LG WM4370HKA Washer Reviews

The 4.5 cu. ft. high efficiency front load washer by LG in black stainless is energy star qualified and offers steam wash, TurboWash that cuts the time for bigger loads, allergiene cycle that removes over 95% of common allergens, and it is smart phone connected to customize your wash cycles. Overall it is a solidly ranked washer with some interesting features. Some of the top complaints mention durability and noise issues.

Washer Score

Overall Score: 8.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.5/10

Price Value: 8.6/10

Features: 8.9/10

Cleaning Power: 8.6/10

Energy Efficiency: 8.7/10

LG WM4370HKA Washer Customer Reviews

Amazing, quality washer and dryer

We'd had our old washer/dryer set for 10 years and needed new ones. We shopped and researches for almost 5 months before we narrowed it down to these LG Graphite ones. We waited until they went on sale...totally worth EVERY penny! The washer washes quietly and takes a huge amount of clothes, towels(16 BIG towels), and even our king size comforter (no more laundromat trips...yay). I use homemade natural laundry soap and this baby gets the clothes about 10 times cleaner than our old one! You will have some moisture left in the washer but don't let that scare you! The door has a magnet that "props" it open slightly to let it air out...and NO STINK...love it! We got the matching dryer and pedestals. Be aware that the pedestals aren't as tall as most detergent bottles (if you use liquid) so you won't be able to store them there. The short powder boxes will fit great. The dryer is much faster than our old one and doesn't leave a "burnt" smell in the clothes on any setting (our old dryer ALWAYS left that smell on the hottest setting). Just wonderfully efficient! Both washer and dryer have MANY cycle choices...don't be afraid of them...play and experiment with them! And, for added "cuteness" factor: they "sing" at the end of the cycle! I will say that these were a hard pair to purchase because we struggled with justifying their cost...but after installing & using them, we both agree we made the right choice in purchasing them! We simply love these!!

 Excellent washer with large capacity, rapid cycle times dependent on detection of load, silent op...

Excellent washer with large capacity, rapid cycle times dependent on detection of load, silent operation with low vibration even with heavy towel loads. Highly recommended.

 Very Happy with my LG washer and Dryer set. I decided to have them stacked, so that gave me a lit...

Very Happy with my LG washer and Dryer set. I decided to have them stacked, so that gave me a little extra room for a small shelf.

 Steam Cleaning is Amazing

I had a favorite top that had a stain on it. It was washed twice with my old washer but I didn't want to throw it out without one more attempt to get it clean. I washed it with the steam cleaning and couldn't believe my eyes. The set in stains were gone! I can't find a better recommendation than that. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 The technology is great. . . . .perhaps too many alternatives/settings. . . . . .but I am getting...

The technology is great. . . . .perhaps too many alternatives/settings. . . . . .but I am getting used to it slowly and enjoying it immensely! The sales people at Home Depot were great. . . . . .the delivery people were even better. . . . . .and the experience so far is terrific!

 Super big happy fun time great washer

This machine delivers a quick chuck Norris like roundhouse kick to the head of dirty laundry. I was super impressed with all the settings and options. So far this washer is Superb


This is a great washing machine!! Love it, love it, love it!!

 5 Star Review

Rating provided by a verified purchaser

 5 Star Review

Rating provided by a verified purchaser

 Loving it so far! ...

Loving it so far!

 Great product great service

Got my products on time and the delivery guys were fast and on point

 Love my new washer

I ordered online and the delivery was smooth and easy. I love the washers they are huge and easy to use!

 Very impressive washer

We love our new LG front load washer. It is very quiet and gets our laundry very clean. The features are impressive and you can select a cycle for nearly any situation. This is a beautiful machine and I would highly recommend it.

 just received this washer 5 days ago and its still working lets see in a year from know if it liv...

just received this washer 5 days ago and its still working lets see in a year from know if it lives up to its job

 HD is now my appliance Go To, sorry SEARS... Everything went great-- $ing, delivery --everything ...

