Best 24 Inch Wall Oven

Of all the appliances in your kitchen, the oven is one of the most important.

Although they are traditionally placed close to the ground, it is much more common to find kitchens designed with ovens now installed at head height. This not only looks sleeker and more modern, but it is also more practical. 

With a wall oven, you don’t have to awkwardly bend down, which is better for your back and knees. You also won’t have to worry about dropping or spilling anything as you’re straightening up. Wall ovens are the kind of thing that make you say “Why didn’t we do this sooner?!”

Well, no matter, you’re doing it now and, to help you decide, we’ve put together a list of the best 24” wall ovens for you to look through and choose which will best suit your home.

In a hurry? Don’t worry, here’s our top pick for the best 24 inch wall oven.

Top 5 Best 24 Inch Wall Oven


Specifications at a glance

  • Product Dimensions: 
    • Height: 31.4375”
    • Width: 23.88”
    • Depth: 25.188”
  • Multiple Self-Cleaning Cycles
  • Even Baking Technology
  • Vari-Broil Temperature Control
  • Automatic Shut-Off


If you are often cooking big family meals or are just an avid baker, then this Frigidaire wall oven is a great choice.

Everything has been considered to make sure this oven cooks, bakes, and broils whatever you choose to the highest standard, which is why it’s our top choice.

With Even Baking Technology, your cakes and bakes (as the name suggests) will be baked evenly and thoroughly without you having to rotate them or do anything that might risk them collapsing.

This oven also has a Dual Radiant Baking and Roasting feature that also provides a more even bake or roast so you can simply put the food in the oven, choose the setting, and leave it until it’s done.

Choosing that setting is also super easy. Despite all the different baking, roasting, and cleaning features, this oven has clearly labelled buttons and is very straight-forward to use. You can have a great standard bake, roast, or broil at the touch of a few buttons.

One of the unique aspects of this oven is that it has multiple self-cleaning cycles. Rather than have an automatic clean, like other self-cleaning ovens, the Frigidaire allows you to choose between a 2 or 3 hour cycle so that the cleaning won’t interfere with your cooking.

Another unique feature is the automatic shut-off. The oven will automatically shut-off after 12 hours. This might seem like a long time, but you’re probably more likely to forget to shut it off on the days when you’re preparing a big meal and will have the oven on all day, so it’s a useful feature.


  • Self-cleaning
  • Multiple unique technologies to ensure even baking, roasting, and broiling
  • Able to tailor broiling options
  • Automatic shut-off


  • This oven is on the more expensive end of the price range, but you do get a lot for your money.


Specifications at a glance

  • Product Dimensions: 
    • Height: 28.19”
    • Width: 23.75”
    • Depth: 23.125”
  • Colors/Finishes Available: Black/Stainless Steel/White
  • Electronic Controls
  • Two Oven Racks
  • Clear View Glass Oven Door
  • Delay Bake/Delay Start


One of the main features of this oven is its self-cleaning ability. (By the way, we go into this in our buyers’ guide so read on or scroll down for that).

Self-cleaning is a really useful feature that will make cleaning the oven much easier and stop you from having to scrub old dirty and greasy food off the floor of your oven. Self-cleaning means that you simply have to brush the food out which will save you time and energy and all of the times you think “I should really clean the oven” but then never do it because it will take an age. 

The general look of this wall oven is interesting as it has quite a thick, heavy frame. Although it would work well in any kitchen, it doesn’t have the smooth, sleek look that would fit best in a very modern kitchen.

If, however, you have a more traditional looking kitchen, this oven will be great. It’s often difficult to find kitchen appliances, especially something modern like a wall oven, that doesn’t look out of place in a wooden kitchen.

A lot of ovens that have a more vintage look are very expensive and it’s very unlikely to find a wall oven in that style, so this is a great compromise. 

The price of this oven is quite a bit higher than average, and this is largely down to it being a wall oven and the self-cleaning aspect. So, if you’re looking for something at a lower price, you might have to consider whether the self-cleaning feature is essential.


