KitchenAid Refrigerator Reviews

Being one of the many premium appliance manufacturers owned by the Whirlpool Corporation, KitchenAid supplies some of the best refrigerator models that Americans can get their hands on. That said, it can be hard to know exactly what you’re getting into if you’re not used to buying appliances. 

If you have your heart set on a KitchenAid model because they haven’t failed you in the past but aren’t sure what model you want next, then you should check out the ones below. They’re five of KitchenAid’s most popular refrigeration units according to the company’s own site, and we’ve written up small reviews of each one.

Our TOP 5 KitchenAid Refrigerator



One of the more popular KitchenAid models is the KRFF302EBS, listed as the “22 Cu. Ft. 33-inch width standard depth French door refrigerator with interior dispenser” on the KitchenAid site.

There’s a lot of information in that product title alone, so let’s spell it all out in some more detail. The 33-inch width is in reference to the footprint of this refrigerator, which you’ll need to know when slotting it into a pre-built kitchen. You can get refrigerators that are thinner than 33 inches, but then the space suffers as a result. The storage space in this model totals 22 cubic feet, separated into 15.66 cubic feet of refrigerated space and 6.45 cubic feet of freezer volume.

This all means it’s certainly on the larger side for a refrigerator unit so, if that’s what you’re looking for, this is a great choice that many other customers have found satisfaction with. With that said, having a lot of space is just as important as what is done with that space. In the cooling space are five shelves, with some being slide-away splitting shelves that are retractable, allowing you to store taller items inside. There’s also a small pantry section that’s specifically for fresh produce, called the FreshChill pantry, that you can set at different aeration levels depending on how fresh the produce is.

An interior water dispenser means you can keep water chilled inside this unit, and it doesn’t take away from the storage space too much. It keeps both the water and the foodstuffs within cold via its ExtendFresh Temperature Management System, which uses a sensor in both the refrigerating and freezing portions of the unit to accurately regulate and differentiate their temperatures.

The exterior of the unit is made to a very high professional standard, featuring satin textured handles, KitchenAid’s brand medallions, and a PrintShield Finish that keeps fingerprints and smudges away and makes cleaning the entire unit much easier.



A similar model to the one above is the KitchenAid KRSC703HBS, though it has a few different features when you break down its specs. Listed as the “22.6 Cu. Ft. counter-depth side-by-side refrigerator with exterior ice and water and PrintShield Finish” on their site, this model splits its volume into 13.6 cubic feet of refrigerated space and 9 cubic feet of freezing space. This makes this unit your best bet if you want a larger refrigerator model with a larger freezer than you’d usually find.

The KRSC703HBS model is packed with handy third-party inventions that make it one of the better storage solutions KitchenAid has to offer. The foremost of these is the Preserva Food Care System which uses two independent cooling systems, one for the refrigerator and one for the freezer, and combats the effects of long-term storage. This means that with the refrigerating section, it’ll prevent your produce from over-ripening for longer, whilst in the freezer, it battles freezer burn. These work in tandem with the FreshFlow Air Filter to minimize odors, too.

This model’s water and ice systems are particularly sophisticated too, with the water dispenser automatically dispensing its contents in either ounces, cups, or liters, and you choose from programmed settings which amount you want. This programming even extends to multiple items like, for example, a coffee pot and a water bottle, so filling both is made easier. On the inside of the left door is an In-Door-Ice System, an ice bin that keeps ice away from the storage space of the refrigerator itself, leaving you with more room for produce.

Since it’s built with a counter-depth design, it’ll mesh well with most kitchen worktops whilst maintaining its high-end look. Thanks to the return of PrintShield, it keeps that high-end look too by reducing the visibility of blemishes like fingerprints or contact smudges.



Listed as a “22 Cu. Ft. 33-inch width full depth non dispense bottom mount refrigerator,” the KitchenAid KRBL102ESS model is another standard-sized refrigeration unit. The 22 cubic feet are split differently again this time, with 15.62 cubic feet of refrigerated space and 6.45 cubic feet of freezer volume.