HD is now my appliance Go To, sorry SEARS... Everything went great-- $ing, delivery --everything 5 stars


Nice washer alot of functions . 15 minute quick wash now that is cool

 Great Purchase

We purchased this unit to replace a 4yr old GE top loader which kept having issues. The unit does twice as much laundry in half the time, plus uses half as much detergent. The clothes come out cleaner as well. Overall has been a very good purchase for us.

 Quiet high speed spin

The direct drive motor makes all the difference. It is quiet and well balanced even with a heavy load. Glad I made the switch from a Duet.

 Owned two of these in the last three years, would purchase again!

Researching washer and dryers can be so time consuming and confusing. I finally decided to write this review because this is the second set of LG washer/dryer that I bought and can provide feedback of three years of use. The first set I bought, I loved HOWEVER, the rubber tub ring in the washing machine got an absolutely horrible mold/smell. I tried everything to clean it (bleach, vinegar, special cleaning tabs, etc., ) to no avail. Besides this, the washing machine was amazing. WELL - I didn't realize that there was this little magnet at the bottom of the washing machine door that would keep the door just the slightest bit open so it could air dry between loads. It was probably in the instruction manual that I neglected to read. Well, when we sold the house, the new owners wanted the washer/dryer, so I bought the same set for our new house. Well, I learned from my previous mistakes. After every wash, I wipe out the rubber tub ring and leave the door ajar with the magnet and no mold, no smell. Yes, it is a pain in the butt to do after every wash, but it is worth it. The features and capacity on this washing machine is fabulous. I can put in a full set of Cal king sheets, four pillow cases and have room for more - and they come out clean! Also, I highly recommend using white vinegar for every wash in the bleach drawer. Not only does it help whiten and disinfect the clothing, it is great for keeping the tub ring mildew free.

 We bought this washer and matching dryer and pedestals about six weeks ago. I absolutely love th...

We bought this washer and matching dryer and pedestals about six weeks ago. I absolutely love them. They are quiet for the most part and very efficient. Our water bill went down dramatically as well as the electric bill dropping. Great products and we love LG. The Home Depot delivery guys did a great job installing everything and tested them before they left.

 Fantastic features!

I'm so happy I chose this washer. Love the bright whites cycle and towel cycle. This washer has a feature called "turbo" that can be used on quite a few cycles and I kid you not cuts my wash time in half. Love this! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Runs very nicely. Quiet and efficient. Seems to handle big...

Runs very nicely. Quiet and efficient. Seems to handle big loads quickly. An appliance tech who used to come fix our old machine said LG front loaders were the only make/model he had never been called to fix. Seemed like a good recommendation.

 We purchased this washer last week after our 10+ year old HE Kenmore washer died. We have done a ...

We purchased this washer last week after our 10+ year old HE Kenmore washer died. We have done a dozen loads of laundry in our new washer. We love this washing machine! It has every feature you could want and it gets clothes clean.

 Very quiet, clothes are very clean. The trim piece on the detergent drawer handle came loose. I...

Very quiet, clothes are very clean. The trim piece on the detergent drawer handle came loose. I was able to pop it back into place, and it seems secure now. The many lights and cheerful chime add joy to the washing experience.

 Best Purchase Ever

This is one of the best purchases in my life! Truly amazing washer. Quiet machine and is a PLUS! Would definitely recommended to everyone! 🙂

 The best washer we have owned

Even with all the options, very easy to use. A woman must have been on the design team.

 The LG does a great job---especially like the turbo wash. Only criticism is that the door feels ...

The LG does a great job---especially like the turbo wash. Only criticism is that the door feels a bit flimsy so we're being careful in closing it. Time will tell.

 Best Washer

Love the washer. Gets my close clean and much faster and quieter than my previous GE washer. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Quiet machine

We are all pleased this machine is VERY quiet as it replaced a brand name 9 year old very loud machine we love the wash options and speed wash great machine on a great sale!

