Whirlpool WRF736SDAM Refrigerator Reviews

The 24.7 cu ft Whirlpool french door refrigerator is a high rated refrigerator by Whirlpool is energy star effiecient, a sleek look, faster ice production, and great temperature management. There are limited complaints and most of them are purely cosmetic, which means you should be comfortable with this fridge.

Refrigerator Score

Overall Score: 9.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.4/10

Price Value: 8.9/10

Features: 9/10

Temperature Control: 9/10

Energy Efficiency: 9.2/10

Whirlpool WRF736SDAM Refrigerator Customer Reviews

Nice fridge

Clearly the blue tape and ice maker tape is only there for shipping. The delivery man instructed us to remove the ice maker tape before using. No it's not what's holding it together just for delivery. We removed all tape and styrofoam and everything works perfectly. It has everything and is beautiful and functional. We haven't had any issues. I don't notice the noise with the tv going. Everything is nice and cold. If you hold your cup up high the ice won't go everywhere. Just takes a little common sense people.

 Love it!

We love our new 36" wide, French door refrigerator. Everything is easily accessible, the shelf that is divided in half so that the front section slides under the back, making room for tall items in front is such a good idea, and I love the narrow drawer between the two larger vegetable drawers. The bottom freezer is well thought out too with compartments and an upper drawer. The narrow front "frozen pizza" section is perfect for thin packages of lox! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]



 Solid Beautiful Refrigerator

This is a Very well made (USA) refrigerator! Researched a ton, from cheap to overpriced, and although the only thing folks could neg. comment on was "noise", We can not agree to that. Yes, it makes some noise when making/drop ice, but, our old frig made worse noise/sounds than that and it had NO ice/water!! Drawers are very well placed, functional and move smoothly! The freezer holds way more than I ever thought and great organized moveable dividers. We Love it! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Very satisfied with our purchase

We purchased this refrigerator about 6 weeks ago. So far, we love its functionality and its features. Out first French door fridge and it provides plenty of room for our frozen foods. Also love the extra long drawer for storing food trays. Yes you need to hold your cup for about 1-2 seconds under the dispenser, but no big deal. Recommend this for anyone needing a practical fridge for everyday families. Plus. It is beautiful to look at in the kitchen, another bonus:) [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Our Favorite

We love our new 36-inch Wide French Door Refrigerator with MicroEdge® shelves - 25 cu. ft.! The interior of the refrigerator is very spacious, bright and clean looking. We have much more space inside than our old refrigerator. The bottom freezer is also spacious with an added pullout drawer that is large and provides more space to pack in freezer items. We used to have stainless steel appliances and decided to go with black this time and we are very happy we did. Our kitchen has a much more classy look, and I like that the finish won't scratch as easy as the stainless did. Having younger kids, we had quite a few scratches on our old refrigerator that bothered us. Overall, we are extremely pleased with our purchase. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Fantastic Refrigerator

I purchased this refrigerator the first part of March 2017. I love the ability to adjust the shelves to many levels rather than just a few. The controls are well placed and intuitive. Having the freezer on the bottom is great at it puts the everyday items at a height where I don't have to bend over to get them. The large capacity of the refrigerator and freezer mean I don't have to worry about having enough room after doing a large shopping. Overall, I am very pleased with it. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


Appearance is important - it does make me happy, from stainless steel finish to beautiful LED lighting all the way around inside. Really lights up interior. I had a similar unit previously, another brand so have good means to evaluate this one. The various compartments are convenient & well planned for locating things - especially little jars, etc that may disappear into the back.. A big plus would be to correct the filters so they don't have to be rinsed, & rinsed before water is clear. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


Love it so far! The French door design is simple and attractive, plus the storage options are great. The drawers can be customized based on what is inside them (meats, veggies, fruits, etc.) and there is plenty of storage between the bins and shelves - we fit our entire holiday dinner with room to spare! The pizza drawer in the freezer is so convenient as well. Overall, this fridge is an excellent value from a solution brand, looks pretty in the kitchen and provides plenty of storage space. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 The ice maker in the door leaves more room in the refrigerator. I love the LED lights inside, ni...

The ice maker in the door leaves more room in the refrigerator. I love the LED lights inside, nice and bright. Roomy, well thought out interior, energy star rated. We love it.

 This Whirlpool Refrigerator is a winner!

