Best Maytag Washer

Maytag has been constantly redefining and updating their washing machines for over 100 years, so we think that they’d be a pretty safe bet to opt for when you’re looking for a new washing machine.

Their washers are powerful yet gentle, quick but energy efficient. Looking at their extensive catalog of impressive models, it’s no wonder that so many people are turning to Maytag, or have been loyal customers for many years.

Thanks to the wide range of washers that Maytag offer, there are plenty of features and interesting functions for you to peruse and determine what will work best for you and your household.

Looking through page after page of different models can become somewhat of a chore and it’s difficult to keep track of all of the great options that you’ve come across. Thankfully, that’s where we step in. 

Best Maytag Washer

Below we have listed the five best Maytag washers available for you to buy right now. 

In a hurry?

Our favorite Maytag washer has to be the MVWX655DW model. Other than our extensive research on Maytag washers and the different models on our list, here are some of the reasons that helped us to come to this decision:

  • You can use the different functions to customize each load of laundry you complete. 

  • Stains have no chance within this washer thanks to the Power Impellers. 

  • The washer is stylish with a glass door. 

  • Optimal dispensers release the detergent and softener at the best times for your garments. 

Top 5 Best Maytag Washer



First up on our list is the MVWX655DW washer that boasts POWER IMPELLERS to ensure that every stain is tackled and diminished in one single wash. Gone are the days of having to wash things multiple times to try and get them cleaned!

The PowerWash cycle also helps the fight against stains and offers extra cleaning abilities to remove all of the dirt and grime. The top-loading door is made of tinted glass to give you a front-row seat to how your clothes are being treated within the washer.

Pick from 11 cycles and adjust the soil level and water temperature as well. Feel free to customize your washing loads up to the standards of your clothes. Optimal dispensers release the detergent and fabric softener at staggered intervals to ensure that your clothes are treated as good as possible.


  • Fights to ensure that every stain is removed in one wash.
  • The glass door adds a layer of sophistication and style to your room.
  • Customize the cycles to your loads.
  • Optimal dispensers leave your clothes with a higher quality wash.


  • Not ENERGY STAR certified.



The MVWC565FW washer comes with plenty of functions to enjoy and play around with. The POWERWASH cycle helps to remove the toughest stains imaginable, and the matching agitator ensures that your laundry is tackled with both care and attention. 

Choose the amount of water that you want to use for your washer. If you need more water for a cycle or two, simply choose the Deep Water feature. This feature will ensure that you can choose how much water you’re using to avoid waste and hiking up your water consumption. 

There are 11 wash cycles to choose from to ensure that you can use the best option for every load of laundry. Also, pick the level of soiling and temperature that you want to use to get the best clean as possible. The 10-year warranty is another added bonus to keep your washer raring to go for as long as possible. 


  • Ensures that tough stains are a thing of the past. 

  • Plenty of customization to treat your clothes right. 

  • Conserves water consumption. 

  • 10-year warranty. 


  • Not ENERGY STAR certified. 

  • A few customers found it to be too noisy.



A slightly different looking washer, the MHW6630HW is a front loading machine with a large tinted glass door. The large door ensures that you can see your entire load as it spins around for entertainment purposes. The Extra Power button is in place in case the stains need some extra work. 

The 16-hour Fresh Hold function keeps your laundry fresh while it’s waiting for you to remove it from the washer. An internal fan and casual tumbling action allow air to circulate around the laundry for up to 16 hours after the wash has been completed. You no longer have to worry about stale smelling laundry if you’ve left it in the machine for too long. 

The option to run a sanitize cycle has never been more appealing, as it can remove all bacteria from your laundry during the washing process. You also have the option to steam your laundry as well to ensure the deepest clean imaginable. 


  • ENERGY STAR certified. 

  • Sophisticated look. 

  • Ability to keep clothes fresh for up to 16 hours after the load finishes. 

  • Sanitizing and steaming function. 


  • A couple of reviewers found that the door leaked. 

  • There is not much customization for you to try. 



Next up, the MVW7232HW washer is sleek and stylish with a white body and a tinted glass lid to allow you to watch your laundry be cleaned. A reasonable number of functions will suit people who don’t mind compromising their custom ability. 

There is a heavy-duty washer capable of washing even the toughest stains from your garments. This ability is only helped by the big Extra Power button that’s staring you in the face from the control panel, beckoning you to press it. 

Link this washer to the Maytag app to get notifications once your laundry has finished, as well as stopping and starting the appliance from another room. You don’t even have to travel to the laundry room to begin your chores! 

This washer is ENERGY STAR certified so you can rest assured that your energy bill won’t be increasing during each cycle. The Advanced Vibration Control prevents the washer from moving while it’s turned on and minimize noise. 


  • Stylish appearance. 

  • The Extra Power button takes care of the harshest stains. 

  • Connect to the app to use your washer remotely. 

  • ENERGY STAR certified. 


  • It does not perform as quietly as some other washers. 

  • The top-load function means that you cannot stack the washer. 



Last but not least is the MVWB965HW washer, with an extra-large capacity suitable for larger families or big houses. Even though the washer can withhold more laundry, it doesn’t mean that your clothes are treated any worse thanks to the POWERWASH system. Every garment will be taken care of and washed thoroughly to your standards. 

The Optimal Dispensers can automatically release detergent and fabric softener at the optimal time to ensure that your clothes are receiving the different components at the ideal time. Instead of dumping all of your washing liquids in the model all at once, the release of them should be staggered. 

Add a sanitizing cycle to your load of laundry to kill off up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs, and steam your clothes to make them more porous and ready to be penetrated by the detergent. These two functions guarantee a better clean and make you more confident in your sanitized garments. 


