Hotpoint Refrigerator Reviews

It’s likely you’ve heard of Hotpoint, seeing as they’re one of the foremost appliance brands in both America and Europe, with many of their American products being manufactured and sold by Whirlpool. They have a great presence in the appliance manufacturing industry, but not that many people know how to rate certain refrigerator units against each other.

We’ve helped in this regard by finding five of Hotpoint’s most popular refrigerator units and writing a small review of them, mainly a description of their measurements and features so you can compare them and choose the best one for your kitchen.

Our Top 5 Hotpoint Refrigerators


Hotpoint HPE16BTNRWW

One of their more popular refrigerator/freezer combinations is the Hotpoint HPE16BTNRWW. Standing with a footprint of 28-inches, it has 11.58 cubic feet of refrigerated space to store fresh food in, with an additional 4 cubic feet of freezer capacity for frozen goods. The storage is also separated into crisper drawers where fruits and vegetables should be stored, away from other foodstuffs you might be storing in there.

The wire shelves inside the refrigerator are moveable, so you can swap them out or change things up when you need a different storage solution. These shelves are also found in the freezer so that your frozen food can be better organized. In the refrigerator section, there’s even a specific dairy compartment for easy access to fast perishables like milk and cheese. All of these are lit by natural-looking LED lights that won’t strain the eyes, no matter what time of the day.

As for the door of this model, it has a streamlined, minimalist design that looks very clean-cut, even ditching the typical jutting door handles for handy pockets that you can pull on to open them. On the interior of the door, you’ll also find gallon door storage bins so larger items can be placed here for very easy access. If you want an ice maker with this unit, it’s ready and compatible with the IM4D icemaker, so you can have a steady supply of ice.

The unit, like many of Hotpoint’s units, is Energy Star certified and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, so you can be sure it’s accessible to the differently-abled whilst saving you money in energy efficiency. The temperature regulation system tied to the refrigerator is also easy to use and allows you to independently regulate the refrigerator and freezer sections.


Hotpoint HPE16BTNRWW

Another tall refrigerator/freezer unit, the Hotpoint HPS18BTNRWW has a little more space than the previous model reviewed above. It again has a width of 28-inches, and its refrigeration section measures in at over 13 cubic feet, giving you a bit more space than some of Hotpoint’s other models without changing how big it appears on the outside, and without interfering with how it’ll fit into your kitchen. The accompanying freezer section has 4 cubic feet of storage capacity.

This unit’s storage space is separated into multiple sections with different apparatus, many of them the same as the previous refrigerator. The moveable racks inside the refrigerator section are back and allow you to change the storage landscape of your unit to accommodate different quantities of food. There are also transparent crisper drawers for your fruits and vegetables, gallon storage bins on the reverse of the door, and wire shelves inside the freezer.

It's lit by LEDs that are designed to look more natural than artificial, which is perfect for use in dimmer areas where artificial light can be offensive to the eyes. Speaking of how the refrigerator looks, its handles take the form of very subtle pockets that you slot your hand into, instead of large handles that jut out from the refrigerator itself.

Like other Hotpoint models, this refrigerator affords you a high degree of control over the use you get out of it. The temperature, for both sections, is separately controlled via an easy to use control panel that’s easy to grasp. This unit is also compatible with the IM4D icemaker, so with an additional purchase, you can add even more functionality to this model.


Hotpoint HPE16BTNRWW

The third tall refrigerator we have is the Hotpoint HPS16BTNLWW model, which also carries 11.58 cubic feet of refrigerator space along with 4 cubic feet of freezer space, totaling out at 15.58 cubic feet. You can rest assured that this model is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, so it’s designed with easy access and operation in mind. Approximately 70% to 90% of its parts are manufactured and sourced in the US, too, so you don’t need to be anxious about foreign standards of construction.

The door is opened with pocket handles, convenient folds at the top of the door that your fingers can pull on. They allow you to open the refrigerator easily and add to the minimalist design that Hotpoint appliances enjoy since it takes distracting bar handles out of the equation. On the door itself is also the potential for an ice maker. It’d be a separate purchase on your part, but most Hotpoint refrigerators are made with ice maker capacity, particularly for the IM4D. Opening the door, the first thing you’ll notice are the interior LEDs which, as before, are warmer than some of the brighter, artificial-looking lights many refrigerators have.

Taking stock of this unit’s storage apparatus, it has wire shelves in both sections, with those in the refrigerator section being moveable to allow for customization of your storage space. There’s something for most food types. The two main sections, for refrigeration and freezing, are independently controlled by a temperature control system. Inside the larger, refrigerator section are crisper drawers for fresh produce, gallon door storage bins to carry larger foodstuffs, and even a compartment specifically intended to house items like cheese and butter so they’re easy to reach.


Hotpoint HPE16BTNRWW

The next refrigerator model, the Hotpoint HME03GGMWW, is a more compact version of their refrigerating units for those who have less space to work with. It has a total footprint of 19-inches, so it should be able to fit in even the most compact of kitchen spaces. This model in particular is Energy Star qualified, meaning that it runs with a reduced carbon footprint, so it’s not just good for the environment but also saves you money by being energy efficient.

Inside is a total of 2.7 cubic feet of refrigerated storage space, with 2.34 of that being refrigerated and the rest being its freezer capacity. That’s because the freezer capacity comes in the form of a small compartment where you can slip your frozen goods into. There’s also a mini ice tray where you can keep drinking ice.

As for the rest of the space, it’s divided by large glass shelves that are durable, thanks to their seamless construction, and are also treated to make spillage cleanup much easier. Speaking of spillages, on the reverse side of the door is a special bottle containment section that can accommodate the standard 2-liter bottles of soda and other liquids. It can also accommodate taller bottles, too, or be used as a can rack.

The door itself is opened via a recessed handle, eliminating the need for external handles and making the appliance have a streamlined design. The thermostat of this model is controlled via a mechanical dial that’s easy to use and regulates the temperature inside the refrigerator to a high degree of accuracy.


Hotpoint HPE16BTNRWW

The Hotpoint HME02GGMWW is a variant of the previous model, the HME03GGMWW. Like that model, the HME02GGMWW is also Energy Star qualified, reducing its carbon footprint to take some pressure off of the environment, and your wallet, of course. It has an even smaller footprint than all the rest at 17 3/8-inches, making it the most compact here. This translates into 1.48 cubic feet of refrigerated space and 0.18 cubic feet of freezer space, for a total of 1.7 cubic feet of storage.

Similar adornments are found within this model’s storage space, such as a large glass shelf that’s made in one piece, reducing the opportunity for breakage since there are no vulnerable connective points. It’s also treated to resist spills, making them very easy to clean and making stains a non-issue. The freezer space takes the form of a small compartment at the top right of the storage space, so your frozen goods will remain secure and undisturbed inside this unit. 

The door is contoured, with a recessed area at the top that functions as the handle. This isn’t just intuitive, but it also simplifies the design of the unit as a whole. It’s also fully reversible, so the door can swing open all the way. Inside the door is a rack that can be used to store bottles and cans, with 2-liter bottles working best given the dimensions of the rack, but you can make other beverages work with it too. 

The cooling and freezing power of the unit is managed via an easy-to-use dial that acts as a thermostat, clearly indicating the temperature setting of the model and staying true to the temperatures portrayed.