never find anything, wasted a lot of food! The french door fridge is so spacious and bright! Love the pull out drawer, and the freezer compartment stays so organized with the pull out drawers! Absolutely love my new Whirlpool french door fridge! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Love this fridge!

I love the separate vegetable drawer. I cook a lot of soups and vegetable dishes so I can access the veggies while the rest of the fridge stays cold. We live in the South with lots of humidity so we sometimes have difficulty with the ice dispenser. I also love the water dispenser - I can dispense 8 ounces of filtered water for my morning oatmeal without waking fully. And it's good to get measured amounts of water for recipes.

 We've only had the refrigerator for a few weeks, but so far we absolutely love it! I love the la...

We've only had the refrigerator for a few weeks, but so far we absolutely love it! I love the lay out and the drawers. It doesn't take up a whole lot more space than our previous side-by-side (it's an inch or two deeper), but I feel like we have considerably more space.


I finally moved my side-by-side to the garage and bought my dream refrigerator. Plenty of light and room and love the middle drawer feature to store my grandsons drinks, water and snacks. Love the bottom freezer. Able to store a lot and the two sliding freezing drawers above are great and can organize my freezer much better than my side-by-side. Quiet and beautiful efficiency. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Great refrigerator

Took me a year to decide on a refrigerator I have this 2 months and I do love it I was so worried about fingerprints on stainless steel but it's only me and my husband and if you use the handles you don't get fingerprints .I also wanted the 4th drawer for cold cuts and snacks and it is great so much room . My only complaint there isn't enough space for tall items ..it is very quiet.... [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Quality Refrigerator

Happy with new refrigerator except for one feature. The ice maker is so loud when used but I figured since it is in the door you cannot insulate the noise well. If it were inside refrigerator like my old one, I'd have to give up the shelf space inside. So it's either space or noise, and I like the space. But maybe you could find another type of insulation inside door to lessen icemaker noise. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Excellent Fridge

Bought this fridge a month ago when my GE finally died. Wasn't sure if I was going to like the center drink drawer, however after using it for a while it is definitely nice. After reading the reviews on the fridge elsewhere online, I was sold on whirlpool compared to other brands. Whirlpool definitely seems to stand out among their competitors. I have a whirlpool washer and dryer as well for over 3 years without a hiccup. Would recommend. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Everything i wanted and More!

Im so in love with this fridge! It has a spot for everything so i can stay organized. Led lights make it bright and easy to see things. Shelves and drawers are made with great quality and are very sturdy. The ice maker and ice bin are wonderful features as well. All around best fridge Ive ever purchased! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Everything you need in a Refrigerator

We absolutely love this Refrigerator. We normally would have to have 2 Refrigerators to fit everything (Milk). One in the kitchen and the other in the Garage. This thing is huge inside and fits everything for us. Very well designed. So now i'm down to one fridge and we love it. The auto pour that is built into the water/ice dispenser in amazing. All you have to do is select how may ounces you want... [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


We've had our new refrigerator for 3 weeks and my son says it still looks empty as there's so much room! Love that the bright interior lights make it so easy to find everything! The only negative thing is that I may need to lose a shelf as we have large beverages and wine bottles that won't all fit. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 LOVE MY FRIDGE.....Middle drawer is my favorite!

I have only had my fridge for a little over a month. So much room! Love the middle drawer!....Helps with putting together my kids lunches in the morning quicker and easier! Freezer is configured great as well to keep all organized! It's a beautiful Refrigerator on top of it! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Tons of room!

This model maximizes the interior space. There is tons of room. Way more than our old side by side that was also 26 cubic feet. One big benefit is the ability to place cookie sheets and large pizza's on the shelves comfortably. There are no warm or cold spots. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Love the flexible storage in this fridge!

We purchased this fridge because our old fridge was having issues with the water in the door. As it was in the house when we bought it, we weren't sure how old it was and have already put some money into it. We knew we wanted a fridge with French doors, but didn't know about the drawer option. We are very pleased with how organized we can keep this fridge as compared to the side by side we had before. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Love It!

