Best 33inch Wide Refrigerator

We don’t care what anyone says, buying a new refrigerator is exciting as hell.

Maybe it’s just because they house all our delicious grub and keep our beers frosty, but there’s something that seems homely or even magical about them.

The right fridge has personality, an aesthetic that suits its surroundings, and it can handle everything you throw at it from birthdays to thanksgiving, from game day to Christmas.

It’s always there for us, more of a family member than an appliance, which is why it’s so important to pick the absolute best one for you.

Well, we’ve put together this frosty list of the best 33inch wide refrigerators to help fill the hole in your heart and kitchen where your last one was. So crack a warm one, put your feet up, and have a little scroll to see if there’s anything here that gives you chills. We’ve even written an in-depth buyer’s guide and brief FAQ section to speed up your whole shopping experience.

Got food going bad by the second?

Not to worry! We’ve got our coolest cat right here at the top for you.

Top 5 Best 33inch Wide Refrigerator



This is a top of the line 32.75” wide all American blizzard in a box packed full with more special features than an alien spacecraft.

Energy Consumption

This unit has more than earned its energy star and CEE tier 1 rating with a built-in Accu-chill temperature management system that saves heaps of energy by constantly monitoring the temperature and signaling the compressor to apply some stringently measured cooling only when it’s absolutely necessary, keeping the earth and your wallet happy.


With 15.62 cu. ft. of fresh food space including three main spill-guard glass shelves, two humidity-controlled crispers to keep salad and veg fresh as the day you bought it, and another small high-tier draw for extra snacks, you’ll finally be able to fit a families worth of produce in one place.

On top of that, it has 5 adjustable compartments and a 6th stationary gallon-size base compartment on the door, so if you or your family like dip as much as we do, there’s oodles of room for all your favourite sauces, mustards and marinades.

The 6.45 cu. ft. freezer compartment is incredibly easy to manage thanks to the two well designed, smooth running compartmentalized draws. You’ll never have to ice pick your way through stacks of frozen food again.

Special Features

This article would be far too long if I were to list out every fantastic feature built into this refrigerator like the natural effect, low energy LED spotlights, ice maker, and reversible swing door opening, so we’ll just talk about the thing that really impressed us: the FreshFlow produce preserver.

This genius addition utilizes a specialized filter to withdraw excess ethylene gasses from your fridge interior to help some of your produce last 25% longer. Amazing right?


If you have a reasonably large budget, and like your refrigerator teeming with fresh, colorful produce then this is the perfect one for you. This refrigerator is like leasing a penthouse for your food.


  • Large fresh and frozen produce spaces

  • Built-in icemaker

  • LED spotlights

  • Reversible swing door

  • FreshFlow keeps some foods fresh longer by slowly ripening process

  • Accu-chill smart system makes it energy efficient

  • Spill-guard shelves help prevent leakage


  • Quite pricey (but not really for what you get)

  • Requires extra purchases before set up



Coming in at a chilly number two is this elegant 32.8” wide answer to all your food storage problems. 

Energy Consumption

This GE work of art also has an energy star rating. It may not be quite as efficient as our Whirlpool champion, but you can rely on this to the refrigerator to keep your food, the earth, and your temperament cool.


GE haven’t just packed this thing to the brim with neat features, they’ve also completely emptied it out so you have the maximum amount of storage space. 

Those lovely French doors open up onto 17.5 cu. ft. of fresh produce storage space including four QuickSpace retractable shelves, six large and 2 small door cabinets, and a large dedicated bottom shelf that sits above not one, not two, but three draws, two of which are humidity adjustable.

The third full-width draw has a localized temperature, so if you’ve got some difficult food that needs a bit of extra care this fridge has the resources.

The 7.3 cu. ft. freezer space contains two shelves on strong runners that remain smooth no matter how heavy the food load gets.

Special Features

Let’s just say it wasn’t just the top pick that blew our minds, people. This thing has its own exclusive, advanced water filtration system, making sure all your water and ice is completely free from even trace amounts of impurities.

This is such a great, forward-thinking feature that’s sure to help you live cleaner and be healthier.

This GE masterpiece also has loads of other great things going on like a digital temperature display, quick-space shelf functions that allow for larger items to be stored with ease, LED spotlights, and a special FrostGuard function that will automatically initiate defrosts to keep the ice levels in your freezer under control.