 The clothes are so much cleaner and whiter

The clothes are so much cleaner and brighter, so glad we decided on this model. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Beautiful Washer and Dryer

We purchased the LG Model WM4270HVA to replace an older LG washer that we purchased over 7 years ago. Our original LG washer and dryer worked flawlessly over the years. We wanted the new graphite steel color with matching pedestals. Delivery by Home Depot was seamless. They removed the older units and installed the new LG washer and dryer, with the water and gas hookups, in well under a hour. The control panel on the washer and dryer are easy to operate. Just push the power button on the lower left of the panel, twist the center dial to select the type of load, and fill the detergent and fabric softener cups, and then press the start button for a standard wash cycle. There are many options if you want to customize the wash or drying cycles. The washer and dryer operate very quietly. And the best feature is the fact they look so good in our laundry room! We have been using our New LG washer and dryer for a month,and are very pleased with our purchase. A great quality at every level.

 Best investment!

6 months ago I researched washers...wanted to go with a top loader as front loaders are so heavy. (I was replacing a Maytag frontloader) I bought the #1 rated top loader on consumer reports and went by what other buyers wrote. It had excellant reviews. From day one I hated it. Clothes always came out dirty looking even with an extra rinse. Washing heavy loads such as bedding and towels ALWAYS set it into an unbalance mode. I sold it...took a huge loss and bought my new LG front loader. From the very first load I loved it. My clothes never looked cleaner! I would definitely recommend this washer to anyone. And no this wasn't the #1 rated front loader.

 5 Star Review

Rating provided by a verified purchaser

 One of the best washers money can buy! Beware of location though...

I've been using this for about 4 months now. First off, it makes everyone jealous. When anyone thinks of what a NICE washing machine is... this thing is it! It looks really good to say the least. The biggest consideration with buying this is location in your home. If you have a second story laundry room, you might have some serious noise happening throughout your entire house. Keep in mind, this washer is very powerful, and VERY heavy. All front loaders spin much faster than top loaders. They clean better, but you'll spend more time trying to level them, etc. I have a single story home. The laundry room is small, and is framed in (not concrete... I wish it were). I battled for a long time trying to quiet any rocking. I tried everything. I leveled it perfectly, build a solid pedestal for it out of oak, rubber feet underneath, you name it and I've tried it. I thought I might have a loose drum, honestly. I called LG, and they had a guy come out and look at it. He said it was totally fine. He balanced it a little bit, adjusted the feet a bit, tested it, and said that was all he could do. After that, I tested it out, and decided to add a very thick blanket behind it which pressed up against the wall, and like magic... that was all it needed. Moral of the story, these front loaders are touchy. They just need a little bit of support in the right places (especially if installed on framing, not concrete) and it's almost so quiet that I can hardly hear it. And that's with a high spin speed right off my kitchen. Not bad. Buy it, mess around with the configuration a bit, and this is one of the best washers you can buy. Very happy with it now.

 Purchased the LG Washer last month after reading several reviews and finally finding it at Home D...

Purchased the LG Washer last month after reading several reviews and finally finding it at Home Depot. This washer has handled 20-30 loads so far and we love it. The washer dispenses water from the front and sides of the washer to thoroughly wash clothes. Clothes just feel and look cleaner than they did from our old washer. I'm also very impressed by how little soap liquid soap it uses. I think we were using too much soap in our old washer but it was hard to determine how much to use and this washer makes it very easy to fill the proper amount. Our family has been very pleased with the washer. Even the sounds it makes at completion of cycle are fun. Oh - also - the washer has a light inside that you can turn on for 4-5 minutes of a wash cycle. We turn it on and watch it on occasion - just entertaining to see it cleaning away.

 Love it!!!

What a great washer!! You must get the pedestal--what a back saver! Love the capacity size of the washer--able to wash large comforters and quilts with no problems--very quiet, the Turbowash is fast and still cleans like regular washes--the lttle tune the washer sings at the end of completion is so cute!! What a happy washer!! Can't go wrong with this purchase--well worth the money--

 Very happy with purchase

I have had my new LG WM4070H for almost two weeks now. This was a replacement for another LG front-loader washing machine I owned for around 9 years. I love the bigger tub on this model. I can wash a set of queen sized sheets and a set of full sized sheets at the same time, without sacrificing any of the cleaning power of the washer. I am thrilled with the Turbo Wash feature that allows loads to wash in less time, but still getting my clothes clean. I am so happy to have a washer with a built-in heater, so when I set the temperature to hot, I know the water will actually get hot. I am very pleased that LG has not gone down in quality at all since my original front-loader purchase. Other than the fact that it was a little pricey, I don't have anything negative to say about this washer.