I love my new whirlpool refrigerator! It is so perfect for functionality. It has enough space for everything and I love the way the freezer is set up. It has a pizza slot plus two drawers above the main drawer that slide out. This means nothing is stacked on top of each other making it impossible to get to it. Everything is accessible and easy on the eyes. It makes great ice. It is not too noisy. I just love it!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Nicest fridge I've ever had

This fridge is great quality and looks awesome. It's a little deeper in length than I would like, but if you have deep closets then this fridge is amazing. We got it at an amazing price also. I normally wouldn't pay the original asking price.

 So far we love it....

So far so good....i read other revies that said the water dispenser was too far back....either they changed it or tgey were talking about a different fridge. Water dispenser is nearer the front and works much better than our other fridge where it was too far back. Love the drawer. So far we r happy! Nice and bright inside too! Lots of light! It is a little louder on occasion than our other fridge but not constant. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Excellent features and lots of storage space.

We purchased this for our new home and really like it. It has lots of room for all our needs. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Room Enough for Everything

I am very pleased with this refrigerator. Much more room than my previous side by side. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Great Refrigerator!

I bought this refrigerator 5 months ago. I use the middle drawer for drinks, dog treats and small packages of food for grandchildren. The middle drawer is opened a lot. The pull out trays in the freezer make it so easy to reach frozen foods. I like to lock the water compartment when grandchildren are over. If you want water in a small glass, you must press the bar with one hand and hold the glass with the other hand. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Ice maker

I bought is to replace a Samsung and I am glad I did. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


WE love this refrigerator! Two men and one woman use it. Father.Son and Mother. Us guys tend to be dissorganized, especially me. Wiith this system of drawers and shelves, it is almost impossible for things to get lost. No more throwing it in the freezer never to be seen again until one day you find it forgotten and frezer burned. I am a retired mechanical designer and I take my hat off to the design team who thought out this refrigerator. I could go on and on but instead, just please let the designers who worked on this unit see my review. They should recieve an achievement award for this. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Excellent purchase

We purchased this 4-door Whirlpool refrigerator in mid-November 2016. As of February 2017 we are just as satisfied as the day we purchased it. It's beautiful, well lit, very roomy, convenient, easy to use, quiet, with great features. We love the ice dispenser in the refrigerator door as this leaves more room in the freezer. The bottom freezer is spacious and the design makes it easy to find whatever we are looking for. The water/ice dispenser works perfectly and is quiet. Overall, we are very happy with the purchase as it adds beauty to our kitchen and does everything it is designed to do. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Wonderful design

I have had this refrigerator a couple of weeks. The design is outstanding and it is very user friendly. The other brand I had did not last but 5 yrs and did not have near the storage as this design.Hopefully, , will an American made product I won't have as many problems. The ice maker is very easy to empty and it loads ice quickly. I can't say enough how much I am enjoying this refrigerator. Whirlpool Gold is my new brand! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 So much space!

We replaced a 18 cubic foot fridge with this Whirlpool 26 cubic foot and we just love all the space options. We especially like that the ice maker is in the door, thus leaving the shelves with fully usable space. The snack/beverage drawer is super useful and holds a lot. The outside styling is sleek and modern looking and fits nicely in our small kitchen without looking too large. I would buy this model again in a heartbeat. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Very versatile

The fourth door/drawer is great for storage of drinks/cans/juice boxes etc. It allows for the main fridge space to be used for so many other items. We have a 1 1/2 year old right now who is a milk junkie, as am I, so we always have about 4 gallons of milk in the fridge, and we still have plenty of space! The extra drawers in the freezer also allow for ample storage of various items without having to go digging for what you need. The only issue I have is I'm not used to the double doors, so I usually end up opening one door and then the other remembering something is on the other side of the fridge. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 excellant Feature

As always, Whirlpool appliances performance, quality, and features are great and long lasting. I bought this refrigerator about 4 weeks ago and our family (especially my wife) loves it. It is very spacious and the 4 doors makes it a lot easier to organize and grab things without having to dig for it. We also love the middle drawer that we use for fruits. We are very pleased with it and definitely is a good buy for the price. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 So much space!

