Fidelity Home Warranty Reviews (2018)

Fidelity Home Warranty

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Is Fidelity Home Warranty worth the cost of the premium?

First, it's important to set some records straight -- Fidelity Home Warranty is run by a different company than the commonly known Fidelity Investments. Although they have been a force in the home warranty market for quite a while, they have mixed reviews from customers. Some have described having a good experience making claims and getting service, but others have had countless issues getting repairs good service even with items that are covered in the warranty.

Home Warranty Scores

Overall Score: 7.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.7/10

Prompt Service: 7.7/10

Repair / Replace Quality: 7.8/10

Premium: $350-$445

Deductible: $65

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Company Details

Fidelity National Home Warranty (FNHW) was established in 1995 and was acquired by Fidelity National Financial (which also has title services and 1031 exchange services within its businesses). Here are the details about the home warranty side of the business:

Fidelity National Home Warranty
HeadquartersConcord, CA
States Served13 States (AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, ID, IL, MO, NV, OR, TX, UT, WA)
BBB RatingA+

Product Details

With its business and marketing largely focused in title services and insurance, Fidelity National Home Warranty is able to directly upsell its home warranty services to existing clients of its title and correlary businesses. This is an advantage, but to the consumer it may mean that they are less focused on providing an exemplary service for each, individual home warranty customer.

They offer two main plans - Buyer's Standard Coverage, Buyer's Comprehensive Coverage, and additional Buyer's Coverage Options. Here are some of the highlights to their coverage (that can change depending on region so make sure to read your contract carefully):

PlanCoverage Items
Buyer's StandardWith select exclusions:
  • plumbing
  • plumbing stoppages
  • water heater
  • heating system
  • ductwork
  • electrical
  • telephone wiring
  • central vacuum
  • garage door opener
  • ceiling/whole house/exhaust/attic fans
  • dishwasher
  • range/oven/cooktop
  • built-in food center
  • trash compactor
  • built-in microwave
  • kitchen exhaust fan
  • select pest control (roaches, ants (except fire, pharoah, carpenter), silverfish, black widow, earwigs, brown recluse, millipedes, mice, crickets, centipedes, pillbugs, sowbugs, clover mites)
Comprehensive Coverage
  • all standard plan
  • mismatched systems
  • improper installations/repairs/modifications
  • removal of defective equipment
  • refrigerant recapture/recovery/disposal
  • permits
  • code violations
  • plumbing system exclusions
  • heating system exclusions
  • ceiling fans
  • dishwasher exclusions
  • garage door opener exclusions
  • and other kitchen appliance exclusions
Optional ItemsA la carte options:
  • A/C or evaporative cooler
  • pool/spa equipment
  • washer/dryer
  • kitchen refrigerator
  • additional refrigerator
  • sewage ejector pump
  • limited roof leak repair

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  • Systems or appliances misused or abused, disassembled, or having parts missing
  • Damage due to fire, flood, smoke, lightning, freeze, earthquake, theft, storms, accidents, riots, war, vandalism, animals or pests, power failure/surge/overload, soil movement, structural changes, design deficiency, manufacturer's recall, inadequate capacity, land subsidence, slope failure, or cosmetic defects
  • Appliances and systems must be routinely maintained and cleaned
  • Secondary systems/appliance that fail because of issue with covered system or appliance
  • Equipment that is designed for commercial use

Ease of Making Claims

Customers have mixed reviews when it comes to making claims. The online web experience leaves things wanting for customers and some of those that have contacted phone support centers have reported very long wait times and difficulty getting service providers assigned to their case in a timely manor.


  • Online claim portal is available


  • Online claim portal is not as user-friendly as desired
  • Some long hold times are reported
  • Some describe agents as unhelpful

Repairs & Replacements

There are mixed reviews about repairs and replacements. Although, some have had straightforward interactions, there are many reports about coverage issues that customers don't recognize until they need the service. It is extremely important to read the contract and terms before purchasing so you know of the limitations. Additionally, some have had issues with difficulty getting service people to come out, and others have had service providers up-charge them for additional services that they did not request.

Realtor Tools & Plans

Fidelity offers brochures and marketing materials to realtors, but their website experience makes managing many accounts more difficult. That said, they do offer local sales reps specifically for realtors to answer their questions. This is a potentially nice bonus if you have questions in deciding on what is best for your business. In addition to the plans listed above, there are two additional plans:

PlanCoverage Items
Comprehensive Plus PlanSame as Comprehensive Plan above and:
  • A/C / evaporator cooler
Enhanced PlanSame as Comprehensive Plus Plan and:
  • washer/dryer
  • kitchen refrigerator

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Fidelity vs. Other Top Home Warranties

Fidelity vs. American Home Shield (AHS)

One of the major differences between AHS and Fidelity is the online experience and the customization options that AHS has. AHS gives customers the ability to fully customize their plan per system and appliance. Also, they are able to easily submit requests through the online system and track status in a user-friendly interface. Along with a competitive price and good reviews, AHS is a big winner.

Fidelity vs. First American Home Warranty

Fidelity and First American both have set plans that are easy to select from. Some of the biggest differences is that First American has a better user experience online for both home owners and realtors. Though their deductible is higher, they have many more positive reports from customers overall.

Fidelity vs. Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty is refreshingly upgraded versus Fidelity and offers a good website experience -- being a younger company. In terms of the service, Choice Home Warranty gets higher marks overall from customers and even a slightly cheaper deductible and very comparable pricing for what you are getting.

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I have had Fidelity National

I have had Fidelity National since I bought my house in 2012. I have renewed the policy twice so far. It always happens that problems occur Friday afternoon or over the weekend. My garage door opener stopped working on a Saturday, someone was at my house the next day to repair it. My water heater started leaking 3:00 p.m. on Friday, someone was out installing a new water heater Saturday afternoon. Everyone I have dealt with at Fidelity have been cordial, effective and realize that most of these issues are time sensitive (like not having hot water!).

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