Best 36 Inch Professional Gas Range

Has your reliable old oven finally gone to that scrapyard in the sky? Or perhaps you’re in the market for a new model before it has the chance to fall apart entirely. If you’re well-versed in the electric variety, have you considered the use of an all-gas model?

Providing simple, instant heat and cheaper to operate than their electrical counterparts - though more expensive to purchase initially - gas stoves are commonplace in most kitchens.

Professional chefs might prefer the use of gas burners because they serve as visual temperature gauges and are easily reduced or increased, where electrical stovetops can prove difficult to read and cause havoc.

Whether you’re a home baker keen to get an upgrade or a Michelin standard cook looking for the best quality, there’s sure to be a gas range to suit you, and we’ve prepared a round up of five of the best available to buy right now.

If you’re the kind of person who struggles to choose between several options, don’t get overwhelmed: our buyer’s guide lays out everything you need to know about picking out your new professional gas range, considering a variety of needs.

We’ve also scoured the net and prepared a list of frequently asked questions, to allay any worries or address any queries you might have in the process of picking out and purchasing the perfect oven.

Got to get cooking fast? Here’s our top pick:

Top 5 Best 36 Inch Professional Gas Range


COSMO COS-F965NF 36 in. Dual Fuel Range with 5 Gas Burners, Electric Convection Oven with 3.8 cu. ft. Capacity, 8 Functions, Black Porcelain Interior in Stainless Steel


If you’re in a hurry to pick up a new oven, you might not have time to sit around comparing products. If that’s the case, why not check out the sleek and contemporary Cosmo Dual Fuel Range, which we’ve highlighted as our favorite on the market.

Aesthetically pleasing and incredibly sturdy, it’s clearly well made. Composed of corrosion-resistant 430-grade stainless steel, featuring cast-iron grates to retain and evenly distribute heat, it makes a beautiful addition to any serious kitchen.

Boasting five high-performance burners designed to reach a different temperature, you can attain between five thousand and eighteen thousand BTU depending on your needs. Whether you’re boiling, searing, or simmering, you’ll always achieve perfect results.

Designed to cook in less time and at lower temperatures than a typical household range, a turbo convection electric oven with 3.8 cubic feet of capacity produces and distributes heat evenly across all food.

With eight functions, including traditional and convection bake, three broil options, defrosting - even a special pizza setting! - you’ll never run the risk of over or undercooking.


  • Smudge resistant finish is wipe-clean
  • Easily converts from natural gas to liquid propane (kit sold separately)
  • Two-year warranty for your protection
  • US-based customer support team


  • Utilizes gas and electricity, so could be more expensive to run


NXR SC3611 36' 5.5 cu.ft. Pro-Style Natural Gas Range with Convection Oven, Stainless Steel


Built with the most professional of chefs in mind, this natural gas range from NXR fulfills any cooking requirements, from basic to haute cuisine. Featuring six, yes, six world-class single stack burners, ranging from six thousand to a massive twenty-two thousand BTU, you can move seamlessly between a gentle simmer and an intense boil.

Sure to be the centerpiece of any kitchen, every part of this range is constructed from gleaming stainless steel that wipes down in seconds, whilst a black porcelain drip pan catches any and all spills for quick and easy cleaning.

When they say extra-large, they mean it, as this classic convection oven sports a huge capacity of 5.5 cubic feet. Powered by heavy-duty fans continuously circulating air, your food will cook evenly as a precise heat is distributed equally, requiring less time to hit desired temperatures.

A large viewing window means monitoring your cooking is easier than ever - never again will you face a sunken cake or underdone casserole because you had to keep opening the oven door!

Cast iron cooking grates are elevated for easy use, whilst the built-in butterfly broiler allows you to show off your cooking techniques, searing and sealing in flavor by directly exposing foods to high heats.


  • 25-volt halogen lights allow for high visibility when in use
  • Durable and rigorously tested materials
  • Oven coated in onyx porcelain for an easy-clean finish
  • Professional standards of cooking at home


  • Non-electric oven means manual cleaning is required


Smeg C36GGRU 36' Free Standing Gas Range with 6 Gas Burners and 3 Cooking Modes, Red


Smeg is an incredibly reputable company that you can absolutely trust, and this bold, bright crimson gas range is no exception. A standout amongst the competitors, you’ll dazzle any visitor to your kitchen before you even switch it on.