This is the Bentley of refrigerators. It wants to help you be the best you can be. If you’ve got money set aside for a top of the line product that looks elegant and does more than a refrigerator has any right to do, then this might be that little bit of luxury you’ve been holding out for.


  • Elegant French doors

  • An exclusive and advance water filtration system cleans your water and ice

  • Loads of fridge and freezer storage space

  • FrostGuard automatic defrost saves you time, effort, and mess

  • Energy star rated

  • Built-in icemaker

  • QuickSpace retractable shelves make finding space for taller items a breeze


  • Expensive

  • Not as energy-efficient as our top pick

  • Needs extra purchases to prepare for installation



Next on our cryogenic caper, we have another awesome 32.75” wide Whirlpool refrigerator.

This time we’re flipping it with a top freezer design, so if you get knee and back pain as well as the frostbite, digging through your bottom freezer for the sausages you only half remember freezing, then this is an ideal move for you.

Energy Consumption

As far as we can see, this refrigerator isn’t energy star rated; however, we did check out estimated annual running costs, and due to its smaller size and less technical functions, it still works out as cheaper to run than both our number one and two spots.


This model isn’t going to win any beauty awards, but it’s got what truly matters in spades...loads of space for your culinary concoctions.

With an impressive 14.42 cu. ft. refrigerator space, this cold little beast, can store almost as much fresh produce as our number one pick. It has three slide-in adjustable, easy to clean shelves, so storing your bulkier items or creating your own preferred shelf height is no problem whatsoever, and there are two humidity-controlled crisper drawers for all your salad and veg.

The door holds three moveable shelf buckets and has dedicated gallon and butter shelves, leaving you one stationary shelf free for whatever else you wish to put there.

The 6.08 cu. ft. freezer space may not have as much organizational potential as our other more portly options, but it’s ample enough space for all the essentials and more.

The thing we find extra cool about this freezer is that the door has another couple of shelves giving you that extra space that you’re likely to need for the festive seasons.

Special Features

This fridge has such a great spot on our list because it’s an affordable option that doesn’t fall short on quality. It’s still packed with useful little features that are sure to make your life easier.

It has the ergonomic reversible door swing function that our top pick has, so you can change the door swing direction to best suit your kitchen. The lightly textured surface of the doors also make this refrigerator a dream to clean.

It has LED spotlighting that uses far less energy than a traditional fridge light and won’t need changing, so you’ll never reach into the dark for that chilled chocolate bar and dunk your hand into the leftover soup.

Everything you really need is there. You can even choose to get the EZ Connect icemaker kit attachment, so you can have all the cocktails iced and ready to sip in record time. 


This isn’t the fanciest refrigerator on the market, but it’s a top-quality machine with great fundamentals, made by the world's leading large appliance company, and it has some of the sweet little extras as well.

If you desire reliability over swish features and slick aesthetics, or you need a slightly smaller unit to fit your space, this is absolutely the way to go.


  • Affordable

  • Will fit in smaller spaces

  • Still has ample storage room despite size

  • Optional ice maker available for fitting

  • LED lighting won’t leave you in the dark

  • Reversible door function

  • Reliable company

  • Easily cleaned

  • Extra freezer door compartments

  • Cheap to run


  • Not quite as much storage space

  • Not as pretty

  • Could be a little more energy efficient (we think)



Please welcome Frigadere to the frigid foray with their fantastic 33” wide Side by Side refrigerator capable of great things.

Energy Consumption

This is another appliance on our list that isn’t advertised as having an energy star, but overall energy consumption is pretty low for this refrigerator considering its size.


Right, here’s where this thing really excels. The shelving is so adjustable, you couldn’t count on your whole family’s fingers, toes, and paws how many ways you can customize the storage space.

The 14.17 cu. ft. of refrigerator space on the left-hand side contains three humidity-controlled crisper drawers for all your fresh fruits and salad, and three standard shelves for your jarred and packaged goods.

So, what makes this thing a veritable Rubic’s cube of cold air. It’s the unique, built-in spaces running almost every half an inch from the top to bottom that allow for such a customizable experience. 

The door has four ample removable shelves and one dedicated and covered dairy shelf. 

Coming in at 7.9 cu. ft. , this refrigerator has the largest freezer space on our list. It has three wire shelves and one draw shelf at the base, and similarly to our last pick, it has loads of storage options in the door, four to be exact.

