HMS National Home Warranty Reviews (2018)

HMS National Home Warranty

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HMS Home Warranty offers a variety of home warranty services that are very popular add-ons when buying a new home. With realtors acting as a great marketing tool to getting new home buyers into their services, some customers feel that the services they provide should be better than it is. There are some things to love, like the online claim portal and some have had good prompt service. But others have had issues concerning repair promptness and disappointment when it comes to replacing faulty units.

Home Warranty Scores

Overall Score: 7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 6.9/10

Prompt Service: 7/10

Repair / Replace Quality: 7/10

Premium: $359-$525+

Deductible: $50-$100

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Company Details

HMS National was founded in 1980 in Florida, providing home warranty and protection insurance in the United States. With a focus on serving the real estate market and building relationships with real estate professionals, it is common for HMS to show up as an add-on for home buyers or sellers from their real estate agents. Here are more details about the company:

HMS National, Inc.
HeadquartersFort Lauderdale, FL
States ServedAll States
BBB RatingB

Product Details

HMS's product lines for homeowners are fairly straightforward and are broken into two plans: Base Plan for both buyers (+ home owners) and sellers, and a Premier Plan for home buyers (+ home owners). Here is what's inside:

PlanCoverage Items
Base Plan (Seller)
  • central heating (2 units)
  • central A/C (2 units)
  • electrical
  • plumbing
  • plumbing stoppages
  • hot water heater
  • attic exhaust/whole house fan
  • ceiling fan
  • central vacuum system
  • dishwasher
  • door bell chimes
  • refrigerator and built-in icemaker
  • garage door opener
  • garbage disposal
  • jetted bathtub
  • microwave oven (built-in)
  • oven/range/cooktop
  • range exhaust
  • sump pump
  • trash compactor (built-in)
  • locksmith service
  • appliance buyline program (discounts off of name brand appliances)
Base Plan (Buyer/Homeowner)All in the seller Base Plan and:
  • emergency lodging reimbursement (1 claim per member per year)
  • homeowners insurance deductible reimbursement (1 claim per member per year)
Premier Plan (Buyer/Homeowner)Includes all in the buyer/homeowner Base Plan and extra coverage on normal exclusions (such as: permits, upgrades as required)

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  • There are per appliance/system $ limits and exclusions.
  • No commercial grade equipment covered.
  • Unknown pre-existing conditions, failures due to rust or corrosion, and mismatched/modified systems.
  • Malfunction because of abuse, misuse and/or neglect; improper installation; lightning strikes; missing parts; animal, pet and/or pest damage; power failure; power surge; fire; casualty; acts of God; structural and/or property damage; flood; smoke; earthquake; freeze damage; accidents; war; acts of terrorism; nuclear explosion, reaction, radiation or radioactive contamination; insurrection; riots; vandalism; or intentional destruction of property.
  • Malfunction from mold, mildew, mycotoxins, fungus, bacteria, virus, condensation, and/or wet or dry rot

Ease of Making Claims

Submitting claims with HMS is generally a simple task for most customers as they can use both the online portal, which is user-friendly or chat with someone on the phone.


  • Online claim portal is easy and available for most issues
  • Some have had quick and painless phone experiences


  • Some had long hold times on the phone.
  • Some have described poor wait times for service providers to arrive (weeks)
  • When it comes to parts, it sounds like there are times that tickets will never be followed up on by HMS

Repairs & Replacements

For quick and easy fixes that don't require extra parts, most have had positive experiences, but those that haven't have described very long wait times to get a service provider to visit them. The second issue is that some have had problems getting parts or replacements delivered. This seems to be something that is done by HMS itself, but sometimes the parts are incorrect or never come, therefore leaving the problem in an infinite holding pattern.

Real Estate Tools & Plans

Real estate professionals have a few benefits for using HMS. Although, HMS does not have extra plans or customizations for real estate professionals, it does have a centralized real estate professional portal called Marketopia 2.GO. This interface makes it easy to manage multiple home warranties - invoice clients and create custom marketing tools all in one place. This is one of the biggest benefits to HMS for real estate professionals.

HMS Home Warranty vs. Other Top Home Warranties

HMS vs. American Home Shield (AHS)

American Home Shield has a few big benefits against HMS. For one, the customer reviews for American Home Shield are much better than HMS overall. There are less reports of issues with part delivery and replacement with AHS. Secondly, it is much easier to customize plans for individual home owners with AHS. Lastly, real estate professionals have more plans to choose from with AHS and a custom management portal, which are big wins for them.

HMS vs. First American Home Warranty

First American has better customer satisfaction overall than HMS, which is an important item to most buyers. Where HMS wins is its real estate terminal, which is a bit more robust than First American. Though this wouldn't matter to home owners who are looking for better service and would find it with First American.

HMS vs. Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty keeps customers happier than HMS overall. This is mostly because they don't have as many negative reviews about their service providers and business practices on replacements/repairs. HMS has a few horror stories about extremely long and difficult repair experiences. Choice is much higher rated while still being very competitive on premium and deductible.

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The warranty was transferred

The warranty was transferred to me by the guy that once owned my house. He told me that it's a good company and I should continue with them so I told him that I'll give HMS a shot. I'm seeing that that is true. I always call their customer care line and they always respond as promptly as possible. The two agents that I spoke to were professional and were very responsive to my request. But the technician from the roofing company who came to our house was not nice. He came around, called my line, I missed his call, I called him back, and he told me that he was going to fix the problem on the roof. I then told him to fix a time that I would be home, which was 6 to 8.He then told me that I don't need to be at home when he's going to fix the problem. Later on, I wasn't hearing anything from him so I had to call the customer care again because they had told me that was it and he has already fixed the problem. Then, when there was rain, I started having the same problem, which the first technician told me he already fixed. We then had to call HMS again. HMS then sent another technician and they were very good. They spotted the issue from the roof. He gave me the perfect information. I had to go back to the roofing company and they sent someone else to come and check. They found out that the first guy didn't do anything on the roof.

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