HSA Home Warranty Reviews (2018)

HSA Home Warranty

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HSA Home Warranty has mixed reviews when it comes to their home warranty service versus competitors. What some folks love about HSA is their repair staff and reimbursements, but others have had horror stories. Those that have had less exemplary experiences describe really long hold times, sometimes slow repair times, and issues with coverage. If you are considering HSA, make sure to read the contract in its entirety so you can be prepared when you have to make a claim.

Home Warranty Scores

Overall Score: 8.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.2/10

Prompt Service: 7.9/10

Repair / Replace Quality: 8.7/10

Premium: $590-$620

Deductible: $75-$100

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Company Details

HSA Home Warranty is a subsidiary of American Home Shield (AHS), and was acquired in 2004. Its main selling point for years has been its midwestern based employees that have put a friendly spin on the brand. While American Home Shield has kept products separate and this business an independent unit, some have experienced better service with the AHS brand over the years.

HSA Home Warranty
HeadquartersCross Plains, WI
States ServedKS, ND, MN, IO, MO, IL, WI, MI, IN, TN, GA, SC, NC, VA, OH, PA, NJ, DE, MD, AK and DC
BBB RatingB

Product Details

HSA Home Warranty is only available in select states since its acquisition. For those that are in a covered state, there are some differences in coverage, specific to your area. Make sure to review your contract before signing to make sure that it is what you expect. Below, find the options as they are for many covered states:

PlanCoverage Items
Basic Plan (Seller)
  • water heater and instant water dispenser
  • water / gas / drain / waste lines
  • routing of drain and waste lines
  • toilet tank / bowl
  • plumbing parts
  • sump pump
  • whirlpool bathtub
  • electrical system
  • garage door openers
  • attic fans
  • exhaust fans
  • ceiling fans
  • oven/stove/range
  • built-in microwave
  • dishwasher
  • trash compactor
  • garbage disposal
  • failures due to sediment
  • failures due to maintenance
  • washer/dryer

(Central heat and ductwork avail. for extra fee)
Basic Plan (Buyer)All in seller plan and:
  • refrigerator (including ice/beverage dispenser)
  • door bell and central vacuum
  • burglar alarm & fire alarm
  • roof leaks
Buyer 7 Star Upgrade
  • crane charges for roof top A/C or heating
  • 17 additional coverages for common exclusions
Optional Coverage
  • electric air cleaner
  • water well pump/septic system
  • water softener
  • home freezer
  • free standing ice maker/winer chiller
  • hot tub
  • swimming pool
  • pool/hot tub combination

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  • Please review your contract: HSA is not clear about exclusions except on contracts.
  • Per unit/state exclusions -- please read contract.

Ease of Making Claims

People describe the claim request process as being efficient and painless for most customers. Some that describe having the same issues with the same appliance or system oftentimes find it harder to get repeat fixes and get in contact with the right supervisor to help make sense of the complex situation.


  • Online claim portal is easy and available for most issues


  • Some had long hold times on the phone.
  • There was difficulty getting reconcilation on repeated issues or issues where there were a lot of components.
  • Escalating issues can be difficult.

Repairs & Replacements

Most customers are able to quickly get the right services from the providers for common and small issues that arise. But some others had issues with things like: repeatable breakages, service people that did not show up, and service providers that didn't fix the issues on the first time.

Realtor Tools & Plans

Realtors have access to the same plans as home owners do. Realtors are able to select and sign up for their warranties online, which is a nice benefit, but there have been some complaints about the online interface. Some have had issues with the website and whether all of the features are updated. Because of HSA's status as a subsidiary of another home warranty company, there are many reasons to potentially move over your services to AHS.

HSA Home Warranty vs. Other Top Home Warranties

HSA vs. American Home Shield (AHS)

All of the benefits of the HSA in the past have been combined into American Home Shield's usability, better customer reviews, and simplicity when it comes to selecting a custom plan that should work for you. This is one of the reasons why we recommend rolling over your HSA warranty into AHS because the service is much better and plans more competitive.

HSA vs. First American Home Warranty

HSA's coverage space has dwindled over the years compared to First American. First American has a lot of benefits including an updated online portal that is user friendly. That said, there are some similar complaints when it comes to getting service for either HSA and First American. First American, however, beats on average price.

HSA vs. Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty has a more user friendly and up-to-date online experience for customers, which also is streamlined through customers' experiences dealing with the company. Prices are also much less pricey than HSA.

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First-time Home Buyer Here

First-time Home Buyer Here!

How nerve-wracking when that sound comes up from the basement. The clanks, the slow whirring of a fan humming down. How nerve-wracking when the temperature outside is 20 degrees and you know that your furnace has stopped working.

Not too nerve-wracking when you have an HSA Warranty!

Part of our purchase of the home included this warranty and it has been SO helpful to us this year, that we didn't even question renewing the warranty for next year! From the easy online interface to file a claim. To the helpful people on the telephone that direct you to their contractors. All the way to the individual contractors that come to your home and make the fixes, everything about our experience this last year has been phenomenal!

Take the furnace: It happened first thing in the morning, and I was talking to an HSA representative by 7:30am setting up the claim. By 9am I had a phone call from the contractor that they'd be there in the afternoon. They looked at the furnace (broken motor part) and placed an order for the part. 12 hours later the part arrived and the contractor had our heat back on! Little over 24 hours after filing the claim, our heat was back on and we were back in good shape.

Since then, we've had a couple plumbing issues, and the contractors they sent have been clean, courteous, knowledgable and informative. Everyone of them showed us what they were doing and how we, as new home owners, should be looking out for signs in the future to save us time and money.

I highly recommend HSA and each of their contractors! I hope I don't need them much, but it's less nerve-wracking knowing I have them there!

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