We upgraded from a side by side and we really like the new whirlpool. There is much more room for tall items, and the drawer make it easy to see all of the shorter items, while saving space. We have had this model for a month, and still have lots of spare room, even during Thanksgiving. The interior lighting is great, we don't lose items for lack of being able to see them, as was the case on any shelf but the top shelf of our old side by side. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Finally a Refrigerator for a Tool Guy!

So, if you walk into a tool guy's shop you will ALWAYS find at least one roll-away tool chest with many drawers and a few larger storage areas. Why? Because lots of drawers let you easily organize your tools and then find them quickly. The drawers give visibility to many small items at once. The larger compartments are for the larger items. With this refrigerator you can finally organize your cold and frozen food for quickly and efficiently finding the particular ingredients you need to make your favorite sandwich. It also means that you waste less energy because you keep the doors open less time! Here are the drawers and separate storage areas this refrigerator has: • 3 full width frozen drawers. • Bottom freezer drawer has tall front section for pizza or other tall or flat shapes and the rest divided into 3 deep compartments to accommodate larger frozen items. • Top 2 freezer drawers are relatively shallow so forget about the package of frozen blueberries only to find them on the bottom of a large compartment freezer burned 2 years later • 1 full width independently opening drawer with temperature adjustment for your choice of cold food (not frozen). • 3 vegetable drawers- a narrow middle one with a pair of normal width drawers • 1 small full width shallow storage pocket • 3 main compartment shelves (2 are adjustable height and split sideways) and 1 is split fore/aft to allow it to be half depth, allowing taller items in front of it.) • 4 large door shelves or compartments, 3 of these can each hold 2 gallon milk jugs or other tall bulky items. We have dedicated one to cold canned drinks. • The separate full width drawer has two dividers that can be removed or moved to the very outside to allow a full width (deli) drawer if desired. When you open the double French style doors, you are greeted with a panoramic view to the back of every shelf and of the 3 vegetable drawers and of the small storage pocket! The glass shelves and door mounted ice-maker, combined with the best interior lighting I have ever seen in a refrigerator in my 65 years of using them, enable seeing everything without moving anything! Ditto for the freezer compartment lighting. About the ice-maker; it is much quieter than our previous French door refrigerator who's dropping ice could be heard 3 rooms and a hallway away! In fact the entire refrigerator is much quieter. Furthermore, the door mounted ice-maker has several advantages over a fixed; • More main shelf space with no shadows to hid food • The ice storage bin removes to dump out all the ice at once say into an ice chest if you want • The ice storage bin's open-top design lets you add ice from other sources easily. Even better, there is a "turbo" ice making mode that fills the entire storage bin in hours. When this turbo-mode is on, the refrigerator does make a barely discernible whirling noise. Neither the refrigerator nor the turbo-mode ice maker make enough noise to be heard at all, except when standing directly in front the refrigerator very late at night in our ultra-quiet neighborhood. The door mounted dispenser and controls are easy to use. I don't have ice falling out unexpectedly long after releasing the control lever like my old refrigerator. You can even set the dispenser to put out a fixed amount of water – a set number of ounces at once. I personally don't use that feature, but I suspect some people would. We found the shallow storage pocket perfect for butter and cream cheeses. The 3 vegetable drawers let you put the celery or green onions apart from the fruits and other vegetables. You can decide for yourself how to divide your food types into which compartments, drawers, and shelves—there are enough to fit every cooking style. How would I improve this refrigerator? As an engineer and designer myself, I always ask that question – I am "picky" as some of my friends say: • The 3 vegetable drawers' handles are at the bottom of the drawer fronts—they take getting used too. Almost all drawers have the handles at top or front, not these. You must point your fingers down to use these 3 vegetable drawers. • The same 3 vegetable drawers could easily open another 2 or 3 inches without hitting anything—they are a little difficult to get fruit or small vegetables out of their rear portions • The top two freezer doors are hard to grab, especially the top one. They need handles! • The separate full width drawer has two dividers that lock onto cleats on the drawer walls in only one usable place each— adding more cleats would add flexibility. • The identical door shelves have a very course height adjustment; adding a few more cleats to the door molding would allow a little more flexibility. • The controls do not report the actual temperatures inside- only the "set" temperatures. It seems it would only require programming and no added hardware to add that needed feature. We immediately bought both refrigerator and freezer thermometers. • The full width temperature controls are too easily accidentally touched and changed from the desired setting. Also, I personally am not sure about the setting choices; which is colder; 1) "cold drinks" or 2) meat & cheeses. The buttons could have a clearing indication of relative drawer temperature choices. • The sealed system is only warrantied for 1 year. Why not 5 or 7 years like many other refrigerators! NOTE- the above "wish list" doesn't keep me from giving this refrigerator design 5 stars; it's ease of use, perfect lighting and flexible storage arrangements make it by far the best refrigerator I have every used in my 69 years.