  • Large capacity. 

  • Stagger the release of your detergent and softeners. 

  • Sanitize your clothes. 

  • The steaming function gives a more thorough cleaning. 


  • The cycles take a while to complete.

  • The lid might condensate outside of the drum.

Best Maytag Washer Buying Guide

Now that we’ve looked at the best five Maytag washers that money can buy, how about we discover the most important features to remember when cementing your decision on which model to purchase? 

Maytag is one of the leading brands for washers, so it stands to reason that any of their models will serve you well. However, everyone’s needs are different so one washer does not suit everyone. 

Below is some useful information to remember when you’re comparing different Maytag washers to ensure that you choose the best one for you. 

Value for money

First and foremost, the value for money of your washer is perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing a model. By value for money, we mean in regards to how many features you’re getting for the overall cost. 

For example, if a washer had a minimal number of features but was still priced at the same level as a washer with lots of features, the former model would be considered bad value for the money. 

Of course, we all love paying less for more, so value for money is important. Look for a washer that is priced within your budget but includes lots of impressive features. For example, deep clean cycles, steam options, and eco washes are among the favorite features of a washer.


The efficiency of your washer is another important consideration, as a poorly efficient washer will eat away at your energy bill and leave you paying much more in the long run. 

Highly efficient washers are ENERGY STAR certified, so if you see a product boasting about being ENERGY STAR certified, you know that you’re not going to have a hefty bill to pay at the end of the month. 

Luckily, the majority of Maytag’s washers are ENERGY STAR certified and therefore won’t surprise you with hidden costs. Just make sure that you choose a model that states its certified status. 


Maytag offers an impressive warranty on all of their laundry appliances. Each washer comes with a 10-year limited parts warranty, so you don’t have to worry about your washer faltering after the short warranty period has expired. 

We believe that the length of the warranty directly correlates to the trust that the brand has in its products. If a brand offered no warranty at all, we’d be hesitant to purchase from them as the quality of their product would be questionable. 

Luckily for you, Maytag offers a generous warranty and therefore believes that their washers are not going to break down within 10 years. This should give you reassurance to put your trust in them. 

Size and Style 

The size of your washer needs to be a consideration before you opt for one model. For starters, you need to make sure that the washer will fit into the desired space in your house. Secondly, it needs to be large enough to fit a load of washing in. If you live alone or with only one other person, you might need a smaller washer than a family of six. 

The style of the washer should also be in keeping of your preferred interior style. Of course, the color and shape of your washer is not the most important factor to consider when you’re looking to buy one, but it’s useful to remember that you shouldn’t hate the look of your new appliance. 

Would you prefer a top-load washer or a front-load model? Both of these options have their benefits and drawbacks, so the decision is up to you and how you prefer to do your laundry. If you wanted to stack your washer with a dryer, a front-load model would be the obvious choice. 

You can also slot front-load washers into small spaces in your house. However, if you prefer to load and unload your laundry easily, choose a top-load washer. They’re simple to use and you’ll save time on bending down to reach the washer door. 


Some washers are more versatile than others, so you should determine how versatile you want your washer to be. An example to use is that some washers are stackable so that you can save space by placing the washer on top of the dryer. 

Not all washers can be stacked upon different appliances, so it’s important that you choose one that has this capability if you want to stack them. Another example of a versatile washer is one that also has drying capabilities so that you don’t need to invest in a separate washer and dryer. 


Perhaps one of the more pressing questions to ask about a washer is whether it actually cleans the clothes properly or not. You don’t want to be spending double the money and time on washing your clothes twice to truly get them clean, so the performance of the washer is very important to learn before you buy the model. 

You can find how a washer performs by checking the customer reviews, as this is one of the most common places to check for trustworthy reviews. If more than a few people have found that the washer in question hasn’t washed their clothes sufficiently, we’d steer clear of that model. There is a reason why the consensus is poor. 

Noise Level 

It’s no secret that washers can be noisy throughout the cycle, especially when they’re on the home stretch of finishing. Some washers are made to be quieter than others so that you can do your laundry at all times of the day without disturbing anyone. 

A quieter washer often costs more money than a noisier washer, so you should determine whether you really need your washer to be quiet. Most of Maytag’s washers aren’t deafening, so have a think whether you really need a quieter model or not. 

Ease of Use

Chores are never fun, and even more so when they’re complicated as well. No one has time to spend hours trying to set the functions on their washer - they want to press a button and get on with the rest of the housework. For this reason, you should look for a washer that is easy to use. 

Unless you enjoy fiddling with dials and buttons for too long at a time, shortcuts and pre-programmed settings are everyone’s best friend. You can keep the dial positioned on your preferred setting and simply press start to begin the load. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Maytag washers last? 

Maytag washers tend to last longer than the average washing machine because of the 10-year limited warranty that Maytag offers its customers. Thanks to this warranty, you can depend on your washer to last up to 10 years due to the replacement parts that are available for you. 

The average life expectancy of a washer is 11 years, and Consumer Reports suggest that you replace your washer every 8 years. So, you should expect for your Maytag washer to last up to the average lifespan of a normal washer. 

Is Maytag still a good brand?

Maytag was acquired by Whirlpool recently; however, this doesn’t mean that Maytag has compromised its quality or reliability. Whirlpool is one of the leading manufacturers in home appliances, so the fact that Maytag is now under their wing can only be a good thing. 

We would advise you to not worry about Maytag being a good brand. They are as good as they were when they emerged onto the market over a century ago - if not better.