Old Republic Home Warranty Reviews (2018)

Old Republic Home Warranty

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What do customers say about Old Republic Home Warranty?

The facts come out in our 2018 analysis of customer reviews and sentiment. Unfortunately, there are mixed reviews from customers when it comes to Old Republic. While there are some that have had good experiences making claims, there are many negative reports about service quality and technical support.

Home Warranty Scores

Overall Score: 6.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 6.8/10

Prompt Service: 6.5/10

Repair / Replace Quality: 6.5/10

Premium: $255-$500

Deductible: $55-$100

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Company Details

Old Republic Home Warranty is part of the larger Old Republic Insurance Corporation, that is based in Chicago Illinois. This company has been focused on providing insurance to its clients since 1923. In terms of the home warranty side of the business, Old Republic is more of an 'old-school' player, taking a while to adjust to the 21st century tech advances. They are currently updating their web experience to make it more user-friendly. In the meantime, customers can still request service through their online form or designated phone number.

Old Republic
HeadquartersSan Ramon, CA
# of States ServedAll States
BBB RatingA+
Employees~8,500 Total Across Orgs

Product Details

Old Republic has a variety of home warranty products that are ideal for those that want to build a lot of customization into their home warranty. For home owners, they have three different plans and then optional additional options as well. Here is what's included:

PlanCoverage Items
StandardDepending on location:
  • heating system
  • ductwork
  • central vacuum
  • plumbing
  • electrical
  • garage door opener
  • diswasher
  • trash compactor
  • kitchen exhaust
  • oven/range/cooktop
  • built-in microwave ($ limits for coverage)
UltimateDepending on location:
  • all from basic
  • A/C
  • additional coverage items for plumbing
  • heating
  • water heater
  • dishwasher
  • oven/range/cooktop/microwave
  • trash compactor
  • smoke detector
  • garage opener + haul away coverage
  • code violations
  • permits
  • correcting improper installation/repair ($ limits for coverage)
PlatinumDepending on location:
  • includes ultimate package (above)
  • extra plumbing (+stoppage coverage)
  • extra coverage on ductwork/plumbing/electrical modifications
  • increase in coverage limit

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  • Does not cover damage due to accidents, water damage, power surge, and structural damage/defects.
  • Does not cover damage due to lightning, mud, earthquake, fire, flood, freezing, ice, snow, soil movement, wind, storms, or acts of nature.

Ease of Making Claims

Although you can make claims online there are a few things to note: the site may be difficult for some to navigate and some have reported having to use the phone instead.


  • Online request available
  • Most don't describe issues with phone reception


  • Some do have long hold times
  • Sometimes technicans are not available in certain areas
  • Sometimes multiple technicians are sent for one problem

Repairs & Replacements

Most of the complaints about Old Republic come from issues with coverage, repairs and replacements. There are some complaints of people having to pay the deductible despite the repair being found outside of coverage by the service provider. Additionally, others have had issues with the quality of replacement parts and materials. This has exacerbated issues for some.

Realtor Tools & Plans

Realtors are provided with brochures and paper-form applications and can order a home warranty online for clients. There are not many additional tools available to realtors that want to use Old Republic and some have had issues with usability/user-friendliness. In addition to the plans above that have different fee structures for home buyers and sellers, there are option features available to home buyers:

PlanCoverage Items
Optional Home Buyer Coverage
  • A/C or cooler
  • swimming pool/spa/salt water circuit board and cell
  • solar pool and/or spa components
  • solar hot water system
  • limited roof leak repair
  • washer/dryer
  • kitchen refrigerator + other refigerators
  • ornamental fountain motor/pump
  • water softener/reverse osmosis filtration
  • well pump
  • booster pump
  • enhanced slab leak/external leak coverage
  • septic pumping/including sewage ejector pump

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Old Republic vs. Other Top Home Warranties

Old Republic vs. American Home Shield (AHS)

Old Republic and AMS are quite different in how they cover folks. AHS has greater customer satisfaction and feelings from customers that they are treated fairly for the options they are provided. Additionally, they offer more options for customization than Old Republic and less complaints about deductibles not covering actual repairs. Though prices are about the same, AHS looks to be the better option for most folks.

Old Republic vs. First American Home Warranty

First American has a better online web experience and usability versus Old Republic. Overall, the scores for repair and service are more desirable with First American than Old Republic. Even though the deductible on the lower-priced plans are better with Old Republic, consumer coverage complaints are much less likely with First American.

Old Republic vs. Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty also gets higher scores than Old Republic from customers. Even though Choice's entry premiums are higher than Old Republic, customers have less complaints about coverage and user-experience.

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I ordered

I ordered the Platinum plan in May of this year. The plan was $975.00 which includes pool repair. I made a service request on August 8th. A service tech didn't arrive at my house until August 12th. When he did arrive, he discovered that I need a new pool pump. He then said that it would take 14 days because the warranty company will only allow them to order through their vendors. I informed him that the delay would cause my pool to turn green from the excessive heat, and in 2 weeks, I would have to pay someone to empty my pool, refill and sanitize which would cost me approximately $500.00 in expenses. I then called a local pool supply company and they informed me that they had several pumps in stock. When I shared that information with the service tech, he apologized and said he wasn't allowed to use any other vendor, even with the extenuating circumstances. I then called Old Republic and asked them if my pool person could replace the part. They authorized $325.00 to my pool person, and Old Republic authorized $600.00 to their service tech. BEWARE. This fiasco hasn't only caused me stress, over 8 hours of phone time, hours of waiting on hold with Old Republic (when you call, the average wait time to speak with someone in the service department is 35 minutes to an hour), but is also going to cost me money to have the pool drained, cleaned and sanitized!

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