 I Love This Refrigerator!!

I have had this refrigerator since the beginning of October 2016 and I am so happy with it. I wanted to wait until after the holidays before giving my review. I wanted to give myself the opportunity to really use it prior to rating it. My previous fridge was a side by side and I hated it. Never enough room! But this one has so much space. During the holidays, I was able to put all my leftovers in there and still have space for dessert to go in too. I would definitely recommend this appliance. It also looks great. My friends and family have appliance envy lol. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Some much space!

We've only had this for 2 weeks but we love it so far! It has so much room, I think I could put my neighbor's groceries in it, too! The middle drawer is awesome for my kids' snacks so that they are not opening the entire fridge every time they want something. The freezer has great drawers for organizing. We all love the automatic fill feature and have not had any issues with the water dispenser being to far forward. For narrow glasses we just use the auto fill feature or grasp the glass with our hand and use the back of hand to depress lever. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


I took one look inside the refrigerator at the Appliance Store and said "I'll take it, when can you deliver it?" I have NEVER owned a standard size refrigerator even worthy of comparison. We have a second home with a "sub zero" type refrigerator which cost much more than my new Whirlpool and I truly prefer the Whirlpool! The interior design of the freezer allows MORE storage with the food easier to find than the freezer side of my "sub-zero." Kudos to the designers! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Nice Design & Good Value

Purchased a few weeks ago, so far we really like it. The three interior drawer design is better than others - you don't have to open both doors to gain access. The pull out 3rd door is convenient for a variety of things, just wish the temperature settings were better explained in the manual. Freezer pull out drawers and bottom are sturdier than other brands we looked at. Overall very satisfied, good value for the price. Would like to see an external temperature status for both the freezer and refrigerator added to the display panel. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Love It!

I love everything about it. I have had side-by-sides forever, and when I first saw the French-Door refridgerators, I knew that was what I wanted when I needed a new one. I like being able to have enough room to move around and get things in and out with ease. The drawer is awesome! It makes it easy to get to the things you use the most. The freezer is so much easier to find, and organize things. I highly recommend this model to everyone. I just love it, and can't say enough about it. Thank you! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Great Features

I really love the use of space with this refrigerator. Having the ice maker in the door changes the entire use of space in the fridge. Having the small drawer set into the gap where the door sits and in front of the other drawers is a great use of space. We can store small condiments and things in there. And the layout for the freezer is great. I was never a fan of bottom freezers because it becomes a dumping ground. But with the 2 pull out drawers stacked on top of each other it makes organizing so much easier. The pocket drawers built into the actual door of the freezer are great for tall or bulky shaped items. And the adjusted "bin" thats the base of the freezer is a great feature. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Refrigerator Love

