Whirlpool WTW7300DW Washer Reviews

The 4.8 cu. ft. top load high efficiency washer with steam by Whirlpool is energy star qualified. Features include delay wash, presoak option, adaptive wash cycle that adapts to the size and dirtiness of the clothes, 26 cycle options, load sensing technology, and an exclusive 'ColorLast' wash cycle option. Overall, this is one of the most popular and best rated washers with a high level of features. If you are looking for high efficiency and a top load washer, this is a top contender!

Washer Score

Overall Score: 9.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.7/10

Price Value: 9.2/10

Features: 9.4/10

Cleaning Power: 9.2/10

Energy Efficiency: 9.4/10

Whirlpool WTW7300DW Washer Customer Reviews

Best washer we have ever had

We bought this machine last month. It holds a large hamper full of clothing. The steam feature really works in getting the smell and stains out. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 LOVE LOVE LOVE our new washer...so far! It's been about three weeks and the main reason for purch...

LOVE LOVE LOVE our new washer...so far! It's been about three weeks and the main reason for purchasing a new set (also got the 7.0 cubic foot matching dryer - electric) was because our old washing machine was loud and used more water than Niagara Falls. This machine is super quiet and gets the job done. LOVE the "add garment" feature where in the beginning of the cycle, you have a little extra time to add more to the load if needed. It's been in service for about three weeks and we are thrilled. Lots of washing options and the user interface is pretty intuitive - start on the left with the power button and make your adjustments going to the right and finally touch the GO button. No need to man-handle the controls - they are very responsive to the touch. We had family in for Thanksgiving and upon departure, I had four sets of bed sheets and 5 sets of bath towels done in no time due to the capacity and cycle speed. I admit that I was concerned with not seeing a lot of water in the tub initially, but after reading the instructions, I now realize that washing machine design and function has come a long way. In addition, we purchased the extended warranty for peace of mind due to the electronic controls.


Replaced old noisy standard fill agitator washer, once owned Energy efficient front loader in previous home but space would not allow due to having to keep door open. This was the best of both worlds so far. It does take used to and understand when to use deep water cycle and certain items you have to unwind during the cycle. For instance, I washed a duvet by itself and it was in a ball in the middle, no wonder was taking longer then the other loads, so learned to keep an eye on it or add more items. I can wash 4 couch covers at once compared to just 2 in the older model. It is quiet too, different noises but quiet. I am looking forward to next quarter water bill to see the savings. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Excellent investment - much cleaner and drier clothes coming out now

I replaced my old front loading washer after learning of a class action suit being settled over that manufacturers model developed lots of mold inside, not visible to the eye or where even bleach can reach it. No, I always left the door wide open after all uses and ran the washer cleaning agents. This washer has it all. Attractive, functional, high-efficiency, and quiet. Drying the clothes takes much less time due to the faster spin cycle than the old washer provided. No clothes have ever been damaged, and the optional Deep Water setting is a blessing, should you ever doubt the washer isn't calculating the proper amount of water necessary for bulky items.

 Very Good Mid Level Top Loader

I've waited a few weeks to write this review and if I had written this review the first day I used this machine I would have given it one star and returned it considering it nothing more than a poor effort on Whirlpools part. Then, after reading the directions THOROUGHLY and learning that what I consider a mixed load Whirlpool considers bulky, I have had some amazing results with far less water. If you follow the directions on loading clothing; detergent type and amounts; liquid conditioner type and amounts; and the proper use of Oxi and other additives you have only reached 1/2 of the learning curve necessary to properly use this washer. This is a great machine and once you learn how to use it you will find it intuitive and get great results. I used the deep water setting and was able to get a king size comforter clean with little effort. Also, with the steam feature and a little oxi white revive my whites are dazzling (including our white socks), smell great and now I don't have to use bleach. Additionally, if you choose, it can spin your clothing at 850 r.p.m. greatly reducing the drying time. It's really quiet, the only time I hear this washer from the next room is when it fills, activates the pump to drain and chimes. Also, the chime feature can be made louder or softer depending on your preferences. The only difference between this machine and the top of the line Whirlpool is the mobile app., 1/2 square foot capacity, active spray, and color choices. So basically this is a high end white machine that can't be hacked. This is not your mothers top loading machine. Even though it is top loading it is an HE machine in everyway and has to be used as such. When it comes to detergent and especially fabric softener less is more. It has more flexibility than the front loader it has replaced and with the deep water option blankets, comforters, winter coats and other bulky items are cleaner and better rinsed. I like it. It does a great job and looks nice as well. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Hi tech washing machine a reality