Like previous refrigerators on this page, it benefits from KitchenAid’s professional design elements, having a stylish chrome frame with satin textured handles and brand medallions decorating it. Throughout the interior of the refrigerator are also LEDs that leave no corner of the storage space dark, so you can see your entire stock.

The ExtendFresh Temperature Management System is back with this model, independently regulating the unit’s two core parts for optimized cooling performance. This works in tandem with the Produce Preserver, a component that maintains the taste and texture of fresh produce stored inside the refrigerator. It does this by absorbing ethylene gas, a contributor to over-ripening that many fruits and vegetables emit over time.

There are even humidity-controlled crisper drawers, so you have a section of the refrigerator for foodstuffs that need to be kept under specific humidity levels. This is perfect for providing high humidity for lettuce and other lush greens one week, and then desert fruits and other low-humidity food for the next.



With a large 42-inch footprint, the KitchenAid KBSD612ESS is the largest model on this list, so you should definitely look more into this one if size is a big buying factor for your refrigerator. On KitchenAid’s site, it’s listed as the “25.0 Cu. Ft. 42-inch width built-in side by side refrigerator.” It carries 25 cubic feet of space, as the listing suggests, which is divided into 16.41 cubic feet of refrigerated space and 8.61 cubic feet of freezer space.

This model’s storage area has the ExtendFresh Plus Temperature Management System, an improved version of the standard ExtendFresh systems that are capable of covering a larger area to a higher degree of accuracy. A variable-capacity compressor and a pairing of thermistors in both sections of this unit ensure the most accurate results.

Whilst the ExtendFresh system regulates the temperature, the FreshFlow Produce Preserver eliminates ethylene and other emissions that accelerate the ripening process, keeping fruits, vegetables, and other sensitive perishables around for longer. To that same end, the refrigerator features SatinGlide crisper drawers. They’re great for storing produce, and thanks to ball-bearing rollers installed on them, they effortlessly move in and out of their designated space within the unit.

It has the same design quality of the other KitchenAid appliances reviewed, which is to say professional, sleek, and minimalist. Its handles are textured, which not only makes the unit look better but also makes them easier and more comfortable to get your grip on. There’s also a recess where the ice and water dispenser are found, which are operated by light touch controls that add a lot of functionality to these models.



The KitchenAid KBBR306ESS brings the scale of these refrigerators back down, being listed as the 20.9 Cu. Ft. 36” width built-in stainless bottom mount refrigerator with platinum interior design” on their own website. Its 20.9 cubic feet of storage capacity is split between the refrigerating section and the freezing section, the former being 15.30 cubic feet and the latter being 5.56 cubic feet.

This model also features the Preserva Food Care System, which is more like two separate but equally capable systems located in both the refrigerated space and the accompanying freezing volume. By keeping the contents at its optimal cold storage temperature, they’ll last longer and even have enhanced flavor. The unit also uses FreshFlow Air Filters to minimize the odors that certain products can cause, which also contributes towards how long food can be kept in this model. This is used with a specially designed product preserver that delays over-ripening in sensitive perishables.

Accompanying features with this model include an automatic ice maker and LED lighting. The ice maker is especially handy since it guarantees a near-constant supply of edible ice, which is perfect for hosting and entertaining guests, or even as part of a small business where ice needs to be served. The lighting, being LEDs, are very energy efficient. They’re laced throughout the storage area, so everything is illuminated, and you can fully see your stock.

It has many of KitchenAid’s standard design elements, being sleek with textured handles and brand medallions decorating it. That said, the model also has what is called Platinum Interior Design. This is an exclusive aesthetic option where the interior walls are glossy and silver-colored, and the shelves, crispers, and baskets found inside also have metallic accents on them. This looks good, of course, but also increases their durability.