Landmark Home Warranty Reviews

As a homeowner breakdowns and repairs can often be a significant expense on top of daily outgoings. A home warranty relieves this stress and covers the replacement and repairs of home appliances and systems whether they have broken down as a result of failure, daily wear and tear or deterioration as they age. 

Warranties can differ between companies regarding what they cover, the exclusions, and the overall service that they provide.

What Does a Home Warranty Cover?

A home warranty requires the homeowner to pay a service fee and covers major systems and appliances mainly. It is essential to have a thorough understanding of the warranty you select and what it includes and excludes, some will cover a more expansive list of appliances and services than others. Systems that are typically covered include your HVAC, hot water heaters, plumbing, and electric. Others may cover refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, and dryers. 

A warranty gives you greater financial security too. If you are faced with a broken-down system or appliance, you aren't left to cover these expenses alone. 

They are recommended for older properties in particular where the original systems and appliances are still in place when you move into the property, and their history is unknown. 

What is the Landmark Home Warranty and What Does it Offer?

Landmark is a home warranty service provider that provides comprehensive and affordable home warranties for systems and major home appliances to residential properties based in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah.  Primarily located with headquarters in Utah, they have local representatives and independent contractors based in each of these regions. 

Their cover protects homeowners from the expensive and often unexpected repairs of their air conditioning, plumbing, and appliances, etc. Under their warranty there are predominantly two different types of plans to choose from, a Home systems plan covering four major systems and 5 additional services or the Total protection plan covering a total of 18 major systems, appliances as well as additional services. 

The home plan system typically includes an annual cost of $35 along with the additional cost of the service call. The total protection plan is around $55 and again this excludes the added cost of the service call. This service fee can vary from $60 -$100 for both plans.

The more affordable plan, The home systems doesn't cover appliances, only the repairs of any damaged or worn down systems. However, the Total protection plan offers much more comprehensive cover.


When it comes to cover options, Landmark offers an expansive and thorough list with the opportunity to cover specific systems and appliances through the optional cover if you choose. With the home systems plan your air conditioning, heating, electrical system, plumbing system, and air conditioning tune-up and heating tune-up are covered. This plan also covers pest control, termite treatment, and re-key which aren't commonly covered in competitor home warranties. The total protection plan covers everything previously mentioned in the home basics plan alongside garage door opener, built-in microwave, central vacuum, garbage disposal, refrigerator and oven/range, and cooktop. The optional cover gives you the choice of covering a selection of additional appliances and systems on top of your cover at an additional cost per item. When comparing the cost of the Home plan to its competitors it is slightly cheaper which is of course a bonus.

Both the home systems and total protection plan provide ''no-fault coverage''. This essentially means that you are covered for the repairs of items that have been insufficiently installed, repaired, or modified through no fault of your own. The cover also includes taking away the defective and damaged parts that were removed during the repair process.

The service is important in creating a positive and lasting impression of the company. Landmark offers 24/7 support enabling you to make a call at any time. The service has also been praised by customers for their speed in dealing with their concern from the initial call to the referral and somebody then coming to assess the issue. In fact the company aims to assign a service technician to each claim within 24 hours of the claim opening.

Landmark home has received a B rating by the Better Business Bureau. A business that has been given this rating meets the accreditation standards displaying a commitment and effort to resolving any customer complaints that they receive. In fact, a number of their complaints are said to be surrounding misunderstandings in regards to the types of repairs that were required. 

The technicians and support team are knowledgeable and strive to respond to your concerns as soon as possible. Customer reviews highlight their satisfaction regarding the knowledge that their technicians were able to provide them with surrounding a particular query or concern. They also aim to get back to any concerns within a short time frame, so you can be confident with the standard of the service and support team, and their commitment to try to inform and help you with any uncertainties that you may have towards a particular issue.


Whilst many customers have praised Landmark for their fast response to their issues following their call, several reviews have shown instances where the process of repairing the broken down appliance or system has been a little slow. For many, the process has been particularly drawn out with some waiting months before any progress is made with the damage or repairs. Of course, when paying a monthly or annual cost for a warranty, you expect the follow-up service and repairs to be just as good as the initial service you received.

Although the Landmark website states that they will soon be available nationwide they currently only cover 6 states; Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah. As they aren't available in all states, their service is currently limited in availability and there are a number of competitor companies offering home warranties that serve many more states. 

When compared to its competitors, the cover offered by Landmark is a little expensive. Alongside the cost of the cover itself, there is an additional cost of the service call which can range from $60 - $100 and this is applicable to both the home systems and total protection plan. 

Landmark only has a 30 day workmanship guarantee. This guarantee protects you against any work or installation eras. However, this is another downfall when compared to other dominant competitors. Some offer up to 90 days of cover, significantly more than the 30 days covered by Landmark for parts and workmanship combined. 

Existing homeowners are limited to the choice of two plans, the home systems plan and the Total protection plan. However, those who are buying their first home have the choice of four different plans providing greater versatility in the cost that they spend and the options that they can choose from. This includes the complete plan, which is the most expensive. This covers all appliances, electrical, plumbing, no fault cover, and systems. The comprehensive plan offers the same minus the enhanced planning. With the advantage plan, you are covered with everything offered in the complete plan, but this plan excludes enhanced plumbing, washers, and dryers. The essential plan which is the most basic is very similar, however, this doesn't include no fault cover either. 

Final Thoughts

If you live in one of the six states covered by Landmark then they are a strong contender that is worth considering for your home warranty and repairs. When compared to competitors there is a noticeably significant price increase, however, they offer a much more comprehensive depth of cover. Pest control, re-key service, and termite treatment aren't commonly covered in most home warranty covers and most require an additional charge. However, with Landmark, these come as part of both the home systems or total protection plans. The optional cover is also particularly useful. If there is one appliance or system in particular that you want to cover you can select it from the list and then cover it as an extension to your chosen cover for an additional cost. 

While all of their coverage options are thorough, new homeowners are offered 4 plans compared to the 2 offered to existing homeowners, giving them a little more versatility in the cover that they choose with steady price increases between each. 

In regards to customer service, reviews appear to be a little mixed with some customers praising the company for their quick responses and friendly and helpful manner throughout the process. Other's felt that the repair process was a little unsatisfactory with a noticeable amount of time elapsing between the initial service technician visit, to the repairs being fully completed. 

Before taking out a warranty, it is crucial to ensure that you have thoroughly read the terms beforehand including the exclusions of your cover. This keeps you informed in regard to the systems and appliances that are and aren't covered as part of your plan.