We love this washer. Advantages over our 13 year old Whirlpool gold washer this replaced are: - Quieter - yes it makes weird sounds, but they are quieter and more user friendly than those that came from our old washer. That annoying end of cycle buzz has been replaced by a tranquil chime. - Timer - lets you know when load will be ready - Uses less water and senses based on load size - Appears to clean better - Larger load size - no agitator in middle taking up load space - Steam capable - for sterilization, wrinkle removal and stain lifting I highly recommend this product The best advancement in washing machine design in over 80 years

 I purchased this washer as a consumer after having considered Samsung and LG. I bought this one b...

I purchased this washer as a consumer after having considered Samsung and LG. I bought this one because of the high customer satisfaction scores (across several sites) and because the price point (of course). I was worried about some of the negative feedback that it had received. The first 2 days I washed pretty much everything in the house. It worked very well!!! It still works awesome as long as folks understand HE and how to work it (as with any HE machine)...

 Better than we expected. The only thing we've noticed is when you use powdered HE detergent, some...

Better than we expected. The only thing we've noticed is when you use powdered HE detergent, sometimes there will be a nasty clump of gooey detergent in the dispensing tray. The digital controls are very easy to learn. Great value for the dollar.

 An Outstanding Choice

I'm very impressed with this machine. Using an impeller rather than a center agitator, the capacity is greatly increased. I was afraid my eyes would glaze over and my head would spin trying to figure out all of the various options, but was amazed at how easy everything is. The Owners Manual lists just about every type of garment imaginable with a key as to which option to choose. Whirlpool has made it very simple. The machine is unbelievably quiet, and the spin cycle is so efficient, everything comes out incredibly dry, reducing drying time dramatically. Whirlpool has done an outstanding job with the Cabrio. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Glad this was the washer I chose

This washer was not my first choice, but because I needed one quickly, I chose this after reviewing the features and cost of comparable machines. I'm really glad I chose this washer. It has great features, such as energy efficiency and plenty of space in the tub. There is a wide range of wash, rinse, and spin cycles. I was a little worried after reading some negative comments about this washer, but no trouble with this in the first month. The machine cleans exceptionally well. It even removed some paint from my husband's shorts after a week. It did need to be washed twice, but it came out! I had a similar experience with the grease on his t-shirt and jeans after working on the car for 3 days. The dispensers for the liquids are great. You can use high efficiency laundry pods simply by placing them in the tub prior to adding the clothes. Almost all detergent, whether liquid or pod, is h-e. The machine spins clothing very dry, which is pleasing. I've had no problem with things being wrinkled after they come out of the dryer. Placing the clothing loosely in the machine seems to work very well. I've washed lots of different types of clothing, including quilts, pillows, a hat, and delicates. All came out perfectly. Over all, I'm very pleased.

 Satisfied Customer

I hadn't planned on buying a washing machine, but due to the fact that mine died and would cost more to fix than it was worth...out to the store I headed. I was drawn to the Whirlpool not only because it was priced right but also because it looked like it had the feature that would best suit me. I was not disappointed! This machine is great! It's easy to use and walks you through all the steps (hey!!! I'm a guy!).My clothes are coming out cleaner and after the final spin they don't take to long in the drier either. I've been known to let the laundry pile up so the fact that this washer can handle a huge load of clothes and still perform to perfection is great! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 like the large capacity

I bought this about 3 weeks ago with matching dryer. I love the large capacity and having the agitator on bottom instead of up the middle, it makes it so much easier to load , especially blankets, which I do alot because I have 5 chihuahuas to keep clean bedding for lol. I was afraid of a bottom agitator not getting my clothes clean , well the test was my husbands work clothes and it passed with flying colors. I love that it calculates load size and it so easy to operate. I chose whirlpool because its known for long lasting and dependable. We just bought a house and I plan on replacing all my appliances with Whirlpool eventually. Thanks for a great product . [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Happy with washer

