Best Panel Ready Dishwasher

‘I want a dishwasher in my kitchen, but I don’t want a dishwasher in my kitchen’.

It sounds like a riddle doesn’t it? But it’s a perfectly reasonable thing to say.

If you’ve already got the kitchen of your dreams made with all your favorite, carefully selected woods and counter materials, the last thing you want to do is ruin the look with an unattractive modern appointment

No matter how sleek the design or varied the finish options, sometimes large appliances like dishwashers just don’t fit into the aesthetic of a kitchen; they don’t have the spirit or the personality. You’ve looked for hours and hours waiting to notice something special, but it’s just not happening.

best panel ready dishwasher

That’s where we come in. We’re here to give you the low down on some of the stealthiest suds in the game with our list of the five best panel ready dishwashers because convenience shouldn’t have to come with an intrusive and ill-fitting presence. 

Too busy for the whole article?

Don’t worry, we’ve got our top pick right here, so you can give as much time as you have and still get the most valuable information.

Top 5 Best Panel Ready Dishwasher



This Bosch has a dedicated water jet aimed at the specially engineered detergent tray to maximise dissolving and spreading of the detergent, providing you with stunning results.

Then as we get into the cycle, a precision wash system continuously scans the load and senses where needs extra attention and how much. Due to the independence of this system, the only load options are full and half, because the machine takes care of the rest.

A sanitize option kills 99.9% of bacteria and includes a hot-rinse finisher to maximise sparkle and shine.


This machine utilizes patended CrystalDry technology that involves an extra powerful heating system that instantly transfers moisture into steam and expels it, making hard to dry items such as plastics and bowls 60% drier.

Capacity and Size

With room for 16 place settings and a flexible third rack with folding sides that can offer up a load more space, this washer can handle larger events with a single load. 

It’s on a the larger side of a dishwasher of this capacity at 33.⅞” tall, 23 9/16” wide, and 23 1/16” deep.


This machine powers on at an impressive 42 dBA, which you’ll honestly hardly notice.

Energy Consumption

All Bosch products are energy star rated, and due to the intelligent precision wash sensors, this thing will be even more efficient than their other models.


The Bosch 800 Series doesn’t do a whole bunch more things than any other washer on this list, but it does them so much better.

The precision water jets hunt down any soiling and obilterate them. This thing is the terminator of the dishwasher world.


  • Affordable for a top quality washer
  • Most effective and energy efficient precision wash technology available
  • Sterilize option gives things a clinical clean
  • Only requires two wash functions because the sensors take care of the rest
  • Can hold 16 place settings
  • CrystalDry technology dries things far more effectively than your average machine
  • Has an extremely quiet wash
  • Fantastic for the environment and at keeping the bills affordable
  • Industry leading brand


  • A little bit larger in scale than most 16 capacity dishwashers



The main event here is PROWASH system that’s basically teh KitchenAid version of the intelligent system Bosch uses. It will make it’s own real-time adjustments to the wash settings to suit the process.

The next awesome feature is the PROSCRUB function. If you have some particularly crusty things going in, this setting signals thirty-six localized water jets to pummle anything that stands in their way

To finish up, this model also comes with an exclusive water filtration process that constantly cleans the wash water during a cycle, which really ensures the highest levels of hygiene.


A heating element has been paired with a fan in this washer to expel as much moisture as possible during the drying process.

Capacity and Size

This dishwasher can handle up to 14 traditional place settings and measures 30” in height, 24 ½ “ in depth, and 23 ⅞” in width.

It also has an adjustable top level rack with specialised spaces for long stemmed glasses, light items, and plastic cups.


This KitchenAid appliance comes with a sound package design that reduces the volume of the wash to a ambient 46 dBA.

That’s about twice the volume of a whisper or a leaf rustling, for context.

Energy Consumption

This dishwasher is energy star rated, meaning it’s officially considered to be energy efficient and better for the environment, but also your bank account.

The exclusive water filtration system also cuts way down on water usage, so you’ll save on electric and water.


This dishwasher is a really intelligent machine, and will be able to handle anything you can fit inside it.

It’s a little pricey, but it’ll save money on energy and water in the long run. It’s packed full with brilliant features that make it stand a mile out in a crowd but it will remain discreet and elegant in your kitchen.