 High Quality Washer

This machine is definitely a quality product and I am very happy to have made this purchase. I've owned it for a couple of months now and I believe I have used just about every cycle available on the machine. It really cleans the largest, heaviest, dirtiest loads as well as the smallest most delicate items. The energy efficiency, reduced water usage, and the need to use less product in this machine is great for your pocket book and for the environment, which is meaningful to me. It is also a fairly quiet machine which is nice as I live in an apartment and used to have to turn up my television in order to hear it over my old machine. I don't need to do that with this new machine. I have not encountered any problems or have any concerns with this washer. I purchased this machine on sale. It can be quite pricey when it's not on sale. If the sale price had been it's regular price, I would have given it 5 stars for value. I look forward to purchasing the matching dryer in the near future. I highly recommend this machine.

 So far so good

We have only had this washer a week but there are already some notable differences to it's LG predecessor which we hated! Unlike it's predecessor, this machine is very quiet, it does not dance all over the place and it cleans the clothes. Hopefully, we will continue to be delighted with this machine even though we hated it's predecessor so much we didn't even decide to exercise the extended warranty when it died on us. Why buy another LG? Based on user reviews, it seems all front loaders share similar flaws but this one seemed to be the best without going up to the 5+ cu ft machines. We also had a LG dryer to match (at least color wise).

 Great machine for price

I am a large animal veterinarian. This machine removes manure and blood easily. It uses very little water as well. Has multiple settings preset plus you can change them to customize your wash. The color is great as well. Matches all of the satin nickel fixtures in house.

 Our old Kenm**re front load washer conked out in the middle of laundry day. It was about 12 years...

Our old Kenm**re front load washer conked out in the middle of laundry day. It was about 12 years old. Read a few reviews online but wanted to get replacement quickly. LG was not our original choice. However, when we got to the store we realized that the other brand models we originally thought we wanted were not stainless steel inside. This is deal breaker feature for me for several reasons. This LG was the only stainless steel model they had stocked on the floor and was being sold at discount. I have many other LG products that I have been extremely please with and this one has so far turned out to be no exception. These are some things I like about it: ** Extremely quiet -- We don't even know if it is running if in another part of the house. Even during spin cycle. This is very dependent on how well you balance the machine. I took some time to adjust the legs really well to eliminate all shaking. ** The digital display shows the time remaining in the current cycle. ** The way the machine works is that it somehow stores and premixes all the water and soap in a separate tank before releasing into the load of laundry. This is really nice because any powder laundry boosters and other soap don't go directly onto the clothes undiluted. It seems to help get the clothes cleaner by doing this premixing too. ** I was skeptical of all the various cycle settings, but I used the "Bright White" setting this past weekend. I was shocked at how white the clothes were. Some of our t-shirts had a little yellowing and a few stains that had built up over time and this machine washed it all out.

 Excellent value and performance

We are very pleased with our LG washer and dryer. They are very quiet and were easy to get used to. We will highly recommend them to anyone!

Good product for the money and it looks very nice, also. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 The machine itself is very efficient. The speedwash cycle is great and as effective as a longer c...

The machine itself is very efficient. The speedwash cycle is great and as effective as a longer cycle. However, if you have a back or shoulder issue (have both), the front loader can be difficult to load and unload. The machine would need the pedestal base to elevate it and was not able to have it installed as I have cabinets above the washer and it would be too high. Personally do not care for the detergent,softner dispensers as it is in a pull drawer. Important to remember is wipe the inside glass on the door dry and the rubber gasket around the tub after each wash or you may have odor problems build up (due to detergent and softner) I have not experienced any odor problems as of this writing . Also , the lower left is a square pop open door with a drainage tube. This requires manual draining periodically. The manual says once a month and I drain after every 4-5 washes. I contacted the mfg re: the expected quantity as I drain approximately 3 cups each time.Was told that is normal. There is a small basket next to the drainage tube that needs to be removed and rinsed periodically as it will catch debris from the wash. People with a back problem, you are on your hands and knees to drain the small tube. I like the LG products, however, for me will be going back to a top loader. Have had the machine for 3 months.