Special Features

Other than the immense customizable storage potential, this refrigerator has a really great Pure Source 3 water filtration system ensuring great tasting, contaminant-free water and ice.

Yes, it has a built-in icemaker as well with normal ice blocks or crushed ice functions, so forget about room temperature; room temperature is a thing of the past.


This refrigerator is perfect for larger households and those who like to keep their frozen goods well stocked. It’s basically an elegant doorway to a vast personal tundra.


  • Epic storage options
  • Largest storage space on the list
  • Comes with a water filtration device
  • Comes with built-in icemaker
  • More affordable than most high-end refrigerators 


  • Water filter must be changed every 6 months
  • Thin storage areas may not be suitable for wider products or dishes
  • We don’t think it’s energy star rated.



Our fifth pick is a smaller ice-monger but by no means lacking in fantastic features or quality.

Energy Consumption

Another appliance without an energy star rating; however, the annual running costs are the second-lowest on our list.


The 11.9 cu. ft. refrigerator space has three full-width shelves, the middle of which is adjustable, for clean and clear storage, and two crisper drawers beneath. The doors each have three removable shelves, four of them large and deep, two of them smaller.

The freezer has 5.5 cu. ft. split into six draws, that may not be suitable for really wide items, but have plenty of room for normal storage.

Special Features

This refrigerator has our favorite layout of all. The four French doors really make finding your food easier than ever. They’re perfect when you’re not sure what you want to eat and you want to have a clear look at what you have for inspiration.

The other stand out feature for us is the Twin Tech dual evaporator system that helps keep your food fresh for longer.


We picked this refrigerator because we think it’s the perfect size for someone who has smaller living quarters but still wants great food storage options. Perfect for an apartment and loaded with great features, it won’t disappoint.


  • Affordable

  • Sleek look

  • Easiest access of all fridges on the list

  • Twin Tech evaporation system keeps food fresh for longer

  • Smaller scale to fit smaller living quarters


  • Not as much storage space as others on the list

  • Thinner freezer space may not be suitable for wider items

Best 33inch Wide Refrigerator Buying Guide


It’s always best to cobble together a rough budget before you start your search. This is the quickest way to narrow down your choices.


Unlike other large appliances that will be reduced over September and October, refrigerators will often be on offer during May.

Style and Size


So you’ve measured up and 33 inches is the perfect size for you. Remember to measure entry points, and ask for the dimensions of the refrigerator when it’s fully packaged.

Chances are it’ll add an inch or two all around.

Storage Space

The refrigerator you’re looking at will be marked with its overall dimensions in inches, its storage space in cubic feet, and how that space is split into the different sections, but it may still be hard to discern how much in real terms you can fit in. 

Some specification pages will give you a more understandable guide, e.g. ‘will fit 26 bags of groceries’, which gives you a clearer picture of what a refrigerator can hold.

If you can’t get a feel for how much storage space a fridge has, ask some questions along those lines.


You also want your fridge to look amazing. Having a particular look in mind will help narrow down your choices.

Most refrigerators will come in a number of different finishes, so focus on design features first before worrying about color.

Energy Efficiency

Ideally, you want a fridge that is going to be good for the earth and save you money in the long term by being more energy-efficient. Look for products with energy star ratings. 

A good seller will also have a viewable document that estimates an annual running cost, so you’ll know ahead of purchase if an appliance is going to cost a bomb to run.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a refrigerator last?

As a rough average, 12 years, but it depends on the quality of the fridge and how it’s used.

If the fridge is in an extremely hot environment, its motors will be pushed harder and will likely reduce its longevity. A well looked after, quality refrigerator can last up to around 25 years.

What happens if you don’t let a fridge settle?

Displaced oil from the compressor might find it’s way into the refrigeration system and cause a blockage.

You should allow between 8 to 24 hours resting time depending on the supplier’s recommendations.

What is the best month to buy a refrigerator?

May is the best month to buy a new refrigerator as companies are getting ready to release new models, and to make room for them in stores, outdated models are discounted.

Stay Glacial

That’s your lot then, fridge-finders. Five of the best refrigerators on the market and what makes them the chieftains of chill, the eminences of iciness, the zeniths of sub-zero.

Now, with our buyer’s guide and FAQ section fresh in your mind, you’re ready to make an informed decision and add that new frosty family member to your home.

Keep it fresh, folks.