This washer replaced a 15 year old agitator model that finally quit so, this new washer is quite the improvement. I was a little worried reading reviews that described a lack of water but, I haven't had a problem. Of course, this new washer uses less water than my old model but, I have not found that to be a problem as my clothes have been coming out clean. I haven't found the washer to be too loud, of course, again, my old washer was very loud. Love the capacity of the washer and how much more I can fit in it. I have found the machine easy to use and has many different wash options available. Overall, I am extremely happy with this washer.

 Awesome machine !!!!

I previously had a front loader that broke and wasn't too thrilled with it at all. Purchased this machine and it works great and very efficient. It takes some time in the beginning to get used to all the variety of options you have to wash. I must admit it would have been helpfull if a "cheat sheet" was included on what cycles to use based on your laundry. But I figured It out. Cycle times might be longer than the conventional washer but end result it rinses well and saves time on my drying overall. Would recommend this to all families. Allows for large loads as well [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Great Machine

I bought this machine about 4 weeks ago after my old machine (Kenmore--14 yrs. old) died on me. I love the delayed timer on it and the fact that it does not have a huge agitator to knock my knuckles on too. The one thing that concerns me is that it takes longer to run a load of laundry than my other did and I just can't see how it is more energy efficient. Even on my biggest load in my old machine didn't take me over an hour to wash, but if I run a heavy load, i.e. bathroom rugs, sheets, towels then the cycle runs for over an hour. How is that efficient? Outside of that I really love my machine!! Glad I bought it! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Very happy with Whirlpool

We bought the Whirlpool Cabrio washer about a month ago and are very happy with our purchase. Our previous washer was a Kenmore/LG washer and we had nothing but bad experiences with it. We were tired of hearing it would take weeks if not longer for parts to come in and also having repeated issues with the same parts. We researched Whirlpool and found their rating was very good and we heard from our service repair tech that Whirlpool was very good and parts were easier to get if you needed a repair. That sold us on Whirlpool and it has performed extremely well since we got it. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Just what I needed

This machine does what my LAST whirlpool didn't. I wasn't able to 'pre-soak' in my old machine. Whirlpool fixed that and made it possible in this one! Nice. Yes, I purchased a top-loader, only because the front loaders are notorious for leaking. (Even though they're touted as being 'new technology', they're not, because I had a front loader back in the 1950's!!) Anyway, I'm not tall, and getting the bottom of the load out of this top loader is difficult, it does a great job of cleaning. Wish someone would consider building in a slide-out step in front to make it easier to empty it...just saying...... , [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Love this washer!! Great features!

Love all the features and the large capacity! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 We have had this washer going on two months now. It is a great product so far. I have nothing n...

We have had this washer going on two months now. It is a great product so far. I have nothing negative to say about it at all. I would recommend it.

 Enjoying doing laundry AGAIN!!

I had a Samsung Washing Machine for 4 1/2 years and it caused nothing but problems.....I had to worry about it exploding, it was rusting out, it did a terrible job cleaning my laundry AND it was the noisiest machine I have ever owned...When it broke down my extended warranty wasn't worth the paper it was written on! Decided to purchase a Whirlpool and it was like the heaven's opened up and the Angels sang! My clothes are happy, I'm happy and I encourage anyone reading this to BUY AMERICAN - BUY A WHIRLPOOL!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


I bought this and the matching dryer after my old machine finally gave out on me. I couldn't be happier. This thing is amazing and now I don't have to spend all day washing clothes for my family of 5. Just 1-2 loads and I'm done. My clothes come out cleaner thanks to the presoak option. No more stains on my little ones. I love whirlpool so this was an easy choice for me. I definitely recommend this to anyone who doesn't want to spend all day washing clothes. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 This is a fine wash machine. First, it abandons the old-fashioned dial and has instead a continuu...