 Don't buy it for the app

So far I am happy with the washer except for the tag on app feature. Although described extensively in the manual, etc. when I try to set it up this model is not even listed in the product registration section in order to use the app. I contacted customer service and this was a joke. After seeing lots of 1 star "doesn't work" reviews of the app in Google Play I quickly realized I didn't need to waste any more time trying to figure it out. I selected the washer based on good reviews and features, but the app was a nice bonus. LG really shot themselves in the foot by over-promising and under-delivering. I will be very cautious about purchasing any future LG appliances. That being said, I have no complaints about the washer so far after two weeks.

 Bigger is better!!

Uses 1/10th the water and 1/5th the electricity of my old top loader while washing big loads. Reasonably quiet operation, except for soap injection and spin whine from smaller loads. The whine is from the holes in the drum moving so fast! Love the efficiency of the direct drive system! Spins so fast, the clothes are almost dry BEFORE you put them in the matching dryer. Like everybody else; only hang up is the non-reversible door. For this quality and efficiency, I'll put up with it!

 Love the washer! does a fantastic job cleaning and holds a lot. However - during the spin cycle i...

Love the washer! does a fantastic job cleaning and holds a lot. However - during the spin cycle it shakes like crazy! it's not well balanced. could become a greater issue.

 Washes Clothes 🙂

3 weeks old running well, no issues, easy to use, more features than one would ever need. Please LG help me get rid of the song! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


Generally I am happy with my purchase. The numerous cycles and options are a little daunting compared to what I was used to with my old Neptune front load washer. I love how quiet this washer is, although it does make some loud noise at the beginning of the cycle when it starts and stops the water as it senses how much water each load requires. One little frustration, the door is too low to allow opening it with my laundry basket in front of the washer. A couple of things I wish I knew before my purchase would have influenced my color selection. I chose the graphite steel because it matches my decor and looks great, BUT I wish I had stayed with the traditional white. First, the lettering for the cycle and option selections are hard to read because the letters are fine black print on a dark gray background. This is something I didn't notice in the well lit store, but in my own laundry room the lettering is difficult to read. I suppose it would help some if I had purchased the pedestal so the washer is more at eye-level, but then I would have a hard time reaching items in the cabinets above. The other thing I noticed with the graphite color is that it shows every scratch. I typically place the laundry detergent and fabric softener bottles on the washer as I do laundry. Although these bottles are plastic, the bottom of the bottles often have some sharp edges from manufacture and have scratched the top of the washer. I didn't notice this issue when I had a white washer. So if you choose the graphite steel, just consider these observations!

 I have only had the opportunity of owning this washing machine for a few weeks, so we shall see h...

I have only had the opportunity of owning this washing machine for a few weeks, so we shall see how it continues to do as we are a large family and use our washing machine often but, So far so good.....Washing machine cleans very well.As others have made comments about the noise, I do not find this washing machine to be any louder than any other washing machine I have owned, in fact it is very quiet considering it is located right off my family room and does not disturb us while we are watching tv. I would recommend this washing machine to others but would not recommend Home Depot. Very bad experience with delivery of product and ended up having to pick up from different store than purchased from and my husband had to install product himself!!!!

 4 Star Review

Rating provided by a verified purchaser

 Overall, I am fairly happy. After 3 months, the washing machine was leaking water. So glad I pu...

Overall, I am fairly happy. After 3 months, the washing machine was leaking water. So glad I purchased the extended protection plan! Also, you have to wipe down the door and rubber seal inside the door and leave door ajar or else it will start to smell like mildew. I read this in many comments before I bought them, so I was prepared for this. They are very quiet.

 Beautiful washer But..........

So....... I received my washer yesterday. I've done 3 loads of laundry just to see how the machine works, drying the seal after every use. When I noticed that there was a slow drip coming from the "Turbo Wash Upper Nozzle" Left the door open all night to see if it had stopped dripping and if the seal was finally dry, to find it still wet and dripping. Called LG. Now waiting to hear what they can do to fix the problem 🙁 FYI... the drawers in the stand are not tall enough to stand up laundry detergent bottles or spray bottles. must lay everything on it's side. ;-(

 Very nice features, but sounds like it's going to fly apart at certain points during the spin cyc...