Had this appliance for around a month now. I love it because it seems so cavernous. Everything can be laid out nicely and is clearly visible. There is so much space! The freezer drawer has organization compartments that make my life so much easier too. There is even a pizza compartment! My previous appliance was a side-by-side model and it grew to be a hassle. Items were just piled on top of one another because each section was so narrow and you would not know what you had in there on first glance. The slim ice compartment is a winner too in the way that it is build into the door and does not consume a lot of space. The dispenser controls are digital and are intuitive and simply laid out. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Wow! Very impressive fridge and the focal point of our kitchen!

We have been impressed with this Whirlpool French door refrigerator since the moment we first saw it! First the black color is very sleek and easy to clean. It recommends automotive wax to maintain which works slick! We were replacing a smaller black LG unit that we were very happy with. This unit does have ice and water in the door. Inside is very spacious at almost 25cu ft! Love the adjustable shelves and pullout party drawer. You do lose a little space I the fridge to accommodate for the ice maker in the door, but having the ice at your fingertips makes it worth it. Unit gets and stays cold very fast. Love the blue LED control pad, very high tech looking. Unit is very quiet when running. Only con is no open door alarm. Love this fridge!

 Very pleased and satisfied!

Bought this fridge to replace one that was only 3 years old and twice as expensive. This refrigerator has some wonderful amenities such as the three veggie/meat drawers and the fourth drawer we use for beverages. The shelves make it so easy to clean up messes. I love the freezer drawers and the front pocket for frozen pizzas. The adjustable shelves are also great and an amenity that is found in more expensive appliances. Overall, I am tremendously pleased. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Love it!

We moved in to a house that needed a lot of love. We totally redid the kitchen and my refrigerator was the most important appliance to me. It fit into the space perfectly and looks great. I especially like the freezer on the bottom and the lighting inside the the fridge. I couldn't be happier. Once we found the refrigerator we liked we bought the matching appliances and love them also! I was worried about fingerprints but it doesn't show them much which is great. I'm all in with low maintenance! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 What an AWESOME refrigerator!!!! I wish the sides...

What an AWESOME refrigerator!!!! I wish the sides were stainless covered though. The new refrigerator sticks out past the cabinets and you can see the grey sides. Inside it is really spacious compared to our old Fridgidare it's going to take some getting used to. All in all we LOVE it!!!

 Great Features

I had to buy a new fridge when my 7 yr. old Kenmore elite, french door quit working. The man who came to fix it (before we knew it couldn't be fixed) recommended Whirlpool or GE. We went with the Whirlpool because of the design of the ice maker door. The handle on the GE looked like it could break easily, and Whirlpool's had a better design. I love the other features that my Kenmore did not have like the pizza storage in the freezer and the third drawer in the fridge. So far I am very pleased with this refrigerator! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 well laid out interior

I have only had my new Whirlpool refrigerator for a month but I love it! The interior is well laid out so it is roomy. The bins on the doors do not take away from the storage capability as another brand I replaced with this one. The drawers are wonderful as is the top sliding shelf. Everything is at eye level so no more bending down to find items. The bottom freezer with the addition of the sliding drawer holds a lot and is so easy to access. I have owned other Whirlpool appliances and all I can say is I love Whirlpool! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 My new frig

I bought about a month ago and love every day I use it. Someone gave a lot of thought to the wonderful features. Love the bottom freezer with top drawer as well as bottom. Especially love slot at front for pizzas. Refrigerator at top is wonderful also. Lighting is wonderful, can see just about everything. Love the sliding top shelf on left. Keep smaller items there and visible My only recommendation would be to make the wide crisper drawer at bottom two drawer with ability to open only one door Otherwise I just love it!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Great value french door fridge

We bought this a week ago and it was a replacement for a much more expensive Samsung that quit on us. We chose Whirlpool for the reliability and ease of getting service if needed. Overall we are very happy with this product. There are a few small things that could be improved, like more lighting inside, especially the freezer. Also, the water dispenser doesn't cut off immediately when you pull your cup away, so you need to leave it there a few seconds to avoid spillage. These are quite minor complaints, things my husband calls first world problems. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Very Spacious

I bought this a few weeks back and am very pleased. Both the fridge & the freezer are huge! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Very nice french door refrigerator

Our new Whirlpool French door refrigerator was delivered and set up a couple of days ago. The delivery crew were prompt, courteous and very competent at their job. Everything needed for the install was included and took only a short time to set up. The unit seemed a bit noisy at first, but quieted down after the ice maker was full. Even at its loudest it was not louder than our ultra-quiet dishwasher. It has a lot of great features, including easy to set controls, LED lighting, ice maker and cold water dispenser in the door, nicely configured shelving in both the refrigerator and freezer compartment. I like the large freezer on the bottom and how easy is to access. Much more energy efficient and use of space compared to our old side by side unit .

