Best 30 Inch Gas Range

So you’ve taken all your measurements and know that you need a 30-inch gas range, but with so much else to consider, it’s easy to feel a little bit lost.

I’m here to guide you on your journey by compiling a list of the five very best 30-inch gas ranges on the market at the minute.

I’m going to tell you why loads of people love them, what they do great, perhaps what they don’t do as well as others, and what makes them perfect or totally wrong for you and your kitchen.

So, don’t sweat it, pop one last ready-meal in the microwave and settle into this article. I’ve even put together a little buyer’s guide and FAQ section to make things as easy as possible. Let’s have a gas!

Family on their way expecting a home cooked feast

Not to worry. Here’s are top pick so you can get ready for the onslaught in no time at all.

Top 5 Best 30 Inch Gas Range



Our number one choice is an expertly designed yet affordable gas range that wants to help you remember that cooking should be a joy, not a chore.



The great thing about this range’s cooktop is that there’s no divots or gaps for food debris to lodge, so cleaning is as simple as giving it a wipe down. 

I was particularly happy about the sealed burners as I’ve had problems in the past involving cleaning agents finding their way into the gas system.


The cooktop comes with four circular burners including a precision simmer burner and a power boil burner, so whether you’re reducing a tasty sauce or boiling a big pan of potatoes or both, this range is going to help you do it better and faster.

The power burner runs at 15000 BTU which is at the bottom end of what’s considered high-output, but it’s still plenty strong enough to get your water bubbling quickly, and is also ideal for stirfrying and searing with woks or other large pans.

One of the most attractive qualities of this GE range is the unique oval-shaped central fifth burner. It comes with a griddle which you can use for cooking your whole family grilled cheeses or just as an excellent extra platform for pots, pans or plates.


Opening the pull-down door, you have a perfect sized cavity for family cooking, with two adjustable shelves.

If you like baking, you’ll be pleased to know that the oven heats ever so quickly and even though it’s a gas range, provides a really even bake.

Just like with the cooktop, you don’t have to worry too much about making a mess with this oven as it has the much sought after self-steam-clean function.


This range is definitely for someone who has the capacity to really enjoy cooking, who really loves the process and wants a range that’s going to make them as smooth and enjoyable as possible and push them into new territories.

If you’re not that kind of cook, then some of the features may be lost on you and thus be a waste of your money.


  • Sleek cooktop design allows for smooth movement from burner to burner
  • Fifth oval-shaped burner can be used as a griddle or for counter space
  • Affordable
  • Has a self-steam-clean function saving you excruciating cleaning sessions
  • Large oven cavity
  • Sealed burners protect gas flow
  • Fully sealed cooktop prevents the build-up of debris
  • Dedicated burners
  • Under unit drawer


  • A few customers claim that the oven made their kitchens uncomfortably hot



Coming in hot at number two is this Frigidaire home-cooking powerhouse with streamlined essentials up top and something a little bit special underneath.



The first thing I noticed about the cooktop was the grates. They have a really unique wave-style grid-pattern to ensure the smoothest burner to burner movement as possible.

I used to be a head chef and nothing was more infuriating and disruptive than an uneven or broken grate pattern, so the thought put into this feature really appealed to me.


This range also comes with five sealed burners, one being the precision simmer burner and another the power burner.

In this case though, the power burner has an impressive 17000 BTU power rating.

Frigidaire have decided that the best possible use for that extra burner is as a secondary mid-power option. As much as the versatile fifth oval burner of our top pick appealed to me, this is definitely a fantastic and practical feature. 


This model really shines when it comes to its oven. Gas ovens are typically a little temperamental for baking, but this cake connoisseur has Even Bake technology that ensures consistent and even heat.

It’s also got pre-heat baking, and delay cook settings, so you can really finetune this thing to fit in perfectly with your schedule.

Not only does this thing self-clean, but you can choose between different kinds of wash, so if you need a really fast wash, or perhaps a delayed, timed wash, this oven has the ability to do so.


This is the kind of oven a busy cook would love.

The extra mid-range burner will really help speed things along, and the work they’ve put into making some of the features time-sensitive will help take the stress off a busy day.