  • Extra precision jets take care of stubborn soilage
  • ProClean senses what needs to be done and does it
  • Exclusive water filtration system cleans water during cycle
  • Quiet wash volume
  • Concealed tap touch controls are easy to use and keep your kitchen looking sharp
  • Energy efficient
  • Stainless steel tub offers greater levels of hygiene


  • Quite pricey
  • Smaller capacity than others



It has six different wash cycles and a sanatize option that keeps the water tempreatrure at 156 degrees to ensure all bacteria is eliminated.

It also has separate eco-wash and energy save functionalities, the former being a simplified version of the smart technology our top picks have, which deduces the most precise and environmentally concious cleaning methods by sensing loadsize and weight.

The energy save wash is a fantastic extra option you can apply to any cycle that will reduce energy consumption by 30%.

This machine also has a really great multiple filter system to make a small amount of water go a long way.


Unfortunately, this machine doesn’t have any cutting edge drying features, but it’s standard heated process works exceedingly well.

Capacity and Size

This dishwasher can fit up to 16 place settings in a single load, measuring in at 23” deep, 32.5” tall, and 17.75” wide, the Zline is not quite as deep, a little bit taller, but no where near as wide.


Zline are really showing us here that power can be graceful by keeping the wash volume down to a very bearable 40 dBA.

This is around the volume of a library with a stern warden.

Energy Consumption

This is where this dishwasher really shines. As we’ve already discussed, this dishwasher has two energy saving settings as well as the triple filtration system to save water, so you might notice your wallet get a little heavier over time.

It’s also an energy star rated appliance, so you know it’s all been tried and tested and found to be beneficial for the environment.


This Zline dishwasher is perfect for the especially eco-concious.

It has enough power to tackle some really tough loads, all while intelligently using only what is absolutely essential.


  • Eco-intelligent wash reduces energy consumption
  • Energy saver reduces energy consumption by a further 30%
  • Triple filtration systemensure high standards of hygiene and reduces water waste
  • Exceedingly quiet machine
  • Energy star rated so you can buy with a clean conscience
  • Sanitize wash function gives you the very cleanest of cleans
  • Extremely affordable. This washer costs less than half our top pick 


  • No advanced drying techniques included
  • Less water jet options


ZLINE 24 in. Top Control Dishwasher in Custom Panel Ready with Stainless Steel Tub


Bosch’s covert cleaner has five different wash cycles, so one less the the Zline but still plenty enough to customize your cycles.

This washer has really clever detergent tray that improves the way in which the detergent dissolves, so you’ll never get that bitty feeling on your plates and glasses, and just like our previous picks, it has an intelligent load sensor that informs it exactly what temperature the wash should be.

It also has a great sanitizer option, but what makes this machine’s wash system special is the ExtraScrub option, which signals targeted jets in the lower half to tackle any encrusted foods on hard to clean utensils.


An extra dry option will automatically increase and hold the temperature at the end of a wash, so you can be sure when you go to unload, you won’t need any towels.

Another option is called ExtraShine and uses the same method mixed with a specialised wash to enhance the gleam of your load.

Capacity and Size

The Bosch can also hold a maximum of 16 place settings and measures 33 ⅞” in height, 23 9/16” in width, and 23 1/16” in depth.


This washer has the same 44dBA cycle volume as our KitchenAid silver medaller, so if you’ve got a living room right next to your kitchen, you can still relax and watch a show.

Energy Consumption

It’s good news for the environment and your wallet; this 300 Series model has an energy star rating.

Combine that with its wash sensor and you’ve got yourself an eco-washer to be proud of


The Bosch 300 Series has a lot of eco-options and also has some deluxe wash features to ensure one cycle is enough for any item.

If you’re looking for something that’s quite advanced but won’t cost the earth, this may be a good option for you.


  • Five wash options
  • Sanitize option ensures 99.9 types of bacteria are destroyed
  • Intelligent load sensor controls wash temperature
  • Holds 16 place settings
  • Enhanced detergent holder
  • Hour long intensive, yet fast wash option
  • Energy efficient
  • ExtarScrub option cna trigger target jets to handle tough soilage
  • Very quiet wash
  • Extra options to enhance drying


  • Less wash options than our top picks
  • No advanced water filtration system


Wash System

This Zline washer is just a step up from our third pick so it has all the same wash functions.

You can expect the EcoWash intelligent sensor that determines how best to save water, and you have the energy saver option that’ll give you a 30% energy reduction on any of the six cycles. You’ll also get the intensive santize wash to kill off bacteria.