 Good features

I'm replacing a refrigerator. This Whirlpool has the features that I want. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Made in USA!

It sure is a great looking french door. Love the silver toned control panel above the dispenser. However the combo ice / water dispenser is a bit buggy. The ice continues to fall after the paddle is released. It frequently makes a mess on the floor. I was worried that it would run out of ice considering how small the storage bin in the door is but so far so good. (The previous model that had the ice maker inside of the fridge area was crummy it took up too much valuable fridge real estate.) We will find out next summer if it can keep up. Visalia gets pretty hot and we expect to be using lots of ice in and around the pool. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Excellent One

It has more space and ice maker also on the side. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Great Product

Lots of room! Much better then a side by side. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 modern kitchen

What a great addition to my home. I love it [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Great look!!

I bought this a month ago. Love it!!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Love it!

I bought it a month ago and love it! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Excellent features and appearance!

Extremely happy with our purchase! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Wonderful product

Love it [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Great fridge

This brand was highly recommended by a repairman friend. He said to avoid the foreign brands as they've had lots of recalls & problems. We purchased this on sale and it has everything we wanted. It runs a little loud but not really that noticeable, more like a hum. Within a couple of hours after plugging it in the inside temp is exactly what we set it to. I love the space and the pizza section in the freezer is a nice bonus. Water & ice on the door was a must. It does have a 1 yr warranty and the stainless monochromatic smudgeproof finish is nice. I've never owned a new fridge so this is a huge upgrade and I'm very happy with it. Well worth the price.

 Looks as good as it works

I really like to keep my fridge clean and organized. This fridge makes it easy. I love how bright it is and although our city water is extremely hard the filtration system does a great job at making the water taste much better. I got a great price on this fridge deffentely worth the wait of 10 years that our previous one had on it. I was Abe to get a city rebate. That was nice. The freezer has so much space and I like that the fridge has a shelf that retracts to place tall things. My only wish is that the ice machine made less noise and that the tempter of the water were colder or could be controlled [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Bought this on a great sale! So, glad I did. My old fridge was getting temperamental regarding ...

Bought this on a great sale! So, glad I did. My old fridge was getting temperamental regarding Ice production and a few other issues. I concur that this fridge has a slightly louder hum than my old one. I have not had it a full 24 hours yet so I am hoping it quiets down once the ice bucket is full. I got this one instead of the 4 door french door because it has the long meat/veggie draw inside of the fridge. I will have to get used to opening both doors every time I want to access that drawer. I am not sure how I was thinking that would work any differently? I absolutely LOVE the third thin storage bin. Perfect for juice pouches, applesauce cups, fruit cups, and typical snacks for a 9year old. The fridge did cool very quickly! The manual states to wait 24 hours but I only waited about 4 hours. It was probably cool enough sooner, I just did not check sooner. It does hold so much more than a side by side and it almost seems as if there are too many shelves which is a feeling I am sure to overcome very soon. Soooo much more room in the freezer than my old side by side. The sliding tray almost guarantees that items will not get buried, freezer burned, and wasted. I do see that "dent" in the upper right corner. It is a slight concave wave in the material and not an actual dent. It is so subtle I spent a couple of minutes deciding if it was me or the lighting or if it was actually there. That "retractable" shelf is amazing. I did not have to move all of the shelves around right away to be able to fit the juice in there. The shuffling and re-positioning will begin when I return from the grocery store. ­čśë

 Nice big fridge for a modern home

I really wanted a refrigerator with lots of space, and I definitely can't complain. The fridge itself seemed quite big from the outside in my opinion. The internal refrigerator section is bigger than it looks. I fill my freezer all the way up, and I haven't had a problem with space yet, though I have gotten close. The freezer even had a secondary level you can pull out. There are also lots of compartments and levels, which can be great, but can also get in the way if you want to store larger items. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Love the design and functionality of this product. Water and Ice dispenser is particularly well d...