Composed of AISI 304 stainless steel, with a four-inch polished stainless steel backsplash built-in, this is a durable oven built to last for years to come.

A trademarked “Ever-Clean” enameled interior makes maintenance a breeze and increases that lifespan even more.Six burners contribute to a heavy-duty but sleek stovetop, with cast iron, full-width grates, and automatic electronic ignition, so you’ll be cooking in seconds.

A range of temperatures from 3,400 to 15,000 BTU means this versatile oven accommodates any cooking technique.

Using a fan-assisted static gas oven offers three cooking modes to suit a variety of dishes, suitable for baking and broiling. 4.4 cubic feet is plenty of room for cooking absolutely anything, and four shelf positions assure you’ll never under or overcook.

An air-cooled, triple-glazed, fully removable door is fully ventilated with an in-built cooling system to ensure your oven will never overheat. Gas safety valves and fully sealed burners guarantee an optimal experience every time. 


  • Striking design is a lovely addition to any home
  • High-quality construction for a long product life
  • Height-adjustable from 35.625 inches to 37.75 inches to suit any kitchen
  • Includes baking tray, shelves, wire racks, and two additional pan rings


  • Quite expensive in comparison to others on the list


THOR KITCHEN 36 inch Pro-style 6 Burner Gas Range + LP Conversion Kit Bundle


Thor Kitchen offers a range of top-quality kitchen appliances and their pro-style burner is just one example. Bundled together with a liquid propane conversion kit, it’s a versatile option to suit a variety of cooking requirements. 

Some of the reviews for other gas ranges mention the lack of a “true” simmer option, but this won’t be a problem here, as the folks at TK have made sure to include a six hundred and fifty BTU burner perfect for low-temperature heating.

Five other burners are protected by three continuous cast-iron grates to allow for easy transference of heavy pots and pans. Reaching between twelve thousand and twenty thousand BTU, they are versatile and suitable for any kind of cooking.

A precise, thermostatically controlled convection oven circulates air for even heat distribution and precise cooking. Distinctly blue in color, the porcelain interior and nickel-plated racks are wipe-clean and food can be easily monitored with in-built halogen lights.

An infrared broiler is built into the 5.2 cubic feet of oven space, offering fast, even cooking that seals in meat juices for the tenderest, thinnest cuts and reaching temperatures of sixteen thousand five hundred BTU. 


  • Two years parts and labor warranty
  • Conversion kit included
  • Versatile and easy to clean
  • Offers infrared and convection heat options


  • Absence of built-in digital timer


Verona Prestige Series VPFSGE365SS 36 inch Dual Fuel Range Freestanding Turbo Convection Oven 5 Sealed Burners Stainless Steel Storage Drawer


As the name suggests, all of the beautiful offerings available from manufacturers Verona are made in Italy, designed and built in the suburbs of Venice at the heart of Italian cooking. As such, you can rest assured that each individual range is produced with perfection in mind.

Composed of quality 304 Stainless Steel, this oven is corrosion-resistant, durable, and built to last, no matter how often it is used, and outshines competition to give your kitchen a professional look.

Five sealed brass burners are covered by continuous grates to make switching between them a breeze - you could even turn it into a flat top grill if you bought an additional tray.

Easily controlled by chrome bezel knobs and hitting temperatures between 1,000 and 18,000 BTU, you’ll be able to cook whatever you please. Electronic ignition and a flame failure safety device mean they’re simple and safe to use.

A powerful turbo convection oven offers 5.0 cubic feet of cooking space and a built-in infrared broiler delivering 15,000 BTU of power for intensive heat. The patentedEZ Clean porcelain oven surface makes cleaning as easy as wiping surfaces down - no more scrubbing!


  • Easily converts to run on liquid propane, kit included
  • Built-in halogen lights 
  • Powerful infrared boiler and convection oven combo
  • Wipe clean, shiny surfaces


  • Its high-quality design is reflected in the price point

Best 36 Inch Professional Gas Range Buying Guide


The fact that you’re branching out to a more professional product indicates you plan to use your new range for more than frying eggs. High-performance burners are a prominent feature of the industry-style ranges, as well as offering more than the usual four rings, and allow for more refined cooking techniques like searing.

If you’re confused by the measurement of burner temperatures, BTU (or British Thermal Units), don’t worry, you probably aren’t alone. It quite simply determines how hot a single burner can get: for example, one BTU will increase the temperature of half a liter of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

A less expensive, more standard household range will usually offer up burners that reach between twelve and fifteen thousand BTU, whilst a professional range can hit up to twenty thousand BTU. It isn’t all about how hot it can get, though!