We purchased this refrigerator/freezer about 8 months ago and consider it one of the smartest buys we have made. It has amazing storage capacity, and everything is so well laid out it easy to find whatever you are looking for. The middle drawer is absolutely wonderful! We use it mainly for chilling our wine and cheeses, and is just so convenient. The freezer section is so awesome with the ability to classify and sort the various freezer items and then easily retrieve them when needed. We definitely give 5 stars! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


I bought my new fridge a few weeks ago and couldn't be happier about everything this fridge has to offer. This model we decided on was a great choice for sure. I love having the drawer for our lunchmeat, yogart, ect. Storage space is beyond belief and so easy to organize all my food. The drawer for the freezer is very spacious too with dividers. The ice maker is in the refrigerator door so NO lost space. Everything works fantastic and I'm very pleased it. Can't go wrong and we'll worth the price we paid..l [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 We love this fridge!

We purchased this two months ago and I have nothing but positive things to say about this fridge. Our five-year-old loves that he now has snacks he can easily reach (the top pull out drawer); it has much more room and is much better lit than our previous fridge which was also a whirlpool but was eight years old. There is more than enough ice for our family of three plus the occasional guests and a dog that enjoys his fair share of ice cubes. I gave it four stars for sound level because there is a whirring sound when you use the ice dispenser, but it isn't bad and only happens when actually in use. We normally don't even notice any sounds from the ice maker (when ice drops, etc). [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Love the storage options

When our 15yr old Whirlpool 2 door frige died,we went looking for a new and improved one. We found it in this model. I am amazed at the available space, the flexibility and the ability to see everything in the frige. When we transferred our food we both noted that the new space looks empty. The 2nd temp controlled drawer is an asset also. We enjoy the flexibility of the lg freezer drawer with it's 2 small inner drawers. I use the pizza section across the front to keep a few frozen fresh vegetables for quick acces. The frig is in a confined space and the door hit the adjacent door facing. I solved the problem with a sm piece of styrofoam and a Command hook sticker on the door facing. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Lots of Room

We bought this Frige in July so we have owned about 4 month waited to post our Review of the Fridge . We Love all the room that we have to store our items The only thing problem we have had is drink despenser it helps to use a bigger glass when getting a cup of water ... besides that we are very pleased and Love our Fridge lot es of room and the freezer at the bottom is great. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Love the storage, hate the drip

After extensive research and careful evaluation of our personal grocery habits, we selected this Whirlpool fridge specifically because of the large center drawer which is in addition to the full size produce storage bins inside this particular model. It arrived just prior to the Thanksgiving holiday and the 22.5 cu ft GE side by side I replaced was bursting at the seams with groceries. I removed everything from the old fridge, organized same volume of food inside the new Whirlpool and was happy to find lots of space to spare. It seems no matter how much extra produce I throw at it, this wonderful design just keeps swallowing it up. The center drawer design is so fantastic, I don't know why every manufacturer is not copying it. If you read the reviews of French Door units, a recurring theme is the nuisance of opening both doors to access the large bottom deli bin. Put that drawer in its own space, not inside the double doors! This also helps if you have width limitations that constrict the distance your doors can swing back. You should note, these doors are quite deep and require a good amount of clearance to permit the interior vegetable bins full access to slide in and out. Now the drip and mess. In fairness, because of the holiday, I have not yet requested a service call on the new unit, but it does have a very messy ice dispenser and a persistent delayed drip after using the water dispenser. I had read this in other reviews but overlooked it, now will have to deal with a service call to try to remedy the issue. On a side note: to everyone installing a new fridge with ice maker (since none of us do this every day) Your new refrigerator will not be making ice for up to 24 hours. You will be asked to discard the first 3-5 batches of ice. This means you will not have useful ice from your new appliance for nearly two days. If you have the ability, bag and freeze some ice from your old appliance before your toss it all out! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 so far so good

Our new refrigerator is a replacement for our old "new refrigerator" which refused to make ice after less than a year of service. 4 service calls and many parts could not make the ice maker make ice. The refrigerator was replaced under the warranty purchased with the refrigerator. The new one works fine. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Great space and space saver

We replaced our side by side fridge with this because we needed more fridge space. We fully expected to lose floor space in the kitchen but did not. We gained all the cold space we needed without losing floor space. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Great Fridge!