Love the design and functionality of this product. Water and Ice dispenser is particularly well designed and doesn't cause constant drips down the front like older models did. I have only had it a month but have not found any cold spots where produce or eggs practically freeze. The freezer holds much more than a side by side unit and provides easy access to everything in it. Only negative is that the ice maker makes a knocking noise when it is making ice - it isn't obtrusive but noticeable. I would definitely recommend this product!

 Solid fridge; Terrible icemaker.

Knock on wood, this fridge has been good. Much needed upgrade from previous fridge, which was falling apart. Going in, I read other's reviews about the icemaker dispenser, but still went ahead with the purchase. I had hoped it wouldn't be a problem, but it is. You have to be some kind of magician/ninja to get all the ice in your glass and not let it spill on the floor, where I just kick it under. Sometimes I don't want the hassle and open the fridge and get the ice from the container. The fridge also makes some weird noises, but I have gotten used to them. Not all the time though. No major complaints though. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Very Functional Refig.

I like this model and had a Kitchenaid similar style that died after only 8 yrs and multiple repairs so I pray this one is more dependable. The finish does not show fingerprints nearly as much and the inside design in very functional. So far we really like the ice maker on the door, however it is very loud when is dispenses ice and on Christmas day we had no ice but after 2 days it appears to be making it again and the bin is full. The door seems to shut itself easier which is really nice. After a month, we like the model a lot. I read lots of reviews before buying so hope this is helpful. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Sleek and Smart

We've had this unit for three weeks and love it. We are very picky people and have only a few small issues. As reported in other reviews, the ice and water dispenser could use some fine tuning. Ice and water will continue for a split second after you remove a cup, creating spilled water. It take a little getti9ng use to. The inside lighting is great. It would be nice to have a little more room in the door for larger items. For one of the refrigerator drawers you need to open both doors in order to pull it out, not a big deal but still an issue. Overall great, just a few changes in how to use. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Whirlpool 36-inch Wide French Door Refrigerator

Overall the refrigerator is good, but there are a couple of features we are not overly happy with... mainly the ice/water dispenser. It's quite hard to dispense ice without it going all over the floor. Would have preferred to have the ice/water selection just be a toggle. Rather it's "push the button" two times to get from ice to water. Also, the refrigerator is a little noisy as compared to our former unit... just takes some getting used to I guess. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Always Something

Got the fridge 1/17/17. Make sure to here a click when you install the filter other wise you will flood the upper part of the unit. This was my fault. Now to the water dispencer. Flushed the unit like directions said with 3 to 4 gallons to clean the system. Now every time we get water to drink 2 minutes later the dispencer continues to slowley drip. Now a service call 1 week later and another day of loss work. 1st trip will be to diagnose. 2Nd trip will be the repair. Why oh why cant a new product have any issues. Welcome to having a brand new fridge. Other than this issue the fridge is very roomy.

 Great Refridgerator

We took the other Whirlpool fridge that we purchased similar to this because we realized we needed the icemaker in the door. This fridge is much roomier than its cousin. I love how it lights up when you open the doors. It has a warning bell if you leave the door open. I am in love with the freezer on the bottom concept. Overall it's a very nice model. It does make a few noises when it's filling up with water or dumping ice. It sounds like a little robot inside. I'm happy with it. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 fold back shelf a plus

I bought a house that was renovated and was pleased to see the builder spent a little more money on this model because of the ice maker, but even more pleased when I discovered that the shelf on the top left will slide back on itself to make way for very tall and large items. I can place my lettuce spinner on the shelf below and always have fresh clean lettuce at hand, or the extra tall bottles that won't fit inside the doors because of the corks. The ice maker bin conveniently pulls out of the inside of the freezer door allowing you to dump ice into a separate space located in the freezer drawer for when you need extra ice for parties. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Refrigerator Great, Icemaker Not So

Beautiful interior lighting with very useful adjustable shelves for different sized and height storage. We had a similar model that was eleven years old that died but it had an inside water supply. That made getting chilled water difficult and you heated the interior with the door open. This new one has the water in the door so the door stays closed and the water feature changes to dropping solid or crushed ice with the touch of the pad. The problem is capturing the ice in your glass as it tends to burst out in a shotgun fire manner. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Still getting used of it.