This is a fine wash machine. First, it abandons the old-fashioned dial and has instead a continuum of control buttons. First: what am I washing? Then, how do I want to wash it? It has a large capacity, and will wash a queen-size comforter and several towels. It washes well — things come out clean, including ring around the collar. Sometimes the laundry is a bit twisted, but we can deal with that. With its Pre-Soak, Heavy Soil, Hot Water and Steam options, along with putting detergent directly on a stain, we have been able to remove all stains so far. The machine is quiet. The lid is glass, and you can watch the washing action. It's a top load, and we tall folks do not have to squat down or put the machine on a pedestal which would block our laundry room window. This washer is green — it uses little hot water, and it wrings most of the the water out of the wash, saving on dryer time. We've had this machine a year-and-a-half, had no problems, and have bought a second one for our rental cottage. We like this wash machine.

 Great machine!!

I bought this a month ago and it a great machine. I love the steam feature and how quiet the machine is. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Interesting New Features - all good

Getting used to a deep gin with no agitator. Also getting used to very little water in the wash cycle. All these improvement are great, and glad we decided to get new washer and dryer. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Great Features

I bought a month ago and I LOVE this washer. I love you can customize each load and how much you can fit into the washer. The Steam clean is my favorite option. I also love the color last cycle which keeps my clothes looking brand new! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Sleek and clean

I purchased this machine when we bought a new home. At first I had to get used to a specific way of loading it due to the lack of agitator. Once I got the hang of it, everything was great! I use way less detergent and have the ability to wash even my long size comforters! Love this washer! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Excellent Washing Machine

I love this machine. It has so many features, I've tried most of them, and they are great. The white cycle is my favorite, it really brought my white clothes back to life. Oh, and the spin cycle is so nice, your clothes are almost dry when they're finished spinning. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 love the to loader

Gets the cloths clean. Having a slight problem with getting wrinkles out. Other wise love it [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 it is kind of small

It works okay; however, I noticed that the water inlet started too late. The drum was turning for a while before the water got in the drum. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Works great

There is a bit of a learning curve and a change in mindset, but the washing options with this machine are great. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Great Washer for the Price

Works great. Enough settings to take care of my needs. Only downside is that it's on the loud side. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 As expected

One of the reasons to buy was a larger capacity than the old unit. Washing large items for a Cal King bed is still a task, but it does seem to do an acceptable job. The problem with large items is first water level, which you have to go deep, acceptable, but also it is difficult to agitate with the low profile impeller. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 I have only had the washer a week, but did a comforter and some bulkier items. One time a blanke...

I have only had the washer a week, but did a comforter and some bulkier items. One time a blanket was stretched across the machine, but didn't seem to affect the spin out. Items come out very well spun.

 Good washer

Our older Cabrio's ball bearings were going out, no doubt from the many moves we had to make over the past 7 years for work relocating us. We liked the first Cabrio so much that we decided to get another one. I like its new sleek features, easy design, and the cute and subtle tune it hums when a load is done. I notice that certain darker colored materials occasionally come out with some sort of light colored smudges on them. It's easy enough to rub or wipe off but it's just kind of annoying. Otherwise, we love our new washer! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Not the best....

I bought this about 2 months ago and I would hesitate to recommend it. Probably one out of every 10 loads I have to rewash because they clothes don't smell clean. It's mostly clothes that have sweat on them from the heat and humidity outside but occasionally a load of towels will need a second wash. I have increased the soap level to max when I wash the sweaty clothes and it doesn't make a difference. Also I'm very careful when I load it not put anything in the middle of the tub and I still have had one T-shirt ripped to shreds . [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Does the job

I wanted a simple machine with not alot of settings. This does the job. I had read that the rinsing did not work as well as it should and left white marks (maybe soap) on clothes. I have not used the machine many times, and this residue was left on my black pants. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 White powdery residue

Really like the features on the washer but it does not seem to get the clothes clean. A lot of the clothes come out with what seems like white powder on them. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 So, so