This is a large fridge with plenty of space for everything you will need. I haven't found the use for the extra sliding space in the fridge just yet, but I will, I'm sure eventually. The only down side I can see is there is no specific place to put eggs in that is safe. Other than that it's great! I especially like the two drawers in the freezer section. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Everything I was looking for and more. My only complaint is that the veggie drawer is not tall en...

Everything I was looking for and more. My only complaint is that the veggie drawer is not tall enough for my cauliflower. Great purchase, great storage room. The freezer is awesome because it has so many drawers and sections and makes everything easy to find.

 massive storage and beautiful appearance

PROS Sleek and electronic controls. Makes enjoyable tones alerting to various statuses. Highly adjustable digital temperature controls. Plenty of storage, lots of drawers. Water line filter, can have solid or crushed ice. Lots of freezer space. Slides are smooth for freezer. inside is pretty. Quality feel, nothing janky or 'cheap' about this appliance! Controls are "touch screen" so if you like that tactile response you wont get that here. Somewhat CONS -- Top doors require wide swing so if your fridge is next to a wall, consider it swinging open and hitting the wall. Ice maker is liftable and removable but the bottom of the bin is open and ice will fall through as you lift it. Water/Ice/Crushed is one button so you have to to go through 3 cycles to get to what you want. Water spout is very forward and ice is further back. Takes some getting used to when the press-lever is the furthest back-- affects you when you use a smaller cup. Also the press-lever requires a good amount of push so weaker cups will bend to this. You have to use one hand to push the lever while you hold the cup in the other, and its a small space. Smaller children will have some difficulty with this. Its probably okay for a child that is in 2nd grade and higher. The height, depth, angle and stiffness of the press-lever requires you to be able to go at it from a straight direction. Hope this helps anyone with kids that want them to get water anytime they want. Although it might be good that they cant easily access it. Also you wouldn't want the little ones climbing in to the freezer playing around and getting stuck in there. Its a very big drawer and there is no 'safety' lock. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 A little problem

I like the refrigerator very much, except it has a little problem-the freezer has frost formed on the upper left corner now and then-that we could not figure out why. I have called the technician to take a look, and he could not determine what the cause was either, he just told us to keep on watching it. We called him after the frost appeared a couple more times, but we have not received any returned call from him. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Good purchase so far

Purchased this two weeks ago. There are some complaints about the ice maker noise being bothersome. Unless you are terribly bothered by the muffled sound of ice being dropped into the bin, I find it to be false. You can hear the water running a little but it's not very loud at all. Lots of space. Only slight downside is the freezer drawer could slide back in a tad bit easier but I'm not going to return it because of a "first world problem" [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 So far so good

We've had this refrigerator for a couple of months and are very happy with it, especially compared to the side-by-side we replaced. Storage is larger and relatively more convenient. The middle "drawer" is really nice for quick access to often used items. The freezer compartment seems smaller but is much more convenient for accessing items. One complaint is the water dispenser is set too far forward of the activating paddle for all but the biggest glasses. If you always use the calibrated dispenser mode then it's not a problem. Another issue is the door compartments do not provide enough room for tall bottles which means having to put them in the left main compartment in front of the recessed shelf. All in all we're happy and would expect to give it a 5 star rating in a couple of years assuming reliability doesn't become an issue. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Whirlpool WRX988SIBM

We bought this refrigerator a couple weeks ago. I had research and read numerous reviews as well as went shopping to physically look at refrigerators. I absolutely love the middle refrigerator drawer! The top portion of the fridge is very easily accessible and not to deep. The lighting is wonderful! I know you trade off some function with the ice maker being slim and in the door. I'm not quite used to the slower and smaller cubes and the longer time it takes to make cubes. We haven't run out yet. I notice even if you put the selection on "ice", a little water seems to come out first at times. I don't like that but it doesn't happen every time. I typically just get a cup of ice for another drink in the mornings so don't want water then. All and all, I like the purchase and product! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Good sizr

Bought in October and am pleased [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Looks great!!

