Maytag Washer Reviews

Cleaning clothes is no longer the chore it once was due to recent strides in modern washing technology, and while it might not be the most exciting thing on your shopping list, it’s still an appliance you’ll want to invest in. 

Unless you come to the search armed with spreadsheets and energy ratings, trying to choose the right washer for you can seem like an impossible task.

For that reason, we’ve put together a buyer’s guide that will answer some of the most frequently asked questions people want to know when purchasing a new washer. 

We’ve chosen 5 Maytag washers to review and compare, as we believe this is a leading brand in the appliance industry. Read on to find out why! Alternatively, scroll down to read more about our top pick for the best Maytag washers.

The Brand

Now a household name in the washing appliances industry, Maytag was originally started in around 1907 by F.L. Maytag.

Their washers have come a long way since the wooden tub washing machines used at the time, and Maytag now innovates in high-efficiency impeller washer technology as well as more traditional methods, such as agitator top-load washers. 

Owned under the Whirlpool Corporation umbrella, Maytag has come to be known as a durable, reliable brand with affordable prices, and their washers range in price from $400 to the thousands meaning there’s an option for every budget. 

Committed to creating washers that are functional and long-lasting, every Maytag washer is now guaranteed by a 10-year limited parts warranty. All of the parts used in their washers are “designed, engineered, and assembled in the U.S.A” meaning they are a truly American brand. 

Top 5 Maytag Washer Reviews



They Maytag MHW8630HC is hailed as the most powerful cleaning appliance in the industry, thanks to its multiple washing options, including a Heavy Duty cycle. 

Also, the Extra Power button enhances this machine’s already impressive performance. 

It has a dual-temperature wash, as well as multiple options to help you get your laundry done in no time such as the Quick Wash cycle. The AFFRESH cycle should run after every 30 washes with either an AFFRESH washer cleaner tablet or liquid chlorine bleach to sanitize the inside of your washer so it’s as clean as your clothes will be!

Save freshly cleaned laundry from wrinkling with the Fresh Spin cycle’s continuous tumbling option for up to 12 hours after your wash cycle ends. There is also a Fresh Hold and Overnight Wash and Dry, and all these features (and more) come without maxing out a higher budget making this our top pick for the best Maytag washer. 


  • 4.5 cu. ft. capacity

  • Quiet even on spin wash

  • Commercial-grade parts with a 10- year limited parts warranty

  • Steam function

  • Heavy Duty Cycle with Extra Power 

  • Quick Wash Cycle for ultimate convenience


  • Water can sometimes leak from the dispenser drawer

  • Front-load washer 



The Maytag MVWC565FW is an affordable choice for anyone looking to spend a bit less on their washer, with a 4.2 cu. ft. capacity and Auto-Sensing technology for substantial loads or stains that need tougher cleaning. There is also a gentle/handwash cycle for more delicate fabrics.

The control panel has five knobs, one to let you select your cycle option and four which allow you to tailor the specific wash instructions to your needs by altering the soil level, wash temperature, number of rinses, and the amount of water used in each wash. 

The high-efficiency PowerWash settings make for brilliantly clean clothes but cycles will take a bit longer than other machines to achieve such impressive cleaning results. This machine also has Advanced Vibration Control Plus to stabilize loads regardless of their size.


  • 11 wash cycles

  • Cycle customization 

  • Easy to operate

  • Deep Rinse and Deep Water Wash cycles


  • Cycles take a long time to complete

  • Tough on laundry



The Maytag MCWB965HW might be on the more expensive side, but it comes packed full of features that help you tailor your wash cycle to each load’s specific needs.

With an impressive 6.0 cu. ft. capacity, you can get through even the biggest pile-ups of laundry when life gets busy. 

You can choose to increase the amount of water you use with the Deep Fill option, which works in conjunction with the PowerWash agitator to get the clothes moving around inside so tough particles and dirt come loose. 

It also features an automatic dispenser that will release detergent or fabric softener during the wash cycle for optimal cleaning and internal heating helps make the most of your detergent to remove stubborn stains.

