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When building your dream kitchen, you don’t want to cut any corners when it comes to appliances. LG is a well-known brand that has been designing and creating technology to use throughout the entire house since 1958, so it stands to reason that their French Door Refrigerator is one of the most renowned refrigerators on the market right now.  

Below we’ll be looking at the 23.7 cu. Ft. refrigerator to let you know whether it’s worth all the hype that it receives. If you’re looking for your perfect counter depth model and are considering choosing one from LG, keep on reading. 


  • 15.8 cu. Ft. compartment for refrigeration and 7.9 cu. Ft. compartment for freezing
  • 3-door design with one 12.6-inch tall water and ice dispenser
  • Energy Star certified for high energy efficiency
  • Four shelves that hold spilled liquids to prevent it spreading for easy cleanup
  • The handle for the freezer simplifies opening the large compartment
  • Slim SpacePlus icebox allows more shelving space
  • 23.7 cu. ft. depth allows the refrigerator to fit perfectly in line with your counters so that it’s not sticking out for the perfect look
  • Two drawers in which the humidity can be controlled for fresher vegetables for longer
  • One glide-n-serve drawer that can be extended to another drawer for extra space
  • Comes with a filter for purified ice and water that’ll last up to six months
  • Seven gallon-sized bins in the doors for easy access to your most-used foods
  • Smart cooling plus, linear compressor, and dual evaporator technology to keep the conditions within your fridge optimized to keep your food fresh and longlasting.
  • A fresh air filter is included to remove smells for up to six months
  • Sophisticated exterior and interior design to fit any kitchen
  • Three sections in the freezer compartment for better organization
  • LED lighting in both fridge and freezer compartments for easy access
  • Touchscreen controls with LED display to change the temperatures, water and ice selection, child lock, as well as many more
  • You can adjust the power consumption with the wifi smart grid feature  



LG offers a number of warranties for the 23.7 cu. Ft. refrigerator. Firstly, there is a one-year parts and labor warranty, then another five-year guarantee on the sealed system, five years for the compressor, and finally a 10-year warranty for the linear compressor. 

A warranty is a good indication of what a manufacturer thinks about their product. If there is no warranty put in place to protect your purchase, you’re less likely to want to invest in the item, particularly if it’s expensive. 

On the other hand, an impressive warranty, like this one that LG is offering for their refrigerator, is much more intriguing and attractive. Particularly as there are multiple different warranties for the different components. 

Different Compartments

The 15.8 cu. Ft. refrigeration space features one of the tallest ice and water compartments on the market, so you can fill up almost any jug or bottle that you desire. There are three main shelves with plenty of storage bins for great organization. Both the doors open out and also hold smaller compartments for your most-used ingredients.  

The smaller, but still generously large compared to other refrigerators, 7.9 cu. Ft. freezer compartment houses three separate compartments. Two of these are drawers that slide out so you can keep everything in a designated spot to avoid losing your groceries in all this space. 

The Design

LG has designed the 27.3 cu. Ft refrigerator to be the same depth as a kitchen counter. This means that the front of the model will be perfectly in line with the front of your counters and cupboards, which is much more aesthetically pleasing than if it were to be thinner or thicker than your counters. 

There are also no hinges that can be seen and the doors are contoured to offer a sleek and stylish look to your kitchen. The handles are large enough to almost reach the entire length of the different doors, and they’re bowed out slightly as to not take up too much space into your room. 

Both the design in and outside of this refrigerator is clever and you can tell that everything has been placed in its position for a specific purpose. Nothing has been done without intensive research beforehand, which is a great feature for the french door refrigerator. 


There are two filters within this model that we wanted to talk about here, as the addition of them is so beneficial and well thought out. Many other competing refrigerators on the market do not include these filters, and that is why we think the LG 27.3 cu. Ft. model comes out on top. 

First up is the water and ice filter to transform your tap water into purified, more enjoyable water and ice. This isn’t a necessity in your household, but it sure helps with impressing any visitors that come round. Reduce the amount of single-use plastic bottles that you use every day and begin purifying your water at home!

The second filter, and maybe the more impressive one, is a fresh air filter that deodorizes your fridge for up to six months. Gone are the days of worrying about leaving an open pot of hummus in the fridge because you’re worried that all of your other groceries will begin to smell like garlic!

LG Smart Cooling Plus Technology

This is a really interesting feature in which the linear compressor and evaporators actually maintain the correct temperature and level of humidity to ensure all of your food is kept fresh for as long as possible. This is really helpful for people who often find their fresh fruit and vegetables limp and wrinkled before they get around to eating them. 

What We Loved

We think we can all agree that there is a lot to love about the 23.7 cu. Ft. refrigerator from LG, so we’ve had to limit ourselves here as to not take all day discussing the great features of the model. Instead, we’ve outlined the three top features that we found the most amazing. 

The first feature that we loved was all the different compartments that come with this refrigerator. If you’re like us and love organizing absolutely everything, you’ll really like this fridge. There are compartments everywhere you turn, of varying shapes and sizes. 

The freezer compartment doesn’t offer as many organization capabilities, but it still does come with three separators to avoid you having to spend too much time rummaging through all of your frozen goods. 

We really liked this feature to save you valuable time and make your refrigerator look much nicer and more organized. Another feature that we liked is the LG Smart Cooling Plus Technology. Anything that saves us money and the disappointment of gone-off food is a plus in our eyes! 

Another thing that stood out to us is the tall ice and water dispenser. How often have you had to fill up a large pitcher of water or ice using a smaller container because there wasn’t enough room to fit the jug underneath the dispenser itself? This seems like a minor issue, but trust us, it gets annoying very quickly. 

Luckily for all of us, LG has answered our cries of desperation and added an extra-tall dispenser to the 23.7 cu. Ft. refrigerator. Now we can make our cocktails and pitchers without worrying about the hassling task of fetching the ice!  

What We Didn’t Like

Now moving onto some things that we found which we weren’t a fan of. For starters, a few customers found a common problem with their refrigerators in which it would stop working after one or two years of continual use. They found it somewhat difficult to get through to customer service. 

Another slight qualm we have with this model is that the filters both only last for up to six months. After that, you’ll need to replace the filters in order to still be able to reap the rewards from them. 

Both of the filters are available on the market, and while the fresh filter is somewhat inexpensive, the water and ice filter is currently around the $50 mark. This isn’t the most affordable filter, especially if you’re going to need to keep replacing it every six months. 


Well, there you have our review on the 23.7 cu. Ft french door refrigerator. As you can see, there are many intriguing specifications and features that come along with your purchase, which is then protected by a few generous warranties. 

If you’re a stickler for organization and hate when someone messes up the order of your fridge or freezer, then this model was made for you. There are plenty of compartments to designate different groceries to. 

Thanks to high-tech filters and components, your produce will stay fresh for longer without absorbing the smells of one another. Your water and ice will also be purified to perfection, and your tall jugs will fit like a glove underneath the dispenser.

A small handful of customers have had an issue with the customer service, however, this is not a common occurrence from what we can see. If you don’t mind paying some extra money to replace the filters every now and then, the 23.7 cu. ft. French Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator might just be the ideal model for you.