  • Unique grid-pattern smoothes movement from burner to burner
  • Impressive 17000 BTU power burner
  • Extra mid-range burner
  • Multi-function self-clean programming
  • Even Bake technology makes baking a joy
  • Unique timed functions
  • Under unit drawer
  • Dedicated burners


  • Quite pricey
  • Not as versatile as top pick



Our number three spot is a wonderful range with a unique oven and powerful burners.



The grates are totally level, which is essential in a modern range, but the grate pattern is quite traditional. That’s not to say it doesn’t work as well though.

The simplicity actually provides an excellent guide for precise pan placement, so you know you’re getting that maximum heat at all times without having to bend down and check the flames.


This Samsung model also sports five burners. They’re advertised as specialized, but I’d be inclined to disagree as there’s no precision simmer burner, which isn’t all bad; the absence of one feature leaves room for another.

There is a dedicated 17000 BTU power burner, so you can storm through a boil.

Here we have another range with a central oval burner; however, this Samsung design is a little smaller as it’s intended for use with large and oversized pots. It does still come with a griddle though, which is a nice touch.


This one’s for all you flour-fisted bread bakers out there. This Samsung range has a specialist fan convection oven perfect for any kind of baking. It even has a proofing setting, so you can get your doughs just right before a bake.

This slightly larger oven has two adjustable shelves, so you can fit all your larger cake ideas in, no problem.

It also has a self-cleaning function, albeit not as advanced as our top picks. It also has an auto shut-off, delay function, and a child safety lock to keep those sugar hungry little ones from peeking in at all those cakes too early.


This oven is perfectly suited to someone who has a passion for baking and wants something specialised to help them reach their potential.


  • Bestseller
  • Fan convection oven is perfect for baking
  • Child lock enhances safety
  • Auto shutoff and delay functions will help with a busy schedule 
  • Precision placement grate pattern
  • Basic self-cleaning abilities
  • Powerful 17000 BTU burner
  • Two 9.5 burners 
  • Larger oven space
  • Under unit drawer
  • Fifth oval burner that comes with griddle
  • Large oven window gives a great view of the action


  • Quite expensive
  • Not quite as detailed grate pattern



Our penultimate pick is intentionally a little smaller because we know not all of you out there have or even want a bunch of tiny yous running around.



This GE design couldn’t be more classic. The two grates are a simple star design that makes moving pots back and forth seamless, and the up-swept cooktop is raised around the edge to lock in any spills.


We’re down to four sealed burners with this range because not everyone needs all that much firepower.

Although none of these particularly specialized, they run from small to large, so with a little bit of tweaking, you’ll be able to find the perfect heat for whatever you’re making.


This is the smallest oven on our list, but that by no means suggests you couldn’t cook a whole feast in there. The size will be a massive help if you have a smaller kitchen, and you’ll hardly notice the difference on the inside.


This range is all about fundamentals. It’s simple and classic, and it’s manufactured by one of the world’s leading appliance brands.

If you just want a high-quality range that’s going to do the simple things perfectly well and last a really long time, then this is the best one for you.


  • Very affordable
  • Will fit smaller space
  • High-quality
  • Classic Design
  • Level grates to smooth pan movement


  • Slightly smaller oven capacity
  • No truly specialized burners
  • No self-cleaning function 



Our fifth pick is a top of the range double oven masterpiece.

This range is all about giving you a professional grade quality in the comfort of your own home. Perfection for the perfectionists.



This LG range has a standard easy to clean gloss cooktop with a raised edge to stop spills getting out of hand. The grate design is similar to the Samsung but a little bit more compact.


The stand-out feature to me here is LG’s intense 18500 BTU power burner. That’s an incredibly powerful burner for a home-use appliance, but as I said, this range is about redefining the very nature of home-cooking.

You also get a small central oval burner just like the Frigidaire and three smaller burners starting at 5000 BTU.


This is actually one of the first ovens designed for home use to take inspiration from the professional-grade commercial ovens by having the heating element on the back wall rather than the base. This means the heat distribution is pristine, so say goodbye to uneven bakes and blackened edges.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the brilliant blue interior of the double ovens in this review. I know it’s just aesthetics, but you really get the feeling you’re working with something extra special.

