MVWX655DW Review

If you are looking to purchase a new washing machine, you are probably wondering where to begin. With so many different styles and brands to choose from, it can be confusing and overwhelming to know which machine may be the best option for you. 

In this article, we have focused specifically on one washing machine. the Maytag MVWX655DW. We will be discussing its specifications, some background information on the company, a list of its pros and cons, and whether or not we recommend purchasing it. We have done all of the work and research so you do not have to!

Maytag Background

Maytag is a company based in America that creates and supplies washing machines.

It was originally founded by Frederick Maytag in 1983. In the 1950s as washing machines gained in popularity, Maytag began to become well known and supplied machines for commercial use. In 2005, Maytag was purchased by Whirlpool and has integrated into this company since then.

MVWX655DW Review

We have split this review into handy sections explaining all of the specifications of this model to make it easier for you to find all of the information you need.

Wash Cycles

This washing machine contains eleven washing cycles in total, nine of which are similar in length and purpose as many other washing machines.

In addition to the nine washing cycles that are available on this model, the MVWX655DW has two additional wash cycles that are particularly useful, the PowerWash and the Deep Water Wash. 

The PowerWash provides excellent cleaning and has an additional cleaning action and heated water to get into even the most stubborn of stains. This PowerWash cycle is difficult to beat and provides great results for your clothes.

The Deep Water Wash cycle increases the amount of water in the washing machine to a depth of water that is deeper than average. This added water allows the clothes to soak for longer to encourage difficult stains to be lifted, especially if they are deeply soiled. The saturation of the clothes will help to lift even the toughest of stains.

It is worth mentioning that some purchasers have noticed that sometimes the clothes they have washed have not all been completely saturated and have experienced some dry patches on the clothes.

In terms of cycle lengths, they are varied with each setting. On average, the majority of the cycles last for around fifty minutes, although you do have the option to choose a longer or shorter wash cycle. 

With the MVWX655DW, you cannot see the length of time for the cycle you have chosen like you can on many other washing machines. For many people, this is an important feature as it will allow you to manage your time accordingly. However, if this is not something that bothers you, this machine is great.
MVWX655DW Review

Temperature Settings In terms of temperature settings on the MVWX655DW, there are four options to choose from - “Cold, Cool, Hot, Tap Cold, Warm”. 

What is great about these choices is that if you want to be more environmentally conscious, you can choose the cold or cool temperatures to help with your energy consumption. If you have delicate clothes or items you need to wash at a higher temperature, this option is available to you too.

This washing machine in particular does not have a steam cleaning option to help lift and remove stains. However, the warmer cycles and PowerWash will help this.

The temperature of the washing machine will also self regulate to an extent and will alter the temperature of the water to ensure it is at the correct temperature for the setting you have chosen.

Soil Settings

With many washing machines, you cannot choose a setting specifically to suit how soiled the clothes you are washing are. However, with the MVWX655DW, there are four different soil settings to choose from.

These are - “extra heavy, heavy, light, and medium”.This is particularly great if you have children as you may have more soiled items to wash. These settings give you the flexibility to tailor your wash cycle to best suit the clothes you are washing. If your job involves washing soiled clothes regularly, this washing machine would be a great option for you.  

Detergent DispenserThe MVWX655DW has one main detergent dispenser that is on metal tracks. As this washing machine is particularly efficient, you do not need a lot of washing detergent. One thing to note is that a few customers have experienced detergent being leftover on their clothes after their cycle has finished. This can occur when too much detergent is used.

The great thing about this machine is that you do not need to use an excessive amount of washing detergent, so if used correctly, this machine is cost-efficient in the long run and should not leave detergent on your clothes.


The MVWX655DW comes with a ten-year warranty on its motor and stainless steel wash basket, which, for a washing machine is fantastic.

This warranty will give you peace of mind that if anything should go wrong, you can look into having the problem resolved.

Power Impeller

The power impeller is a fantastic piece of technology. It helps to keep the clothes wet throughout the wash and helps to ensure that the washing detergent is spread equally throughout the load of clothes. It has a “triple action spray”, enabling the machine to be as effective as possible.

However, some people have noted that their clothes have not been as saturated as they would have preferred and some stains have not been lifted with this technology. 


The MVWX655DW has a particularly great capacity in the drum, so if you are purchasing this and you have a large family, it is a great option for you.

The bigger washing drum allows you to wash more clothes at a time and saves you time and money as you will not need to do as many cycles. The actual capacity is 4-3/10, and It has a height and width of 27 inches. The drum is made out of durable stainless steel. 

StyleThe MVWX655DW as a whole may not be the highest-tech or fantastic looking washing machine with wifi and smart options, but it is powerful and cleans clothes well. The door is at the top of the washing machine instead of on the front. Although this is a top-loading washing machine and does not have the same display options as some other washing machines do, it is sleek in its design, and being white, will fit most decor.

Pros And ConsIf you do not have time to read our full review, or would like to compare the pros and cons of the MVWX655DW, we have provided a useful table of these below for you.


  • 11 wash cycle settings
  • Range of temperature settings
  • PowerWash cycle
  • Deep Water Wash cycle
  • Ten-year motor and wash basket warranty
  • Large washing machine drum
  • Power impeller 


  • Soap potentially leftover after the cycle has finished
  • Potentially does not fully submerge clothes in water
  • Not all stains are lifted from the clothes
  • No time display screen

Final Thoughts 

Overall, if you are looking to purchase a simple washing machine that will clean clothes well and does not have all of the high tech options that many other washing machines have, the MVWX655DW is the perfect option for you.

Although it does not have a screen to notify you of how long the cycle has left, it will still beep when the cycle has finished.It has a particularly big washing drum which means that you can wash more things at once, saving you time and money. There are many cycle options to choose from and you are not limited in options.

There are different soiling and temperature options to choose from, allowing you to utilize the machine fully according to your different needs.With the MVWX655DW, you will not need to use a lot of washing detergent, which is cost-effective, and the PowerWash and Deep Water Wash cycles clean and lift any particularly difficult to remove stains well. This is a top-loaded washing machine with a simple white design, that will fit in with most types of decor.  

It is worth noting that some people have experienced with bigger loads of washing that not all of their washing was completely submerged in water. This may be as a result of what was being washed, rather than the washing machine itself.

This is a useful and functional washing machine that is simple in design, easy to use, and is great at cleaning clothes. It is versatile and includes everything that you would expect and want from a washing machine. It also comes with a ten-year warranty on the steel basket and motor which will give you peace of mind when purchasing.