There is a Deep Clean and Steam option which works harder to remove tough stains using a mixture of steam and heat, and allows clothes to have a longer soaking time. Made from stainless steel, the wash basket in this machine will withstand the largest of loads and is sure to last. 


  • 6.0 cu. ft. capacity for extra-large loads

  • Sanitize cycle with Oxi which removes 99% of bacteria

  • Powerwash agitator

  • LED interior basket lighting


  • Expensive option

  • The agitator can be tough on fabric



The Maytag MVWX655DW looks good in any kitchen as well as being practical.

It has an attractive design with a stainless steel drum that is resistant to odors, rusting, and chipping, and the polished surface also reduces the chances of your clothes catching on anything and ripping.

Controls are located on a rear panel to select any of the 11 cycles and customization settings, and this model features automatic water level sensors to help you use less energy as well as the highly effective PowerWash cycle. 

Its active power impeller ensures that clothes remain fully saturated and features a triple action spray that creates more movement for thorough cleaning. However, this machine can be noisy and some users have complained that it can be rough on more delicate fabrics. 


  • Power impeller 

  • 11 wash cycles including PowerWash

  • Polished design 

  • Automatic water level sensors


  • Noisy

  • Long cycle times



The Maytag MHW6630HW has a range of functions, and with its intuitive interface, it’s easy to use, too.

The Cycle Memory function allows you to store your favorite settings and remembers them so you can return to the same cycle multiple times. 

It has a quick wash cycle that will clean small loads in just 15 minutes by using extra high spin speeds, although this is less effective on larger loads. On longer cycles, internal heating enhances detergent to remove tougher stains by using a higher temperature. 

Another great feature is the Wrinkle Control cycle, using warm water and lower spin speeds to reduce wrinkling in your laundry. It also has a steam function for deep cleaning which works together with the PowerWash setting. 

These extra features do mean that this machine falls towards the higher end of the price range, however, and as a front-load washer, it requires some bending to load. 


  • ENERGY STAR rated

  • Stackable

  • Sanitize cycle removes 99.99% of bacteria 

  • Can pause cycle to add/remove items 


  • Expensive 

  • Front-load

Maytag Washer Reviews Buying Guide


It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the most important thing to think about when buying a new washer is how well it does the job of washing your clothes. 

When it comes to Maytag washers, they specialize in tough stain removal, removing everything from grass stains to red-wine. There’s no need to treat stains before putting them in the washer, as they have several settings specifically designed for that purpose. 

Customers love how easy Maytag washers are to operate as well as their ability to tackle large loads of laundry. The only downside to this brand is that their more affordable models lack some of the advanced technology found on their higher-end models, although they still have lots to offer at the lower end of their range.

Agitator vs. Impeller Water Technology

Maytag produces both agitator washers and impeller washers at an equally high quality, and each has its own advantages.

Agitator washers are more traditional and can take on tough loads with relative ease thanks to the agitator action, which creates friction to break down soils and gets rid of stains by rubbing against clothes, whereas impeller washers use less motion and water in their cycles. They offer a gentler wash by using low-profile cones, wheels, fins, or discs to create a gentle rubbing motion between clothes. 

There are two types of agitators, single-action, and dual-action. Typically single-action agitators will have bigger fins on the bottom of the machine and smaller paddles at the top,  which spin to create motion that pulls the laundry around the bin.

Dual-action agitators similarly have fins or paddles on the bottom to spin and create motion, but they differ by having a spiraled top that spins independently to pull clothes down toward the bottom of the washer. 

The main drawback to agitator washers is that they can be tough on clothes, due to the mechanical action they use to lift dirt and remove stubborn stains. Although impeller technology is supposedly more gentle on fabrics, larger items of clothing or blankets can still end up tangling in impeller washers.

Front-Load vs Top-Load Washers

Maytag has a dedicated range of top-load washers, appealing to many long-term fans of the brand, as well as more recently turning their focus to front-load washers.

There has been a lot of debate around whether or not front-load washers are better than top-load washers, and each comes with their advantages and disadvantages. 

As indicated in their names, the main difference is how you load your laundry, and whether you’d prefer to be able to easily transfer laundry from your washer to your dryer or avoid bending over will largely determine which type of loading door is best suited to you. 