Make sure the range you choose has a burner that is suitable for gentle simmerings, like our offering from Thor Kitchen, which features a low-level, six hundred and fifty BTU burner built for maintaining those lower temperatures when necessary.

Some models also incorporate an infrared broiler, built into the oven as a separate heat source, which further diversifies their heating capabilities and makes for a more powerful cooking experience overall.

Dimensions and DesignThough the measurements of the range itself might be of the highest priority to ensure it actually fits into your kitchen, there are in fact other measurements to consider, such as the capacity of the oven’s cavity, which determines the amount you can cook at one time.

Depending on the size of your household, two to three cubic feet of space should be enough to accommodate food for one or two people, whilst three to four feet is better for three or four. Got lots of kids or roommates? You can get models with up to six cubic feet of room, perfect for those huge families that need feeding!

It’s likely that a polished stainless steel design will fit in well with any kitchen, no matter the design, but if you’re after something a little more quirky, it’s possible to find brightly colored offerings like the one we’ve highlighted from Smeg - you just might need to shell out a little more cash for the individuality.

Gas versus Dual Fuel

Dual Fuel ranges combine the best of both worlds for consumers with more complex needs: a gas stovetop for budding chefs and an electric oven more suitable for bakers thanks to its more even heat distribution. 

However, unlike their gas counterparts, they won’t be fully functional should there be a power cut, though you will still have use of the stovetop burners - if you need to be cooking constantly, perhaps stick to the gas-powered models just in case.

Remember that, whether dual fuel or not, ranges will need to be powered by a natural gas line pre-installed in your kitchen, although some products come with kits that allow for use of liquid propane instead if you would prefer.

Flexibility and Function

Most of the ranges on our list have a variety of settings and additional features to entice you into purchasing, and your individual circumstances will determine which of these shiny extras are worth investing in.

Whether that’s wider oven windows, larger oven cavities, a variety of pre-programmed cooking settings, heated food storage drawers, the hottest burners or WiFi capability, nowadays you can find a range that does just about everything.Be careful of getting distracted by fancy technology, though, as easy as it can be.

Make sure that your priority is the efficiency of the actual oven itself, ensuring the stovetop burners also function as well as they should, or you’ll end up with an extravagant cooking appliance you can’t cook properly with!

Ease of Maintenance

Cleaning the oven is a task that very few people relish, and it can take hours to get bigger ranges back to their former glory if you leave it too long or pick out a model that has a lot of hard-to-reach grease traps.

The best ranges have easily maneuverable, removable racks that can be adjusted to suit you, which makes getting those shiny and new again as easy as pulling them out and sliding back in once they’ve been for a soak in some food-safe cleaner.

Materials used to construct the range’s internal cavity will also impact on the difficulty you’ll have in cleaning: many of the models we’ve suggested are designed with porcelain ovens to make tidying it up as easy as possible.

Fancier, higher-end models even feature self-cleaning cycles that do most of the hard work for you! If you dread the chore that is scrubbing old, burnt food from your oven, it could be worth spending those extra few hundred dollars on a model that reduces your maintenance by more than half.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard sized gas range?

Freestanding gas ranges can be divided into two categories: standard and pro. A standard range will usually measure approximately thirty inches wide, whilst professional setups can fall between thirty-six and forty-eight inches depending on the number of ovens featured.

Are gas ranges better than electric?

The answer to this question will change depending on who you ask! We would suggest that the best option for you personally is easily determined by your circumstances.For instance, a gas stove works without using electricity, so you’ll be unable to cook in a power-outage if your oven is not supplied by gas, which might prove tricky if you experience intermittent electrical issues where you are.

Additionally, gas ranges are usually cheaper to operate, especially if you already utilize natural gas in your home, and the flame produced by gas arguably distributes heat more evenly.

However, an electric range is cheaper to purchase and produces a drier heat more suitable for roasting and baking. If you’re looking for a versatile oven and have more to spend, then a gas range is the way to go. 

How long does a gas range last?

A gas range’s lifespan is really determined by how often it is used and cared for. Oftentimes, a product will be replaced before it no longer functions to suit changes in technology and aesthetics as times change.

According to household research, though, out of all typical household appliances, a range has the longest expectancy, coming in at around fifteen years on average.