Very nice features, but sounds like it's going to fly apart at certain points during the spin cycles. Checked to ensure shipping bolts were removed. Looks like it was installed correctly. Warranty call determined that the loud banging during the spin was normal. Sent it back 2 days after it was delivered.


AFTER 4 years and 3 months, the water pump failed. What's with a machine that costs $900...wouldn't you think it would last longer. $350 to replace, and no help from LG. Unfortunately I purchased another set for my client. Hope that one lasts longer than mine did.


Don't waste your energy. I purchased an LG washing machine online with Home Depot After doing just one load of laundry I noticed a small leak at the bottom of the door. After another load and the same problem I contacted customer service and did as they instructed. Same problem, so I called again and followed the advice again. Same problem. Now if this machine is that temperamental that one piece of hair or over filling the detergent will cause it to leak I need for it to be returned and feel extremely disappointed with the product.

 Don't bother, JUNK!!

The absolute worst machine I have ever owned, Bought less than a year ago. Auto balance spin cycle is WAY too sensitive and takes FOREVER to get through. 15 minute speed wash cycle just took 40 minutes to complete even after re arranging clothes several times. Forget about washing a load of towels or bed sheets! When the machine does work right, it's awesome, but that is rare. Must mention I never overload the machine and wash according to directions. For a higher dollar machine, you would think it would do a super job with no problems but that is not the case. They just don't build them like they used to. I will be leaving this machine behind when I move in a couple months. DO NOT BUY THIS WASHING MACHINE!!

 How do I say this? Over priced junk. My last machine I had for over 20 years and it was working l...

How do I say this? Over priced junk. My last machine I had for over 20 years and it was working like a champ. With the remodel I decided now was a good time to replace it. WRONG decision. It does not clean a load. I have to wash it at least 3 times in order to get the laundry cleanish. The time it takes is a waste of electricity. There appears to be no water in the washer and they come out smelling dirty and mildewed. The drer is just as bad, it cooks the load and runs for way too long.

 Horrible Washer

I bought this washer to replace my K**m**e front loader mostly because my dryer broke and i wanted a matching set. From the first day that I used it there were problems. I called LG within the first week and was told by customer service that since they couldn't diagnose the issue over the phone using the nfc diagnosis I would have to pay the service technician even though it should have been under their junk warranty. Everytime thereafter I called there was always a reason a technician would come out and lg wouldnt cover- usually that the issues do not happen with every single wash and cant always be duplicated. Now that I'm out of warranty they are miraculously able to diagnose a faulty control board but I have to pay for the repair. To summarize the intermitant issues I have with this washer: Fills to the top with water, unlocks door and water gushes out Fills halfway with water and washer gets stuck on wash cycle for hours Will drain water (so therefore not clogged drain line) in test mode Sometimes finishes washing clothes and clothes are only halfway wet and smell dirty still Other negatives regarding this machine: Doesn't clean well most of the time Does not have a soak cycle as home depot indicates (this was important to me) Certain water temps/ spin speeds are not available in certain cycles there are actually very few unique cycles I am familiar with front loaders and have owned one for 14 years. Some people who have gotten a good version of this machine have discounted the problems others are having by chalking it up to front loader unfamiliarity. These problems are NOT normal.. there is something wrong with some of the circuit boards of these machine.

 Appearances can be deceiving

I bought this washer and matching dryer in June of 2015. There were problems with the finish on both machines, so I returned them. There were spots on the surface that appeared dull - almost like water spots, but I wasn't able to clean them off. The replacements were blemish free until I set a cooling rack with a warm pizza on top of the washing machine. My bad, but I had done the same thing with a different brand multiple times without incident. About a week after the warrantee expired, I noticed two raised rings on top of the washer. The only round objects I ever set on the washer were the tops to the detergent and fabric softener. The detergent top was an exact match. I contacted LG and asked them to replace the top. After all, laundry detergent should harm a washing machine. I provided photos showing that the detergent top was an exact match. I never heard back. After a month I called and asked what was taking so long. At that point they told me it was cosmetic. It is true that the rings didn't affect the function, but we are talking about detergent on a washing machine. Was I the first person to have this problem? Didn't it occur to them to test surface durability with a product always used with their product? Seems like they should have known. They didn't have the curtousy to respond to my claim.

