LG WM3670HWA Washer Reviews

Samsung 4.5 Cu. Ft. High-efficiency Front Load Washer With Steam And Addwash Door In Black Stainless Steel, Energy Star - WF45K6500AV

The 4.5 cu. ft. front load high efficiency washer with steam by Samsung is energy star qualified and rated extremely well. Features include smart home ready and wifi-connected, self-clean cycle, 14 wash cycles, and it is very quiet. This washing machine has plenty of cutting edge features and has very high reviews. The odd negative review usually mentions durabiity issues.

Lg Electronics 4.5 Cu. Ft. High Efficiency Front Load Washer With Steam In White, Energy Star - WM3670HWA

The 4.5 cu. ft. high efficiency front load washer by LG is energy star qualified and offers steam wash, 12 wash programs, smart phone connected, and quiet cycle. Overall it is a solidly ranked washer with some interesting features. Some of the top complaints mention durability issues.

Detailed Scores

Overall Score:
Samsung WF45K6500AV: 9.5/10
LG WM3670HWA: 8.4/10

Customer Satisfaction:
Samsung WF45K6500AV: 9.7/10
LG WM3670HWA: 8.7/10

Price Value:
Samsung WF45K6500AV: 9.7/10
WM3670HWA: 8.4/10

Samsung WF45K6500AV Washer Customer Reviews

Love the HE front loading washer!

This is my second Samsung Front Loading Washer. I had to give up the first one when I moved. so there was no question in my mind, that I had to get its' replacement. Changes in the new model include active wear, towels and bedding. All are working great. I have heard concerns from others about front loading HEs in that the appliance does not use enough water. To me, these folks don't understand that the way the machine is designed, it has the right amount of water. My clothes are so much cleaner. it saves energy and water, both of which we need to be concerned about. I am very happy with it!

LG WM3670HWA Washer Customer Reviews

We bought this LG wm3670hva washer as a set in Nov. 2016. We moved from a HE top loader to this ...

We bought this LG wm3670hva washer as a set in Nov. 2016. We moved from a HE top loader to this front loader because we needed a larger capacity and we did not believe our old washer was cleaning well. (I liked our top loader at first, but it tangled clothes terrible, and would have to fill the whole basket with water to wash bulky items. we also believed the top loader was rougher on clothes. It shredded the stitching on good towels) We choose this LG washer because consumer reports listed LG washers as the most reliable and this one did very good in their tests. Here is my evaluation: Because of the way it cleans and operates overall I have it 5 star rating. But it's more like a 4.6 The washer cleans excellently. With an infant we are washing clothes that have been spit up on and this machine really cleans them well. I have been impressed with how much better our clothes smell and appear. The Steam and built in water heater for hot cycles seems to make a big difference for tough loads. I also like that it has a plus water option that puts extra water in the cycle if you want it. Lots of cycle options. This washer has lots of cycle options which at first can be overwhelming, but gives you a lot of control. I printed the cycle option guide from the manual and put it next to the washer. It looks great. It makes our laundry room stand out and the stainless steel front is actually stainless steel. I did have concerns after reading other reviews, as well as a few things that I thought could be better. First it was very hard to understand what distinguished the various models from each other. The lower # models came without steam and less cycle options. The higher model 3770 almost appeared the same but they have a speed wash system that is different then the 3670. I thought the 3670 was the right fit for our needs. Cycle Speed: Many do not like the long cycle speeds. This is a common complaint if HE washers. The cycles can vary from 60 minutes up to over 2.5 hours. Depending on the options chosen. If this is real concern the higher level 3770 has extra features to shorten wash times. Vibration: I had the most trouble getting the machine leveled (it took 3 attempts,and a new level). Once it was leveled properly it did much better, but our wood floor still allows vibration to be noticeable on heavy loads. Drain pump: The machine is virtually silent other than the drain pump. Which I believe is louder that it should be. LG should find a way to quiet the pump because if they did the machine would be whisper quiet. Mold concern: I found most negative reviews of the washer came from this concern. If you look at only verified buyer reviews it cuts out most of the negative reviews. I am going to guess their are some people (who rightfully so) are ticked about their older LGs mold problem. In researching I found that LG did change their designs years back to help this. The magnetic door latch, seal changes, and clean cycles. The most common cause is using too much soap. Bottom line is that mold has to grown on organic material, aka, soap scum build up. You only need to use 2 tablespoons of soap at max. Which saves you a lot on detergent and believe me is plenty to clean your clothes, sometimes even 2 tablespoons is to much with how little water this uses. I am willing to do the regular maintenance (wiping the seal dry after use, running afresh or bleach through the machine clean cycle at-least monthly) to try to prevent this problem, because I want the cleaning power of a front loader. To me the pros out way the cons on this issue. For others it may be best to get a top loader if you have strong concerns over this. A couple of other small things: It needs a drum light. The top scratches easily. No down-loadable programs for iphone users. It's android only. (From what I understand this is technically Apples fault)