I replaced a 25 year old machine with this machine and miss my old machine. I bought this for the large capacity drum to wash quilts, comforters and blankets. The cycles on this machine are much longer (1 hour plus) and it lacks the ability to restart the wash cycle. You cannot stop the machine after a certain point to add more clothes, add more water and restart from the beginning. It will completely drain the water and detergent from the tub. I washed a off-white blanket in one of the first loads using the Deep Water setting. It came out with streaks of gray lint embedded in the blanket. I cannot get rid of this lint, even by rewashing or using a lint brush. I am concerned about the potential lifespan of this machine. One review said they replaced a 9 year old Cabrio with this machine. Why aren't appliances made like they were 25 years ago? It is wasteful and expensive to replace an appliance after 9 years. One last picky point. The lid is sloped downwards. I cannot pile my clean, dry laundry on top of the washer because it slides on to the floor. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 I would recommend the Cabrio with some reservations. I like the touchscreen and choices availabl...

I would recommend the Cabrio with some reservations. I like the touchscreen and choices available for settings. I like the compactness of the machine for the size of the capacity inside. I have never heard such a noisy machine- I suspect it lacks insulation which explains the size differential and the resulting noise. The sloshing of the water is loud, the Changing of cycles is loud, spinning is loud, draining is loud. On occasion my sheets have come out of the wash with parts never gotten wet, so I'm glad there is an "extra water" setting. I haven't noticed it since using that but it defeats the purpose of high efficiency washing I guess. I never had a steam setting before and that is what sold me on this machine, though I don't know if it has been effective or not yet. I've had the machine about 3 weeks so need to do some more experimentation with it before being completely sold on it.

 too deep for person 5'2" or less

It washes very well, but it is so deep. I am 5'2" so not very short but I find it hard to reach to remove things ,particularly the small pieces from the bottom of the machine. I keep bumping my chest and worry that I'm pressing my breast to the metal. I keep a stool next to the washing machine to step on IT( I am training myself to remember to step on it!! It is very annoying . PLEASE explain why it needs to be like that so imagine if I had bought the bigger model. I THINK THAT THERE IS A MISTAKE IN THE DESIGN. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Uncertain about washing clothes right

I watched a cycle of clothes through the smoked glass door. I have to say I didn't see much movement of clothes through the cycle as I was use to seeing in an agitator type washer. I also notice that the water level is very low so some clothes do not get immersed in the water through the cycle. I select d deep water cycle on the next load and that was better. Overall, the clothes do come out clean. For some reason pant legs come out wrinkled. Sometimes the soap does not devolve compleatly and residue is left on the clothes. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 This is the second top loading HE washer I've owned. Even running half loads leaves clothes need...

This is the second top loading HE washer I've owned. Even running half loads leaves clothes needing an extra spin cycle to get remaining water out. The lint streaking issue mentioned elsewhere in these reviews is also happening; however, the lint does get taken care of in the dryer. The problem comes when my dark load has mysterious white lint on it and I have dark items that must hang to dry (like uniform shirts). Luckily, I have a great lint roller but it is still an extra step. Also, there is no way to turn off the annoying sounds that accompany each action (except the "done" music) so when I am running a load at night I try to push buttons quickly to not wake anyone up. I've had the washer for about a month and hope it lasts longer than my last top loader (8 years). I miss my old Maytags I bought when they were 15 years old and I got another 10 years out of them. Hope to choose better next time.

 Washer Review

I bought this about 6 months ago and love the machine except for 1 major problem. When I wash dark or black clothes there is a soap residue on the clothes and I have to rerinse them. It doesn't make any difference what detergent I use, or how little I use ,it always happens. I use the he detergent, also tried the pods still residue. Would like to know how to fix this problem. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


We were to led by our repair man that this model was a great machine. Not so for me! I'm finding it very loud and have to put small loads in so detergent will resolve doesn't leave residue. Deep water not enough for larger loads! Tops are curved so you can't put anything on top during a load or it falls off. If I put on rinse and spin, the fabric softener doesn't release into the tub so it's rinsing without the softener. Very disappointed. Touch buttons don't always work and we only have had it 2 weeks! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Rinse issues

The high efficiency of this washer does not allow enough water to rinse the clothes sufficiently. I have resorted to putting very few items in the washer, using very little detergent, (a few tbls. At most) and requesting the Deep Water and Extra Rinse. Even after all of that I usually need to put black items back through an addl. rinse. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Broke lid lock

Had the washer for 24 hours, washed three loads and the lid lock would not unlock at the end of the cycle! Called whirlpool and would send someone out in 3 days (with wet clothes in the washer). [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 My Cabrio is older. I got it in 2011, it never cleaned well. I had to wash more than once many ti...