Unlike top-load washers that can have agitators or high-efficiency water technology, front-load washers don’t have agitators, meaning they’re gentler on your laundry. Instead, vanes that encourage the movement and flow of laundry during a wash cycle can be found around the drum. Dirt and stains become loose and are lifted from the soiled laundry by the drum spinning both ways.

Front-load washers are designed to be more efficient and can remove tougher stains more effectively. They also use less water due to the drum rotation motion, which washes clothes in a shallow mixture of water and detergent rather than fully soaking clothes in the deeper drum pools that are found in top-load washers, saving you money on your water bill.

However, front-load washers tend to be more expensive, so it may take a while for the initial costs to be offset by any future savings. 

A standard cycle for a front-load washer can last between half an hour to an hour, although the size of the load, how soiled the laundry is, and the customizable settings will affect the length of the cycle.  

Cycle Options

Maytag washers offer some advanced features, but frustratingly most of these can only be found on their more expensive models. Cycles can be adjusted to suit specific laundry needs using the interface controls, or on some models, auto-sense technology does this for you. 

Auto-fill cycles will depend on whether or not your machine is front-load or top-load, as they use different amounts of water in their cleaning process.

Due to the fact they are less water-efficient than front-load models, many top-load washers now have sensors to detect the size of your laundry load so they can autofill the drum to the required level. This would be an unnecessary cycle option on a front-load washer but it’s a great option to consider if you prefer a top-load washer but want to use less water.

Contrastingly, you can also find Deep Fill cycles for more heavily soiled laundry, which will increase the level of water used during the cycle. 

It’s common to find a self-cleaning cycle on washers these days as their tightly closing doors can leave the inside drum prone to mold. Steam technology is another area Maytag excels in, despite being somewhat late to its popularity, and they claim to remove up to 95% of tested allergens. This is a feature only found on their higher-end models, however, and does not come as standard. 

Special Features

If you live a busy lifestyle and appreciate the ability to get household chores done quickly, a quick wash cycle option is a must-have feature on your washer, with cycles as short as 15 minutes for lightly soiled clothes. 

Delay-start allows you to sync your laundry with your schedule by setting the start time of the cycle, so it’s ready when you are. 

The automatic detergent dispenser is another time-saving function which means detergent can be stored away for a decluttered home, as it can store enough liquid for up to eight loads. 

These are a few of the handy features and cyle options offered by Maytag washers, and your lifestyle will indicate which functions will be most helpful to you. 


Measured in cubic feet (CU), washers in the Maytag range start at 4.2 CU which can hold between 12 to 16 pounds of laundry approximately.

Front-load washers tend to have a larger capacity without taking up extra external space due to their construction, and the lack of an agitator leaves more space inside the drum for laundry. 

That being said, some top-load washers offer extra-large capacity, so opting for top-load doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice on size, however, they will come at a higher price. 

Energy Rating 

All washers come with a rating between A-A+++ that signals how energy-efficient they are, which might not seem like a top priority when there are things such as size and features to consider, but could save you a lot of money down the line. 

Some of the higher-end Maytag washers have been awarded the coveted Energy Star rating which means all their products meet the energy efficiency criteria drawn up by the US Environmental Protection Agency or the US Department of Energy. 

Energy Star rated washers use approximately 25% less energy and 33% less water than other washers which can add up to a saving of about $370 on your energy bills. Not only this, by purchasing appliances with an Energy Star rating you’re doing your bit for the environment, as they release less harmful emissions during manufacturing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Whirlpool and Maytag the same company?

Maytag is now owned by Whirlpool, one of the most well-known and respected brands in the appliance repair industry. 

Are Maytag washers noisy?

The answer to this depends on the model, but as a general rule, the more powerful a cycle you’re using the louder your machine will be, especially during spin cycles. 

Can you use pods in Maytag washers? 

Yes, you can, but always place them in the drum of the washer and never in the detergent dispenser.

Pods are a great way of ensuring you don’t overdose your washer, but you can also use washing powder or liquid detergent.