Things I like, The doors open and close correctly and Easley. There is plenty of drawers to separate vegetables. It has nice door shelves. It has a lot of space and it. Things I don't like, the compressor makes a high-pitched whine. The water and ice dispenser needs to be re-engineered, the hose the water comes out of is too short and you have to bend over to fill a water bottle. If you were able to see the hose standing up it would make it much easier. Dispensing ice or water you have to push the pedal back far to engage it and when you let up on it you tend to get water and ice still running out. It makes a rattling noise on the bottom left-hand side at times. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 So far it is a great fridge. Sometimes the fridge does make a whirring noise.... but it's really ...

So far it is a great fridge. Sometimes the fridge does make a whirring noise.... but it's really not that loud. It's just doing refridgerator things. That's what they do. We've had ours for a few months now with no issues. Ice machine takes a couple days to fill up, but it is what it is. It also hesitates a bit when you push your glass against the lever to get ice, but you'll get used to it. Overall its a good fridge for the price. Looks great (except, there is no stainless on the sides/back. It is painted grey), works as it should, and has really awesome lighting on the inside. Love it.

 Great fridge, some caveats

Pro's: The fridge looks really nice and sleek. Ice maker is consistent in dispensing ice and doesn't dump it all over my floor. Water dispenser is good and keeps it nice and filtered. I love the amount of space in both fridge adn freezer. The bottom freezer door has a convenient draw out shelves that can be utilized along side the main compartment. Cons: The right door doesn't give a satisfying closing feeling to ensure it is fully closed. It feels like a loose seal that always has me second guessing if I closed it properly. The fridge also doesn't let you dispense water or ice when one door is open, which can be annoying at times. Also the doors aren't self closing, so if you accidentally leave it open there is no mechanism for it to gravitate back towards a closed position (think like your front door). Also can be noisy at times, ice dispenser dispensing ice at 3am while binge watching Forensic Files isn't appreciated. Overall a great fridge, but definitely needs fine tuning to be an amazing fridge. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 great fridge, on down side..

I've had this fridge for about a month know. It very spacious, well lit, adjustable shelving. I feel it has plenty of door/ shelving and having the ice dispencer on the door gives you more shelf space.. the only down side that i found with the fridge is that the when you use the ice make it make a mess. I've used glass with a wider opening and noticed that if tou have used the crushed ice, small fragments land outside the glass, even when you have the glass up high. When you get regular ice size, ive seen small pieces still come out and land outside your glass

 Great, almost

I love everything about this except that we've been unable to get the ice maker/water in door to work. The filter water was my top reason for the purchase. It appears to be a problem with the filter itself. This is my third week with the new fridge. Service folks are coming Wednesday. My fingers are crossed that it will be resolved. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Great refrigerator

I bought this refrigerator a month ago and happy I did, we were looking at a smaller one but this Whirlpool refrigerator has great extras like the water dispenser and ice dispenser. Love the indoor pizza holder in the freezer, the different drawers in the freezer and refrigerator are great, just love the layout and the functions with the ice maker on the door, with a buzzer if you keep the refrigerator open too long. I would definitely recommend this one to all my friends and family. Love the size, its wonderful [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Bought new whirlpool after my past two lasted over 20 years

Love new refrigerators but after 1 week have had problems with ice despenser not functioning properly and water from dispenser is not very cold. I do plan to call whirlpool about such. The design with the ice dispenser in door is great and truly gives you much more space inside. My refrigerator looks empty compared to my old side by side. The space is amazing. Would recommend giving another small indoor shelf.there is some wasted space since the lowest indoor shelf must be at least above 8 inches above bottom of door, so door will close. The problem being that a lower shelf hits the veetable bin. The freezer bins seem much larger than other brands. Great refrigerators/freezer [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Nice Refrigerator!

This refrigerator is awesome! It is spacious and well laid out. My only complaints are about the water dispenser dripping/continuing to run a little after you release the paddle and the ice compartment doesn't hold enough ice. We had some people over and it ran out of ice. So, although the ice maker is in the door, which is nice, it has limited capacity. Fortunately, we shouldn't run into that issue too often and will need to make ice ahead and store when we know we are having a larger group over. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 So far, so... Okay

We bought our new refrigerator on Black Friday and it was delivered on the following Sunday. It has performed well so far. I have two criticisms which compelled me to drop my rating by one star: 1. The ice cube dispenser takes several seconds to start dispensing cubes, then when it does, it is louder than I expected and spits small ice and water crystals everywhere. 2. The long drawer at the bottom of the refrigerator compartment (we use it for meats, cheese, tortillas, etc) doesn't have wheels, so doesn't close smoothly. For what you pay, this mechanism should operate more efficiently, in my opinion. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Great Refrigerator - Horrible User Guide