  • Self-cleaning
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Able to delay start time


  • Expensive
  • Thick, heavy front


Specifications at a glance

  • Product Dimensions: 
    • Height: 29”
    • Width: 23.75”
    • Depth: 25.75”
  • Colors/Finishes Available: Black/White
  • Touch control display
  • Two oven lights


One of the best aspects of electric ovens is how evenly they cook.

Gas ovens of course have pluses, but they do require the baker to continually turn food around and take into account that, although all sides of the oven will be heated, the majority of the heat comes from one place at the back. 

In comparison, electric ovens heat the entirety of the oven which provides a much more even bake/roast, and this oven has gone a step further with its AccuBake temperature management system.

This system monitors the temperature of the oven with sensors to ensure that there is an even temperature at all times. This means that whatever you cook or bake will have a consistent temperature throughout, even on different racks. 

This AccuBake temperature management system means that you won’t have to open the oven to rearrange and turn around the food inside or swap the shelves over. This is especially good for baking cakes and other sweet foods that require a constant temperature and will collapse if the temperature fluctuates or if they have a sudden rush of oxygen.

This system will take your food to the next level and also save you time and energy so you won’t have to worry about remembering exactly when to turn the turkey around or risk a birthday cake collapsing when you open the door.

Whirlpool is also a great and well-known brand that you can trust for their quality. The overall look of this oven is very sleek and would suit any kitchen. 

One of the perils of buying a modern oven is that they can be very complicated and difficult to use. If you’re looking for something that will be cooking a meal every evening and sometimes a big Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner then you don’t need anything too complicated.

This oven is really simple to use but that doesn’t mean it’s basic. Essentially, this wall oven has everything you need whilst also looking great.


  • AccuBake temperature management system
  • Cheaper than most wall ovens available, especially for a Whirlpool
  • Sleek, simple finish


  • Limited color/finish range


Specifications at a glance

  • Product Dimensions: 
    • Height: 23.4”
    • Width: 23.4”
    • Depth: 21.8”
  • Colors/Finishes Available: Stainless Steel
  • Convection Oven 
  • 4 Cooking Modes


If you want to upgrade to a good quality wall oven but don’t want to have to spend a fortune, then this is a great affordable option. Although still slightly more expensive than the average oven, the Magic Chef 24” wall oven is very simple and is easy to use. 

This Magic Chef electric convection oven has four programmable cooking modes which are: defrost, broil, convection, and fan/grill. Just because you don’t want to spend half your renovation budget on the oven, doesn’t mean you have to settle for poor quality and bad bakes.

As a convection oven uses fans to distribute heat, this oven also uses a fan to cool itself down. The cooling fan automatically starts when the oven is hot and cools down the outside of the oven and will stay on until the oven has cooled properly.

This is a great, affordable, and simple option that has all the features you need and still looks sleek and modern.


  • Affordable 
  • 4 different cooking modes
  • Cooling fan


  • Only available in one color/finish


Specifications at a glance

  • Product Dimensions: 
    • Height: 29”
    • Width: 23.75”
    • Depth: 23”
  • Available Colors/Finishes: Stainless steel
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Convection Oven


KitchenAid is one of the best known brands when it comes to kitchen appliances, but it is also one of the most expensive.

This oven is by far the most expensive on this list and will need serious consideration before you invest in it. 

As this is a convection oven, it might seem a little old-fashioned but KitchenAid have produced an oven that has an EasyConvect Conversion System that means you don’t have to wonder how exactly to heat your oven and what exactly it means to use the multiple fans. 

One of the problems with convection ovens is that the air flow isn’t always even and the air can sometimes be cold. This oven has multiple heating features to balance the air flow and ensure an even temperature at all times and to get rid of cold spots.

This oven also features a unique hidden bake element beneath the oven floor to allow for an easy clean-up, once the self-cleaning feature has done its job.


