Kenmore vs. Amana Washers


Kenmore is a popular low-price brand that is wholly owned by Sears. Their washing machines are price competitive and popular to those that are on a tight budget. They offer many different options from top load and front load. Reviewers have mixed emotions about Kenmore and some have had durability and washing issues with their Kenmore washing machines. Before purchasing, make sure to read the reviews!


Amana is a price-competive brand, owned by the Whirlpool corporation. Their washers don't have many of the frills of other brands, but they are rated well by their customers. If you are looking for a bargain brand for your next washing machine, this may be a brand to consider.

Detailed Scores

Overall Score:
Kenmore: 7/10
Amana: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction:
Kenmore: 7.4/10
Amana Washer: 8.7/10

Price Value:
Kenmore: 7/10
Amana: 8.1/10

Price Range for Reviewed Units:
Kenmore: $650-$1,180
Amana: $399