Have had this for 3 weeks. Looks beautiful and love the amount space it provides! The ONLY feature I do not like is where the location of the water opening is. It's in front of where ice comes out, so it is very off center of a glass. Water spills everywhere a lot of the time, unless it is very wide. The area for ice/water is tall, but not quite enough for a lot of water bottles. My previous fridge could accommodate those. Overall though, great fridge!! Hopefully engineers can rectify that issue. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Really nice looking fridge

Thus far we are happy with the refrigerator with the lone complaint being the ice maker. Takes forever to produce and the quantity stored isn't enough for even just the two of us. Otherwise we love it! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 like refrigerator - unhappy with service

I like the refrigerator. I paid a lot of money and expected to have a new pristine unit. The service people are very nice but handles were put on upside down. There are 2 scratches on the bottom drawer doors. The freezer door is off center. 2 servicemen have come and both told me a new door would be ordered. I haven't heard anything in a few weeks. I can't answer the next question until I see how this is resolved [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Nice Fridge

Writing this review as a contest entry. The fridge is nice. Has lots more room with the ice tray/dispenser in the door, which is REALLY nice. Only had the fridge for a week, but seems nice. I like the flexibility of shelf placement/division. The door trays on the non-ice/water side are very roomy. So far I like the middle drawer - convenient that you don't have to open the French doors to get stuff from the middle draw. Really like the sliding shelves in the freezer - helps keep things organized and from having a pile of frozen goods to root through when you want something. Only major issue is that the ice maker seems to crank out ice at much slower rate than our old fridge. This is sort of an important feature - hard to understand why engineers would let such a key feature decline in efficiency. Also, it is rather noisy when dispensing ice, there seems to be a delay from when you push the ice/water lever to when the ice/water is dispensed (which is weird and awkward) and finally, the water dispensing port is pretty far away from the ice/water lever such that if your glass is small or narrow in diameter the water will miss the glass and give you a hand full of water. Hence, in such instances you will need to use to hands to get the water into the glass (one to push the lever and one to put the glass under the water dispensing port). [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Looks good and stylish

I will give 3 star due to the fact it is not completely quite and also water and ice dispensers are hard to get product and glass must be wide mouthed to collect water or ice since water dispenser fitted so towards the outer edge . If u have small cups u have to use other hand to press the dispenser. Beside this I bought it 20 days ago and it's water dispenser dribbles few drops in end so if kids r rushing u can expect water on the floor in kitchen.quality is 4/5. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Mixed feelings

I bought this almost 4 months ago. I love the space and the middle drawer and the options for the freezer with the multiple drawers. HOWEVER...2 weeks ago, the refrigerator stopped cooling properly. It doesn't get below 42 degrees F. I called Whirlpool, who sent out a tech...a WEEK LATER...who said that this model has a problem with the area that is supposed to automatically defrost. It stops defrosting. Now he has to come back 5 days later (this coming Friday) to defrost it and replace parts. So if it fixes it for good, I will be happy. If this keeps happening, I will be very unhappy. I guess I know why the appliance was on such a great sale... [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Working OK

Delivered about 2 weeks ago as replacement for 4year French door that had a freon leak. Whirlpool good to work with after I made contact with with Corporate [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


I absolutely loved this refrigerator but not whirlpool customer service so much. After having the refrigerator for 3 days the freezer is leaking water and freezing up on one side. It is taking them a week to have someone out to repair it! They should have just replaced the appliance!

