Kenmore 22242 Review

If you’re looking for a low-cost washing machine that is also budget friendly, then you can’t really go wrong with the Kenmore 22242. Not only does it have superior cleaning power, but the classic top-loading style has that old school appeal and traditional feeling to it, giving you the opportunity to achieve a timeless look in a modern home.

Below, we’ve broken down all of the features and specifications of this fantastic washing machine, creating a fully comprehensive guide that you can use as a source of reference before deciding if the Kenmore 22242 washing machine is the right choice for you.

Kenmore 22242 Review

The top-loading style of the Kenmore 22242 washing machine doesn’t only look fantastic, but  it also makes loading your laundry into the machine a lot easier. Simply pop the lid open and drop your clothes in! 

As well as being classically stylish, a top-loading washing machine is a lot safer to have in a house that’s filled with young children or inquisitive pets as little fingers won’t be able to reach the compartments or the main door for the drum. 

Buyers Guide

Access & Capacity

The drum of the washing machine has a 3.6 cubic foot capacity, making it a great choice for larger families where washing needs to be done more frequently. It also means there is plenty of room for bigger loads of clothing, towels and bed sheets to move around the drum thoroughly, removing any worry about the water and detergent not reaching all of your laundry.

Multiple Wash Settings

As you might expect from a washing machine, the Kenmore 22242 features a variety of washing settings, some of which are not only designed to give you the most thorough clean possible, but will also help cut your laundry time in half.

Take the ‘Express’ mode for example, which can be used when your clothes don’t need a thorough cleaning and only require a little freshening up. This mode is also a really good option for anybody that’s forgotten about washing a piece of clothing they need for the same day, quickly rinsing and spinning and giving it back to you in under half an hour. 

There are another 10 modes to choose from as well as ‘Express’, each of which we’ve listed below with a brief description of it’s function:

  • ‘Normal’ - The best mode to choose for regular loads of laundry and across a range of garments and machine washable household fabrics

  • ‘Casual’ - This mode is designed for cleaning synthetic fabrics and uses a medium speed wash that is designed to prevent any damage these materials can occasionally suffer during the washing process

  • ‘Delicates’ - Designed to give a gentle clean for delicate items such as silk, lingerie and lace, whilst ensuring they get a deep wash and comes out of the machine as good as new

  • ‘Heavy Duty’ - Perfect for heavily soiled clothes that need a really thorough clean, as well as items such as towels and jeans that can withstand a tougher wash

  • ‘Bulky | Bedding’ - Ideal for washing bed sheet and machine washable duvets and pillows, as well as bulkier machine washable items such as comforters and rugs

  • ‘Whites’ - Specifically for use when you’re doing a whites-only wash, this mode optimizes stain removal and ensures your laundry comes out gleaming

  • ‘Deep Wash’ - Uses more water than any other mode and is ideal for washing items such as baby clothes where a more thorough soaking may be required for stain removal

  • ‘Soak’ - For use on heavily stained items that require soaking in detergent for a while before selecting another washing mode

  • ‘Rinse | Spin’ - Requires no detergent and therefore doesn’t provide a really deep clean, however it’s perfect for quickly rinsing laundry that only needs a slight freshen up before spinning the water out of it

  • ‘Drain | Spin’ - Empties the machine of sitting water, such as that used in ‘Soak’ mode, and then spins the excess water from the items

There’s also another fantastic mode on the Kenmore 22242 washing machine that we felt deserved a special mention. A much-overlooked household task is cleaning the washing machine itself, and if left for long enough the buildup of dirt and grime that your machine pulls out of your laundry can cause the machine to break down. 

However, with The ‘Clean Washer’ function the Kenmore 22242 gives you the opportunity to clean the washing machine with the touch of a button, which in turn will help ensure your clothes are as clean as possible each time and help to prolong the life of the machine.


As well as the huge variety of washing modes, there are 6 LED indicators that will let you know what stage of the wash your laundry is at, helping you manage your time and informing you when your wash has come to an end so you can safely remove it.

For extra safety, one of the indicators also informs you when the lid is locked so you can confidently select your washing mode without worrying about it knocking the lid open as it spins. 

And, if you accidentally choose the incorrect mode, you can simply hold down the ‘Cancel’ button for three seconds and the machine will reset, allowing you to start over and select your mode again. 

Triple Action Agitator

Unlike a lot of washing machines, the Kenmore 22242 features a triple action agitator that sprays your laundry with powerful jets of water during the washing cycle. This doesn’t only help to blast the dirt and grease out of your clothes, ensuring that they reappear from the wash as clean as possible, but also adds to the machine’s stain removal performance.

This is another great feature for families with young children where stains and encrusted grime are an inevitable part of life. 

Dispensing System

The Kenmore 22242 washing machine also has an innovative detergent dispensing system built into it, which draws any fabric softener you’re using to the wash basket at the most opportune moment of the cycle you’ve chosen.

This prevents the fabric softener from becoming diluted and draining away before it’s had the opportunity to be used for it’s purpose, makes sure the fabrics in your machine are kept as soft as possible and helps to ensure you get the best value for money from your detergent.  


There is also an eco-friendly side to the Kenmore 22242 as well, and that comes in the form of it’s automatic and deep-fill water level options. Switching between these gives you the opportunity to only use as much water as your load needs, saving water and ultimately saving you money on your household bills.

You also have the option to do a ‘cold wash’ which requires no heating from the washing machine and helps to reduce your carbon footprint further. 

Pros & Cons

As with all household appliances there are pros and cons to the Kenmore 22242, and weighing these up will definitely help you decide whether or not it’s the right model for you. 


  • Large capacity of 3.6 cubic feet which is ideal for larger loads of laundry

  • The top loading design is classically stylish, but also gives you the ability to load the machine with greater ease

  • Has a total of 11 different washing modes, each of which is designed to give your clothes and household fabrics a thorough wash without risking any damage 

  • Features a ‘Clean Washer’ function that allows you to easily clean the washing machine and helps to prevent a buildup of dirt and grime that can damage to the machine 

  • Six indicator lights inform you of what stage of the washing process your laundry is at

  • A ‘Cancel’ button gives you the opportunity to reset the machine if you accidentally choose the wrong washing mode 

  • Has a builtin triple action agitator that blasts laundry with powerful jets of water, thoroughly removing dirt and improving stain removal performance

  • The clever detergent dispensing system releases fabric softener into the wash basket at the exact moment it’s needed, preventing it from becoming diluted or rinsing away before it’s had the opportunity to do it’s thing

  • Eco-friendly features include a ‘cold wash’ option and the option to switch between automatic or deep-fill water levels, giving you control over how much water is used

  • Includes a 1 year warranty


  • Aside from the ‘Express’ mode, most washing cycles take over an hour to complete

  • It is quite noisy when in the water initially flows in, and when it’s on the spin cycle

  • Some of the modes leave laundry a little wetter than you might expect, however the spin and drain mode remedies this quickly


The Kenmore 22242 washing machine is a great choice for any first time home owners, landlords that are looking for a lower-cost machine to install into their rental properties or for anyone looking for a great quality machine on a budget. 

It’s choice of multiple washing modes makes it a fantastic choice for families, and this is further ensured by it’s large capacity. It’s eco-friendly features will also help you do your bit for the environment, whilst simultaneously helping you to reduce your household bills.