We had hoped that the next model up would have some kind of unique heating trick up its sleeve, but this Zline also just has a single heated drying option.

Capacity and Size

Right, here’s what you’re paying extra for. This washer can hold up to twenty table settings with ease, meaning you could probably jam a few other things in there for good measure.

Coming in at  23” deep, 32.5” high, and 23.625 wide, the size difference is infintisemal, yet by some Zline magic, you get four extra place settings in there.


Another very quiet 40 dBA machine. It wouldn’t wake a baby.

Energy Consumption

Energy efficiency is a Zline specialty, so you can guarantee this product will be as eco-friendly as humanly possible, and it has that lovely energy star rating to go along with it.


If you were intrigued by our first Zline but thought you’d like something with a little bit more capacity, or you need a larger fit for your kitchen, then this washer will be great. 

Ideally, we wanted a little more from this machine due to the step up in price, but we can’t argue with it’s quality and amazing capacity.


  • Eco-wash function senses most appropriate wash and saves water
  • Energy saver wash cuts energy consumption by 30%
  • Sanitze option gets rid of all the nasty bacteria
  • Huge load capacity, saving you time and money
  • Very quiet wash
  • Energy star rated


  • Some customers said they had to add extra soap to fully clean loads.
  • No additional features beyond capacity

Best Panel Ready Dishwasher Buying Guide


We know a good salesperson will be able to get you to stretch your budget and reassess what you want from a product, but it’s always best to have that rough idea of what you’d be comfortable spending before you start your shop.

There’s no quicker way to speed up the selection process.


Capacity isn’t just something to think about when it comes to the size of your family, it also has to do with how much kitchenware you own and energy consumption.

If you live on your own or have a small family, and a small collection of kitchenware, you’re safe to get the smaller capacity machines; however, if you have a smaller family but lots of kitchenware, you might as well get a machine with a larger capacity, as you can fill the it up slowly over the course of a few days and get it all done in one cycle. Remember, fewer cycles mean more energy saved.


Taking accurate measurements in this situation is a must as panel ready dishwashers are all about a seamless fit.

Measure you kitchen space and entry points, and it may even be a good idea to contact the seller, asking for the dimensions of the unit once packaged; the last thing you want is your expensive new machine stuck outside.

Panel Size

Panel sizing is going to be a fickle thing if the company you bought the dishwasher from doesn’t provide the service. You may have to outsource, so be as clear as you can about measurements because things could get cloudy with three factions involved.

The best thing to do is contact the appliance company and ask for suggested panel dimensions.

Tub Material

If you can, get a dishwasher with a stainless steel tub.

They’re more hygienic and hardier than plastic tubs, but they also tend to be a little more expensive.

Energy Consumption

An energy efficient dishwasher is a must for the planet and your bank account.

Check if your machine has an energy star rating or any clever features that are likely to reduce water waste.


It’s not good forking out for a swanky dishwasher to surreptitiously clean away behind that elegant and deceptive wooden panel if the wash cycle rattles the whole house. The idea of a panel ready unit is to blend in, which is why you’ll definitely want to consider a washer’s running volume.

We’d recommend looking for a dishwasher that runs at between 40 to 45 dBA. These are considered the quiet machines. Up to around 48 dBA is still pretty subdued but beyond that is going to be quite noisy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do panel ready dishwashers come with a panel?

No, panels normally don’t come with the units. Some companies will offer custom paneling as a separate service or perhaps sometimes included in the cost, but they might not provide the exact material you need to match your kitchen. 

As the panel doesn’t come with the unit, the handle is also unincluded.

Can you change the panel on a panel ready dishwasher?

Yes, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to add a second, different pannal at a later date if you decide to switch up your kitchen’s look.

Just be careful you’re not overly forceful removing the old panel.

Which is a better dishwasher KitchenAid or Bosch?

I can give you the happy yet entirely unhelpful answer: They’re both great!. It’s mostly going to come down to personal preference and experience.

As you’ve seen we love both brands, but over the course of our research we decided that Bosch was the best option for the price. It’s important to note that both our number one and two spots had near perfect ratings on our reference site.

That’s No Cupboard

We hope this article has been of some use to you on your mission to find that perfect panel ready design.

If you’re still unsure what you want, do some thinking, some more research, and ask advice, but if you’ve fallen head over heels for one of the hidden gems on our list, you won’t be disappointed; they’re all marvelous dishwashers.