The fridge is nice and big with plenty of storage. However, the user manual leaves a lot to be desired. The control panel shown in the user manual does not match the panel on the fridge. Thinking it may be a packing mistake, I went on line and downloaded the manual for my specific model. It was the same manual. I called customer service and was told it was a generic manual. If it was generic, it should have all possible control panel configurations. Additionally, I had to figure out that I needed to remove a piece of tape to get the ice maker working. the user manual was silent on this. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


Had this for about a month, works like it should, HATE the ice dispenser, can never get ice in glass without it going everywhere, or over filling glass. worst design ever. Has lots of room in refrigerator and freezer. keeps temp good. a little on the noisy side, makes high pitch sound every now and then, haven't been able to pin it down. Would not recommend this just due to the ice maker. would be nice if Whirlpool would come up with a retro fit kit. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


Purchased 6/2016, delivery late July 2016 (new home construction). My icemaker has made 1 full batch of ice and THAT IS ALL!!! My ONLY complaint with this refrigerator, ONLY! Very spacious freezer and interior refrigerator compartment, but this icemaker unit is poorly designed. Today makes the 6th service visit, 2 different repair companies, both commissioned by Whirlpool. After each visit, I get 4-5 cubes, and that's all. I have had these items replaced so far: water inlet valve 2x, heat strip between the French doors, ice maker.

 Looks great, big on the inside. The compressor is really noisy and vibrates intermittently. It ca...

Looks great, big on the inside. The compressor is really noisy and vibrates intermittently. It came with a dent on it too. I have had it less than a week. Service guy came and said the compressor was normal.

 Disapponted due to condensation on freezer drawer ga

I really like the look and space; however, since we started using in December 2016, condensation collects on the freezer drawer gasket. Whirlpool and the service techs have worked on this brand new refrigerator for the 7th time and it is still not repaired. I feel they have replaced so many parts and removed things so often it is no longer a new refrigerator. I have had to leave work and use vacation time 7 different times and the problem is still not fixed. I have been more than patient. It is time for Whirlpool to replace my refrigerator with a new one that hasn't been worked on 7 times already.

 Problems with Refrigerator and Dishwasher

We have only been in our newly built home since 10/19/16. Our builder picked out the appliances and they are all Whirlpool except our old washer and dryer. Was happy to get new appliances but now I don't know. Repairman coming in 2 days to check out the dishwasher which took 2 hrs to clean the Thanksgiving dishes and the handle on the frig freezer door has a loose handle, the exterior filtered ice & water dispenser with a black interior area where you put the glass to get water & ice--drips down the front of the stainless steel door leaving spots & water marks along with the area for the glass leaves white stains. Very disapointing. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Issues with water and ice dispenser

Purchased this fridge in November 2016 and immediately have had ongoing issues with the ice dispenser spraying ice all over once the lever has been released. Water is not as bad, but try refilling a plastic water bottle with the water - better have a towel handy. Also the unit should have some kind of catch tray/basin below the dispenser to catch excess water/ice. Overall the other features on the fridge are well designed and efficient. Very quite as well. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Short of Expectations

There was a leaky water fitting in the 'roof' of the fridge when I got it, so it leaked water all on my wood floors. The refrigerator side won't get colder than 36 degrees. The technician that came out to repair the leaky fitting said that the thermistor was working correctly, even though I had the setting at 33 degrees (which is as cold as it will let you go for some reason). He said it was not possible to recalibrate or put in a 'fudge factor' to help bring the temperature down. The compressor runs almost all the time and is louder than my previous fridge which was 20 years old. There is insulation and glue exposed and showing on all the door seams and corners. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 We purchase a set of Whirlpool appliances in December (4 weeks ago) and having major issues with ...

We purchase a set of Whirlpool appliances in December (4 weeks ago) and having major issues with the refrigerators ice maker. Having moved up to a better model we expected no issues. The ice maker constantly spews ice out of the ice maker all over the floor. Contacted customer service 3 times in January and had one service call that the technician said there was no issue and it was normal. As a matter of fact I spoke with a customer service supervisor that was abrasive and argumentative and wouldn't let you get a word in edgewise. Just got off the phone with Whirlpool Corporate Escalations and they said its a problem but there is no fix. After this experience I don't under any circumstances recommend this product. I did read the same complaints as ours on Home Depots major competitors website about the uncontrollable ice maker issues on this model refrigerator. Contemplating returning the product to Home Depot Don't buy!!!!!!!