My Cabrio is older. I got it in 2011, it never cleaned well. I had to wash more than once many times to get simple mud out. The best part is the glass lid. Check out this snapshot of the lid. It broke early, within 3 years. I babied it along for the last 4 years but she just let go this morning. It was defective and I am guessing they changed it because it was defective and Whirlpool knows it. Its all over the internet about the frame on the glass lid breaking. Whirlpool offered to give me a new lid but I had to pay to have it put on. There is no way I will put any more money into a machine that doesnt clean and Whirlpool won't stand behind. Stay AWAY FROM WHIRLPOOL

 Not a fan

Not getting my dark pants to rid themselves of ??.. cold water.. deep water, all dark pants retain a white/stuck on paste of some kind.. have proper amounts and use he.. not liking it at all. Also all the clicks are very loud as it goes through its cycles. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Often times clothes will come out covered in lint or specks of something. Clothes even come out ...

Often times clothes will come out covered in lint or specks of something. Clothes even come out with dry spots after washing. We have tried every technique for cleaning the washer. I can only imagine that a number of the negative reviews have been removed to sell more of these terrible washers.

 Doesn't Clean at all. I followed all directions! With pictures.

Terrible. Does not wash. Ignore the people saying you're doing it wrong. I followed everything they said, HE soap, not too much soap, deep water cycle. Tried to return to Home Depot maybe 40 days after purchase, they refused. ALL top load High Efficiency get low ratings, around 73ish. The front loads get scores of 93. Picture explains it all. The picture was a deep water wash which uses tons of water. Top load just can't agitate the clothes like a front load. (Now I know) Do not buy this washer. Whirpool customer service was also extremely rude.

 Horrible purchase

We returned the washing machine after only 6 uses. It not only did not clean clothes, it actually made them substantially dirtier and left soap residue on most clothes. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]



 Doesn't get clothes clean

I had to replace my broken old washer and I purchased this one based on its reviews. It doesn't get our clothes clean and takes a long time to finish a load. It also makes loud noices. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 The Whirlpool HORRIBLE

The Whirlpool washer with NO agitator I purchased a month ago was HORRIBLE -- I DID NOT know how to auto sensor the water level and it ALWAYS left SOAP FILM and I had to wash completely over ... it would DUMP the soap first thing and I could watch the soap just sit there while it took forever to dispense water - I went back and traded it for a MAYTAG washer with agitator, which gradually dispenses water WITH the soap ... this also has a pause button and I can open anytime except on spin. However, I still notice soap film on my dress black slacks -- had to wash again. In the future I will turn all black garments inside out and hopefully this will keep any film in the inside. The NEW washers are not near as good as the old ones. Had I known this prior to purchasing, I would have paid someone $500 just to overhaul the old one to be new again. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT buy this machine. My husband and I bought this washer a little over a yea...

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT buy this machine. My husband and I bought this washer a little over a year ago when we first bought our new home and we have had NOTHING but trouble since. It does not clean your clothes at all. We have had numerous people come out to look at the machine and they have told me nothing is wrong with it. Then why do my clothes continue to have streaks of detergent on them after the wash is complete? I have tried different detergents, using less detergent, cleaning only a half load at a time, all as recommended and nothing works. I continue to have to use the "extra rinse" or "deep water" option which defeats the purpose of buying an energy saving machine. Home Depot has been NO HELP either. I am extremely disappointed. I have never written a negative review about any product in my life but I wanted to save others the headache. So please do yourselves a favor and DO NOT buy this machine.

 no star rating would be a better discription

This washing machine is of the type without a center cone agitator, only a disk in the bottom of the tub. We have owned it for almost 2 years and wished we had taken it back. If we had the money, we would through this one in the trash. It is hard to believe that a company like Whirlpool would produce and market such a sorry machine. Surly they knew that this machine twisted the clothes up around each other and even on deep water setting the clothes on top don't get agitated and most of the time don't even get wet. And when you put it on deep water setting and 2nd rinse, the time on the machine sets itself to 1 1/2 hours to wash a load of clothes. We have very soft water and need the 2nd rinse to get the soap out. Don't buy this machine.