It also has two Easy Clean functions that destroy any stubborn spillages or crusts, so you can wipe them away in seconds.


This range is for those of you that don’t just love cooking, cooking is your life.

you’re constantly daydreaming about new recipes and cake flavors, and can’t wait to get home from wherever you are so you can hit the kitchen and get creative, then this is the range for you.

Best 30 Inch Gas Range Buying Guide

Shopping for a new oven can turn into a horrible consumer experience. There are so many on the market and they all do different things well and come in at vastly different price points.

Well, I’m going to relieve that tension headache with a soothing and informative buyer’s guide, so you can get cooking up a storm in no time.


Although they have a habit of changing, it’s good to have a preliminary budget in mind as it’ll drastically reduce the amount of ranges you have to research.


You should look for a cooktop that’s going to make cleaning as easy as possible.

Try and avoid any with deep grooves and connective divots. They will allow for the build-up of debris and residue and will be almost impossible to clean.


Burners are one of the most important things to think about as they’re probably going to be the most used parts of the range.

If you often cook for a lot of people, you’re best off choosing a range with at least five burners. If you often cook for just yourself and maybe one or two others, a four burner range will suffice and will fit nicely into a smaller space.

In my opinion, sealed burners are a must have as they keep all the internal pathways clean. A blocked burner is a bad thing, but a partly blocked burner can be much more dangerous as it can appear to be working at first, then go out when you’re not paying attention, letting gas escape.


You’d be surprised by how different ovens on seemingly similar gas ranges can be.

Nearly every one on our list has completely different specs. You need to think about what you really enjoy cooking and what you plan to cook in the future to find the best one for you.


Gas ovens are typically unreliable for baking, but modern appointments have made them much more capable of great, even bakes.

If you’d like a little bit more reassurance that your tasty treats will come out looking the best, look for a gas range with a fan oven, or one with built-in technology specifically aimed at improving  its baking capabilities.


You’re also definitely going to want an oven with some form of self-cleaning process.

Luckily, most ovens currently on the market do.


Oven capacity shouldn’t be such a hard decision if you’ve already decided on a 30” range.

They tend to start at around 4.8 cu. ft. and go as far as 5.5 cu. ft.  for a single, and up to 7 cu. ft. and beyond for doubles.

Make It a Double?

You may decide you want a more expansive range and opt for a double oven. This is a great decision to make early on for the same reason it’s good to have a budget: it saves you a lot of time.

The difference between a single and a double is the separation of grill and oven. A double will have a grill up top and a dedicated oven below. A single will have a combo, so you can’t cook as much at the same time. Due to the convenience they provide, double ovens tend to be a lot more expensive, and quite a bit bigger.


I understand that an oven isn’t just an essential home appliance. They can also be beautiful additions to a kitchen. Things that really affect the look of an oven are the shape and size of the backplate, the location and angle of the controls, and the color.

All the ovens on my best of list come in multiple different finishes, so you can get the one that takes your kitchen from Ergh to Oooh.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a gas range last?

The average lifespan of a gas range is around 15 years give or take depending on how often it’s used.

Electric stoves tend to only last around 13 years on average.

Why do chef’s prefer gas ranges?

Gas ranges allow a chef to be more precise with their cooking as they normally have highly specialised burners, and the visuals of flame rather than a metal plate can help them gauge temperature quicker and more accurately.

A gas burner will also heat up the sides of a pan as well as the base, heating the contents faster.

Are gas stoves safer than electric?

Gas stoves require a greater level of responsibility as they use open flames and invite the possibility of gas leaks and even explosions; however, electric ovens can be dangerous in their own right.

People are less cautious when there aren’t open flames and will often forget an electric plate is even on.

Come On Baby, Light My Fire

Thank you for checking out my list of the five best 30-inch gas ranges.

Ideally, it’s helped you in what can be a long and rigorous selection process, and hopefully the buyer’s guide and FAQs have sped things up as well.

I really can’t deny the quality of the products we’ve discussed here, and I know if you settle on one of them, you’ll be sent into a state of culinary contentment with every meal you make.