 It arrived broken

Well I was super excited about this purchase. It was an awesome buy. However it arrived with basically just the compressor on it working. The electrical panels just partially work, no water, no ice, nor even a light inside it that works. The repairman said he had never seen one with so many problems. Because of the holidays we still are stuck with a broken fridge. Hoping to have it fixed next week. If the new parts make it work hopefully can give a better review. You would think they would make sure they work before shipping them. So much for made in the USA. I have been very disappointed so far. I was also not impressed with the delivery service used as they had to reschedule my delivery twice.

 Not as promised

It makes too much noise for such an expensive refrigerator [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Would Not Buy

I purchased this fridge about two months ago. First problem from the time it was installed, the doors on top we're very uneven. It took two trips to get it adjusted. A million finger smudges later, spacers were installed. Still not 100% even. Then my freezer went thru the defrost cycle. I called out a warranty repair, The repair guy told me the issue is one of 4 issues this model has and nothing he can do. It will happen. So I spent a lot of $$ on this! Two weeks later, ice forms again. This time it's not unthawing. It's a loud fridge, makes noises all day. I wouldn't buy this fridge! My frozen food boxes are super soft. Very disapoionted. Freezer drawers are hard to open since the ice freezes them shut.

 Worked great - for 8 months

This refrigerator is versatile and holds a lot of food. I loved it until it stopped working after 8 months. Worse than a broken, expensive product is the poor customer service provided by Whirlpool.


I bought this fridge in October and have had the service technician out 5 times. They know they have a problem with the fan and a replacement fan was installed to keep the freezer from icing. The lights on the top of the fridge do not work and now the refrigerator is not cooling. Technician tells me it's got basically a block of ice behind the middle drawer which is blocking air flow. They have offered me a new fridge, but since this is the first year of this model, I'd prefer a different model with all the kinks worked out. However, I won't receive a replacement fridge for 7-14 days!! How in the world is that an acceptable solution?!?

 Little black bugs in refrigerator

I bought this refrigerator last January, was very please with the fridge until last month when little black bugs started showing up dead, we clean out the fridge wipe it down with vinegar replaced all filters, even run it for one week without any contents and after a week these little bugs keep showing up dead. as if they living in the installation at this point short of putting this fridge by the side of the road I don't know what to do. The service center is saying is not nothing they can do. HELP!

 The Fridge is Great but Whirlpool's warranty and customer service is terrible!

My family loved the new fridge when we got it. But after a month we started having freezer problems. On one side of the freezer, ice builds up causing the drawer to not close correctly. We called Whirlpool, some one came out tried to fix it. Well, the exact same problem came back again and again. We are waiting now for the third repair guy to come out. My experience will whirlpool's costumer service has been terrible. Whirlpool does not have a lime policy so they just continue to fix the same problem over and over again. It is ridicules. So my advice to you is; if you buy a whirlpool product know if something goes wrong, whirlpool does not stand behind their products.

 Water Filter Impossible to Remove

Unable to remove the filter even though instructions only involve turning to the left and pulling. Filter will not release from its' housing and after a call to service was informed that others also had this issue. The "fix" is to use pliers and a rag to turn the filter. This did not work so the next suggestion was to arrange for an $89 service call. For a refrigerator that has been in service for less than 2 years it seems petty that for a known problem we have to pay a service fee every time the filter will need to be replaced. We think it is obviously a design/engineering flaw.

 Big Jalopy!

We haven't even had this fridge 6 months and it died a loud and quick death. Lost over $400 in fridge and freezer contents. Replacement parts are back ordered and we're on week 2 of no fridge. Called Whirlpool for help and they told me "sorry, there's nothing we can do for you!" Really!? How about stand behind your product and make this situation bearable. We've always had WP fridges, but this will be our last. I will not reward bad customer service and Rapidly declining in quality appliances. Have family coming for Thanksgiving and who knows when my fridge will be working again. Thanks Whirlpool for ruining my holiday! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]