 A very dis-satisfied customer

I bought this washer Sept 2015 and had 3 service calls on it. On the 3rd service visit , it was decided by the service center that it is too expensive to repair. Since I purchased a 4 year extended warranty, the unit was replaced 3 weeks ago with an identical unit. The very 1st day, on a sheet cycle, it would not complete the cycle and the machine vibrated immensely. The only way it would stop the vibration, was for me to run the sheets through a normal cycle, so I drained the washer and began a cycle in the normal selection. I have had a Whirlpool washer dryer that lasted 20 years previously with only 1 service call. Next , I had a load that smelled foul after it completed, so again the load was re-washed. I used the correct soap level and did not run the clean cycle yet b/c it was less than 3 weeks old. Bad -Bad - Bad ! A real disgrace of a product when I was committed to buying an American made product , and not an import. Really did-appointed with this product. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


This washing machine is going back to the store. It sounds like grinding gear through the cycles. Not impressed sold a bill of goods. I had a Maytag 15 years never a problem.

 Piece of junk

Hate this washer machine. This whole thing with using so little water... For goodness sake, half the time the clothes don't even get wet, so how in the world are they supposed to get clean. Give anything if I had never bought it. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Poor performance

Washer leaves with streaks on clothes. Repair man has been out twice. Whirlpool,claims we don't know how to wash clothes. We use a tablespoon of HE detergent an still get streaks. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Not enough water

Not happy with this machine. The clothes come out all twisted and has dry spots. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Replacement is no better than the one it replaced

The original washer was bought as a set 5 years ago. It had a recall and was replaced a year or so ago. I haven't liked it from the beginning but my nature is to try not to complain to much. But there comes a point... I am so very tired of clothes coming out of the washer nearly just as dirty as they went in. I can honestly say that I have tried EVERYTHING but keep coming up with the same results. If clothing does seem to be clean then everything usually has a white residue or remnants of the soap. I had a regular agitator Whirlpool washer for about 22 years and loved it! I'm so disappointed! If I have to rewash everything then I'm not really saving water. I will find a regular agitator washer too replace this with. I would give it 0 stars if it would let me.

 I like its look and how it is easy to reach in. I thought it was cool to have a washer without an...

I like its look and how it is easy to reach in. I thought it was cool to have a washer without an agitator and that it would save money. The performance is AWFUL though. It's OK for small loads, but that's it. Don't plan on doing sheets or blankets unless you plan to stand by constant wrestle with your heavy soaking wet items when the machine stops with no warning (perhaps they are unbalanced? who knows.. no message), no matter how you load it. I've taken to doing one at a time. Often large loads have dry uncleaned clothes on the top when I open the washer to put them in the dryer. I want to return, but that is not available. Guess I'll have to save for a new washer.

 Did 4 loads

Broken after 4 loads have to get a bew one! Ridiculous! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Don't buy this washer

The clothes don't even get wet let alone clean. Even with an extra rinse white residue is left on the clothes. Would never buy this again.

 Very poor

Doesn't use enough water. I've got clothes out after a cycle that still had dry spots on them [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


I bought this after my 19 year old washer died. I want my old one back. This one does not clean clothes. One jacket that had a campfire smell needed to be washed THREE times and even then, the smell is faintly there. Not 2 months after I bought it, there was a problem with the locking lid. Guess what. The washer won't work without the lid locking and I had to wait over a week for someone to come fix it -- a problem that I did not create. I can't imagine going 19 years with this already having problems. I am extremely frustrated with the amount of money I spent on a machine that is horrible two months in. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Too less water not very clean clothes

I bought less than a month....can't wash a full load at a time because not all the clothes even get wet...I hate it [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]