 The fridge itself is decent, but I HIGHLY suggest you look in the upper left corner on the front ...

The fridge itself is decent, but I HIGHLY suggest you look in the upper left corner on the front of the fridge before you accept it, because chances are there's a fat softball size dent. It's not noticeable up close, but once you get a few feet back it's an eye sore. I have tried 6 fridges, whirlpool customer service has been terrible and doesn't care I've taken off work and unpacked and packed my fridge this many times for them to deliver a fridge without the dent. Home Depot is involved now and trying to help make it right. If Home Depot wasn't involved I'm confident whirlpool would tell me to kick rocks. Very disappointing and frustrating. They can't seem to make a fridge without the dent. I started taking pictures 2 fridges ago, I have one of the original one in my house that is loaned until they get it right, and two different ones that got delivered. I even tried purchasing a different model that was similar but two cubic feet larger and it has the dent. I have also been so frustrated I was going to just keep a dented one, but no discount was offered and I did not pay this much for a dented fridge. I would switch brands in a heart beat from abysmal customer service and poor quality control, but I already bought several grand worth of whirlpool products (silly me) for my new home (whirlpool could care less) and do not want to have assorted brands. I won't be buying whirlpool again.

 Noisy. We regret buying it.

The refrigerator arrived with the door fronts damaged. There were tape or strap marks across both doors so we are waiting for new doors. We had a service call the very first day because the refrigerator is so noisy and we do not even have the water connected. The service person told us that they are making them cheaper with smaller compressors so that is why they are noisy. The installer also damaged our kitchen floor so we are waiting for a contractor to look at the floor and see if it can be fixed or it will have to be replaced. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Avoid this model

I have had this refrigerator for about 18 months. It looks nice and has plenty of features and room. However, the obnoxious sounds it makes get worse with age. We are at the point of dumping it for some other brand. Whirlpool will try to tell you these sounds are normal and to suck it up. Check the internet. There are many complaints about this model's annoying sounds. Constant knocking sounds when compressor is running. Recently, it started making loud popping sounds when compressor is not running. The engineers who designed this piece of junk, and the management who approved it, should resign in disgrace or be fired. At the very least, avoid this model. I intend to avoid everything Whirlpool.

 Loud ringing noise

Makes a very loud ringing noise when the compressor is running, I will have whirlpool send someone out to look, but this seems from my research to be something whirlpool states as normal. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Ice Shute in door is the worst, I'm so upset about ice on fl

Ice Shute throws ice on floor, Whirlpool tech says there's no repair at this time. He said I have to live with this problem. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

 Buyers beware of any whirlpool refrigerators that use dual cooling technology. We just had our on...

Buyers beware of any whirlpool refrigerators that use dual cooling technology. We just had our one month old refrigerator break down after turning in our other 5 month old new refrigerator for the same exact issues. First the ice dispensers stop working, then the refrigerator portion stops cooling, then the squealing and humming noise starts. So then all our food goes bad OMG so sick of Whirlpool and their excuses why we have to be their trial customers because their engineers cant design a product that cant run consistently for more then 6 weeks without breaking down. OMG theres so much more to the story, We have a refrigerator in our garage from the 1950's that still runs today.

 Hmmm take out extra insurance.

I am so happy for those that didn't have an issue. BUT like the reviews on here which my husband didn't really read went ahead and purchased it anyway. Sorry, i always have good luck with buying things but this is the worse purchase that i have made. You really really need to take out an extended warranty (preferably 3 year one) because customer service and tech's think that they know everything and don't believe you. Bought this one on 3/29/2016 and had issues starting on the first day and it is 9/8/16. No ice! I have called and called and so has our local tech and he is giving up. Know i have to call them tomorrow and have them replace the refrigerator. This should be fun. The motor does make some noise, but only when it is trying to make the ice. The finger prints that was mentioned is a problem, one has to buy stainless steel cleaner. So first time the reviews are right. I don't like to complain, I am just being honest. They need to pull it off the market. I wish all good luck to anyone that purchases this refrigerator. It's not Home Depot's fault at all, it is Whirlpool.