 Just 2 months out of warranty and the Cycle labels embossed on front of washer rub off or fade aw...

Just 2 months out of warranty and the Cycle labels embossed on front of washer rub off or fade away. There may have been some Spray'n Wash over-spray that got on the front panel, but one would expect that could be just wiped off without destroying the cycle label embossing. Neither LG or Home Depot would do anything to rectify this product defect. No wonder Home Depot has discontinued selling this model, but what about all the customers that unknowingly bought this defective product a year ago?

 Very Dispointed - Labels Peeling Off

We have owned this washer, the matching dryer and two pedestal drawer stands for about six months. During that time, we have found our items to be extremely wrinkled, no matter how heavy or light the load might be. For some reason, items become tightly twisted in both the washer and dryer. While we've learned to live with the wrinkles, we have noticed that button labels are peeling off. We brought the issue to LG Customer Service and they were unwilling to help with the problem. There are only two adults in our home, so both machines are treated quite well. Now, we're worried that other labels will peel off and we won't know what each button is used for. Very disappointing, especially for such expensive models.

 After having owned this unit for a year, I felt it necessary to write a review on it. Having pre...

After having owned this unit for a year, I felt it necessary to write a review on it. Having previously owned a 10 year old maytag top loader I was very excited to have a new top-of-the-line washer. However, within the first few washes, I noticed a small leak that came from under the unit. I called LG immediately, and they walked me through the troubleshooting steps to insure proper care and use. Dry the door after every wash, dry the inside of the tub after every wash, and keep all parts nice and clean. I did all of this and continued to take excellent care of the unit. Again, this leak started after only a few washes - but not on every cycle and not all the time. Once in awhile, just a little amount of water would creep out in the grout of our tile making the floor wet. After this kept happening I called Customer Service again, worried that after time this slow leak would damage my floor. They sent a technician out and he did look over the unit extensively, however found nothing. He mentioned that using too much soap could overload it and cause some leaking out the back vent. ( I never even filled up the soap line to the "minimum" amount.) Therefore, he said to keep an eye on it and write down when it leaked. Months later after this had continued to happen I called LG again. Again the sent out a technician, he quickly looked at it and within minutes said "Yes" you have been using too much soap. Again, I don't use that much but he said to measure out exactly 2 Tablespoons and use no more than that. Otherwise it will leak water out the back. I am going to try that... however, I believe that if this is the problem, what a POOR design! First - they should have made the soap capacity only so big that you could not encounter this problem... and If something like this could happen with minimal soap usage, they should have built a trap of some sort to capture the water and lead it back to the drain. He said there is nothing I can do. After spending more than $1000 on this unit, I would have been more pleased with my simple 10 year old top loader. After time, the floor will become damaged and I will be looking at much larger expenses. I would NOT buy this again and I will tell people the same.

 Have to empty water everyday of use.Very rough on clothes.Overpriced Customer service horrible an...

Have to empty water everyday of use.Very rough on clothes.Overpriced Customer service horrible and can not understand them

 I HATE this washer

There is not anything I like about this washer. I hate that the fabric softener loading area is way in the back of the drawer, it should be in front of the pre wash. Poorly designed. The features are cool but considering you rarely use most of them it is not worth the trade. The music to signal the washer is done is ANNOYING and you can't change it one short beep or signal is sufficient a song is overkill. The paint job on the washer is so cheap that your laundry soap on top will scratch the coating it is ridiculous. It is definitely not worth what you pay for it. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 does not save water

I have owned this for a year.and my water bill went up not down like they claim [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


Performs horribly. Doesn't even show up undamaged.

 Broken after 18 months

After 18 months won't spin. At this price expected the washer to at least function minimally for a couple of years. Home Depot claims to have no record of my purchase even though I am fully logged into their site LOOKING at my order confirmation as I speak to their customer service. SEARS from here on out.