  • Self-cleaning
  • Even air flow
  • Hidden bake element for easy clean-up


  • Expensive
  • Only available in one color/finish

Best 24 Inch Wall Oven Buying Guide

Wall Oven vs. Under Counter Oven

Wall ovens have become increasingly popular in recent years, both due to their aesthetic appeal and their practicality.

Under counter ovens are limiting and can be awkward to use; you can only have them at one height and will have to consider surrounding cupboards as the oven door might get in the way. With a wall oven, you have much more flexibility.

Depending on what you require, wall ovens can be the simpler option. As they will be more in line with your upper body, they can be easier to take food out of and you won’t have to bend down as regularly.

If you have mobility issues, then they could make things more difficult if they’re installed at the wrong height. But this depends on your kitchen and how it is designed. If you’re buying an oven for a new kitchen, a wall oven can be a great option as you can determine the height.

Whereas under counter ovens rely on the height of the counters and you’re basically stuck with the height of the oven itself, you can design your kitchen to have a wall oven at the perfect height for you. 

Self-Cleaning Ovens

A number of the ovens on this list are described as self-cleaning, but what does that actually mean? 

Obviously, the oven doesn’t suddenly produce a bottle of kitchen cleaner and scrub itself down, but what it does is heat itself to an extremely high temperature so that any food that fell off or is stuck to the inside walls of the oven are burnt and therefore easier to clean. This is useful, but it does mean “self-cleaning” is a bit of a misnomer as you still have to clean the burnt food out by yourself. 

The term might not fit perfectly, but there are some good reasons to invest in a self-cleaning oven. Of all the cleaning jobs there are, the worst and most avoided is cleaning the inside of the oven. Even a brand new oven is difficult to clean once grease and burnt food starts getting stuck to the roof, floor, and even sides. The glass oven door always seems to be the worst as the grease sticks to the glass. 

Self-cleaning ovens will save you the scrubbing as, although it is still technically cleaning, the most you will have to do is quickly wipe down the inside so that the burnt food comes out. So, they do save you a lot of work that you really don’t want to do.

They also save you from the worry of using chemicals in your oven. It’s difficult to know which chemicals are safe to use in an oven as, if they are not cleaned out properly, they can affect your food or react to the high temperatures and cause damage or even be dangerous. So, they might not take out 100% of the oven cleaning process, but self-cleaning ovens are easier and safe in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wall ovens more expensive?

As with any kind of kitchen fitting or appliance, prices can vary widely depending on brands and features.

One of the reasons wall ovens can be more expensive is due to the need to buy two different products. With an under-counter oven, you are purchasing one item that is both cooktop and oven. With a wall oven, you need to buy the oven itself and a separate cooktop. This can become more expensive, but on the other hand, you have more choice and flexibility. 

For example, if you prefer an electric oven and a gas cooktop then you are free to have that. Or if you prefer one brand of oven and another brand of cooktop then you can mix and match as you please. So, when it comes to price, there are a lot of variants but that means there is choice within that variety and it entirely depends on what you want and need most.

Are wall ovens gas or electric?

Wall ovens can be either gas or electric.

A lot of modern ovens are automatically electric which means finding a gas oven can be difficult as they are becoming a kind of retro aesthetic choice. Electric ovens are also generally better than gas ovens as the heat isn’t constrained to only one side of the oven, so you don’t have to regularly turn food around. Electric ovens are generally safer as well, as there is a risk of a gas leak with gas ovens.

Ultimately the choice is up to you, how much you want to spend, and which kind of oven you prefer. Just because you’re buying a new oven, doesn’t mean that it has to be electric.

Should I get a double wall oven?

This depends on how much cooking you do and they are a good idea if you are regularly cooking big family dinners, where you need multiple things in the oven at once.

If not, one will be just fine. Wall ovens are generally the same size as the traditional under counter ovens, so don’t worry that you will have less space.